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  • Fan Fiction Essay

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    concept holds true with fan fiction. Fan fiction is a story written by a fan of a book, movie, comic, or television show depicting a mixture of characters, plotlines and settings that appear in the original work. Like folklore, fan fiction follows a basic storyline with concrete elements while reflecting the beliefs of the person telling the story (Schaffner 616). While the two share many similarities such as strong educational implications, the difference between fan fiction and its ancient predecessor

  • Fan Fiction Essay

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    Although fan fiction has always been created by fans of numerous works it was not always called “fan fiction.” However, only until the 1920s did fanfiction become “fan fiction,” meaning that all the previous fan written stories were considered literature. The stories began popping up on the pages of fanzines. Fanzines are fan made magazines. Fanzines were created and maintained by and for the fans. Many people wanted to see new stories with their favorite characters of novels. They circulated through

  • The Phenomenon of Fan Fiction

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    circumstance, an occurrence or a fact that is perceptible by the senses. It is taking a different behavior in fan fiction. Fan fiction/fanfic is a defined phrase for stories that are unpublished about characters or settings in an original work written by fans of, rather than by the genuine creator of the particular work. Fan fiction writers work under the assumption that their work is read only by other fans, and therefore, they presume their readers have knowledge of the original work where they base their

  • Fan Fiction in a Literary Context

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    Fan Fiction in a Literary Context For most people, John F. Kennedy Jr was a character in a play, a character in a story, just the way Sherlock Holmes was. When he's lost, then people react very emotionally. Constantly rehearsing the details of somebody's life and death shows that people are trying to continue the story. We always try to do that when the story ends before we're prepared for the ending. - Neil Postman, chairman of the department of culture and communication at New York University[1]

  • Fan Fiction Fun

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    “Fleance,” said Banquo as he was walking into the kitchen to eat a fine piece of Scottish steak, “could you please notify Macbeth and his Lady that I have a very interesting story to tell?” “Yes, father, I will go right away,” said Fleance as he quickly walked out of the room and toward the Lady Macbeth and Macbeth’s quarters. “Such a nice young man,” said Banquo to himself while eating his delicious whiskey-infused steak. Fleance was walking very haphazardly and accidentally bumped into Macbeth

  • Is Fanfiction Against The Law?

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    Is fan fiction illegal? Fan fiction is getting the short end of the stick when it comes to the law and writing online so in other words fan fiction is not illegal. Does fan fiction violate copy right law? If people can right parodies or doujinshi then why do people that write fan fiction get so much grief? Many have the assumption that fan fiction well effect the original they forget that the piece is listed under fan fiction in thus it is obviously not written by the original author, therefore fan

  • Hierarchy Of Fandom

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    Mean to be a “True” Fan? Fandoms are a culturally constructed phenomenon set on setting distinctions between one fan from the next. It can be defined as a “collective of people organized socially around their shared appreciation of a pop culture object or objects” (Baym, 2007, cited in McCudden, 2011). he amount of media consumed in relation to your fanhood is dependent upon the amount of time you are willing to commit. In this essay, I will explore what it means to be a fan, and whether or not one’s

  • Brony Fandom Research

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    relation to the media text. Discovering young adult men enjoying a show targeted toward little girls is potentially unsettling to people looking at the fandom from the outside because they cannot fathom what the show could offer these fans. As such, some Brony fan practices do not mesh well with traditional concepts of masculinity. Young men talking about friendship, cosplaying as ponies, and singing songs about smiling do not run parallel with many of the gender norms many young men and boys are

  • Count Vee's Fans: A Narrative Fiction

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    Count Vee explained. “The king spies on his daughter?” Julie asked. “You see right to the heart of the matter,” he responded, looking impressed at the comment. “They are conscientious and diligent in their care for her royal highness. A wonderful fiction she was bred to appreciate and accept. The king has many children and all those with power or estates have some sort of royal presence to assist them.” “Palace intrigue 101,” I added. Julie smiled at me. Frowning, Zetia looked out the window. “What

  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians Fan Fiction

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    Slowly I turn in a circle as I take in everything around me. Next to me Percy mumbles something about an orientation film, and gestures for me to follow him. I ignore him and turn in a circle again. My breath is taken away. “It’s beautiful,” I whisper. Percy nods impatiently, “Now come on, Annabeth…” his voice trails off, “Actually, I need to go. I’ll catch up with you later.” He runs off, leaving me standing alone. I turn again and my eyes fall onto a little girl sitting by a small fire

