Family Law Issues

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Family Law Issues Changing Family values, the role of family in contemporary society and constructive ideas for family life as we enter the 21st century. I definitely agree with the fact that family life has been altered significantly in the past decade. The role of the family has been altered primarily due to a lack of several key instruments in family connection. In today's society the family seems to suffer from a serious lack of respect for one another, a lack of discipline, lack of spiritual values, lack of family time/communication (quality time) and a lack of full family units (both fathers and mothers present in the household). Due to the absence of these key instruments there has been an enormous change within the American household. In order to remain current, the face of Family Law had to change as well. Touching upon the issue of spousal mayhem, with an example being the O.J. case, without placing any focus on innocence or guilt, I think it can obviously be stated that this relationship lacked respect. There were many issues/incidents surrounding this couple which indicated a very unhealthy relationship. Once a relationship does not possess or either has lost its core values, such as respect and self-discipline, it becomes an unhealthy relationship with very little boundaries, the fine lines have become vague, anger festers and the potential for violence in such a relationship is quite common. The law must now focus upon these issues. The limitations have been changed. The fine lines have to be crossed. In cases such as the O.J. case there are very sensitive and sometimes quite humiliating issues that the law must address. The O.J. case is one amongst many which have moved the laws focus of respecting the family, and primarily trying to reunite them to having to dig deeper into the psyche of each individual and more so analyze the family's value system and base its decision more on safety as oppose to morality issues. Today's parenting has also played a key role in revision of the legal system as it relates to family law. Due to the increasing amount of child abuse cases, there has been a great amount of emphasis placed upon the disciplinary actions of parents today. In today's society with drug abuse being more prevalent and single family households becoming more common, the pressures of child rearing have dramatically increased.

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