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  • Family Law

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    Family Law – Summative Assessment CURRENT LAW Currently the divorce law in England and Wales operates a fault-based system whereby the court grants a divorce if a person can prove that their marriage has broken down. The break down in the marriage can only be due to one of the following five reasons – adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion after two years, two years' separation with consent or five years' separation without consent. These requirements were established in the case of Buffery

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    is obvious that this question is about the legitimacy of the child and the custody of a child or the right of hadanah in Muslim Law. For the purpose of answering this question the first part shall discuss on the claim of custody right of the daughter and the second part shall discuss on the claim for custody right of the son. Custody Right of the Daughter: The Islamic law has made a clear-cut distinction between paternity and maternity. Maternity is established in the woman who gives birth to the

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    The Family Law Legislation Amendment Act of 2011 and whether it has Reduced Violence and Abuse for Women and Children Kaleisha Cooper Edith Cowan University The Family Law Legislation Amendment Act of 2011 and whether it has Reduced Violence and Abuse for Women and Children The Family Law Legislation Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Act 2011 (Cth) will significantly improve protection for children and families at risk of violence and abuse. The amendments were made to the previous

  • Australian Family Law

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    of what constitutes a couple or family in comparison to many years ago. Long ago the idea of a ‘nuclear family’ was considered the norm; it consisted of the conventional husband, wife and children . But as our society progressed through the years this definition became less conventional and criticisms were made, this definition of ‘family’ did not account for gay unions, soul parents nor did it acknowledge the prevalence of extended family. The definition of family has changed over time, as have the

  • Family Law Issues

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    Family Law Issues Changing Family values, the role of family in contemporary society and constructive ideas for family life as we enter the 21st century. I definitely agree with the fact that family life has been altered significantly in the past decade. The role of the family has been altered primarily due to a lack of several key instruments in family connection. In today's society the family seems to suffer from a serious lack of respect for one another, a lack of discipline, lack

  • Australian Family Law: Surrogacy

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    FAMILY LAW: SURROGACY Many Australians are turning to surrogacy as their last resort to have a child today. It is a process that has become more recognised popularly used over the years. Surrogacy is an arrangement for a woman to carry and deliver a child for another couple or individual. When the child is born, the birth mother permanently gives up the child to the intended parents. There are many legal issues surrounding surrogacy. Laws regarding this controversial process differ across Australia

  • Case Study On Family Law

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    FAMILY LAW In today’s modern world there is no such thing as an ‘average’ family or ‘normal’ relationship. You may be married, living together, or separated. Children, step-children or adopted children are perhaps living with you or living elsewhere, and grandparents may also be involved. Whatever your situation is, relationships can sometimes break down and that’s when turning to a family solicitor can really help you to resolve difficulties quickly. At Harrison Bryce Solicitors, we have over 25

  • Family Law: The Children Act of 1989

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    sufficient in protecting these children from harm. I will look at the argument in favour of the current approach taken by the courts, and the counter-argument in favour of changing the current approach. The arguments are delicately balanced and the law is always developing, so it will be interesting to see how the Supreme Court resolves this issue in future. The grounds for making a supervision or care order can be found in in s.31 of The Children Act 1989. Before a supervision or care order can be

  • Irish Family Law Case Study

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    Irish family law has been formulated around the concept of the family as a married heterosexual couple who conceive children within wedlock. This has resulted in the non-marital family not enjoying the full protections of the law. It has only been in the last decade that these families have started to be included in Irish law. It is interesting to examine this development in light of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). Indeed, up until the late 1980s, there was no legal recognition of same-sex

  • Law Enforcement Officers and Their Families

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    Law Enforcement Officers and Their Families The law enforcement officers who protect and serve the local communities have and live stressful lives. How stressful is the occupation of a law enforcement officer in their job and in their personal lives than other occupations? How hard would it be to be a spouse or loved one of a law enforcement officer? Does the public know what goes on in a law enforcement officer's job life and the life of their family? Could the average person handle the daily