  • Fantagonism

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    Fans can have strong responses to both narrative and production events effecting their favorite television shows. A wall used to mourn Ianto Jones after he is killed off Tortchwood:Children of the Earth. 50,000 pounds of peanuts mailed to CBS's New York office to show support of Jericho when it was canceled (Elber 2007). Hate and threats directed to writers, producers, actors, and their families protesting the importance of Castiel in Supernatural. These reactions are tied to fans' emotional investment

  • Fan Culture in Sports and Science Fiction Enthusiasts in the 1920s

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    The term “fan” was originally used to describe sports fans during the nineteenth century and was later adopted by science fiction enthusiasts in the 1920s. The term “fan,” however, is used for describing a type of person who is enthusiastic, or fanatic about a certain subject. Popular fan culture, nicknamed “fandoms,” have become an integral part of society in many countries, and have connected people sharing a common interest through online communities where they can freely discuss fan related topics

  • Belonging and Difference in Imagined Communities

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    Belonging and Difference in Imagined Communities Much recent theory has been concerned with defining and examining 'new media': the forms of communication and mediation that have arisen through advances in electronics and digital technologies. These new media forms and the speed of their dissemination are paralleled by faster transportation and the movement and subsequent settlement of peoples across the globe in what has come to be called 'diaspora'. The situation is such that many of the old

  • Emile Durkheim Sacred And Profane Analysis

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    about sacred and profane habits and even created the theories of functionalism and collective effervescence. Many people connect his theories to modern day society, and, if you have not noticed, fandoms are sweeping the globe. Fandoms are a group of fans of a specific series of books, TV shows, or movies. The people in these groups band together and can create amazing things, like crisis support networks. They are basically just a group of people who like the same stuff. Many people say that fandoms

  • Pop Culture: Fandom Impact On Life

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    or television shows and wonder, "Has this made an impact on anyone else's lives? Ask anyone who participates in fandom culture, and they can guarantee you that it has. Many fandoms exist today due to pop culture and the internet, making it easy for fans of anything imaginable to join together and talk about characters, plots, setting, etc. with ease. These fandoms can be large, lovely places full of positivity or breeding grounds for hate and community backlash. You have to be careful before you delve

  • Characteristics of the Fandom Subculture

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    Fandom is a term that refers to a subculture that consists of fans who share a feeling of camaraderie with other fans who share a common interest. Those that consider themselves to be part of a fandom are typically interested in even minor details of those interests, spend a large amount of their time on their interest and are usually members of social media sites that allow them to discuss this interest in detail. This is what differentiates them from those who only show a casual interest. The

  • The Three Classification Groups of Sport Fans

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    Sport fans, sometimes also called sport devotees, followers, or supporters, are persons who are enthusiastically devoted to a particular athlete, team or sport. They may show their enthusiasm by often attending sporting events or watch on television, being members of a fan club, follow sport news through newspapers, online websites, and creating fanzines. Their disposition is often such that they will experience a game or event by living through their favored players or teams. These behaviors manifest

  • A Student's Perspective of Formula 1 Racing Websites

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    about. The first one is It is the official website for racing sport called Formula 1. The second one is This website is made for big F1 fans. You can see it from the lay-out which has complete information for the fans while the first one only has just enough information and easier for new F1 fans to browse and know more about F1. (formula1) has some special features such as the history about each Grand Prix (race), how and where to buy the tickets

  • Tori Amos

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    Tori Amos body: Tori Amos And Her Archetypes The lyrics of Tori Amos are some of the most complicated in music today. They remain the primary focus of her dedicated fans, as well as her detractors, despite the media's fixation on her past history of rape and abuse. They are complicated on many levels, and Tori Amos' lyrics demand a mythological approach to scratch the surface of her artistic vision. In several interviews, she has admitted to being much influenced by numerous books

  • Buffalo 66

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    this helps in understanding his character. Billy and Layla finally arrive to his house, in front of the house there’s a huge sign: “Go Buffalo” this is a clue on the environment Billie lived in at home. It is obvious his parents are huge football fans by the decoration of the house. Layla get in the character of being Billy’s wife, she makes up a story that Billy works for the CIA and that she really adores him. The next scene shows us three of the characters sitting around a table, and every minute