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  • South Carolina Correction Facilities

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    South Carolina Correction Facilities Corrections are a necessary tool to protect society from those who do harm to others or to others property. Depending on the type of crime that was committed, and if the crime is considered a state or federal charge, also depends on where the person sentenced will do his time. There are four main sentencing options available; prison, probation, probation and confinement, and prison and community split. When a person is sentenced to do their time in prison most

  • Developing a Successful Slamball Facility

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    Developing a Successful Slamball Facility I want to bring a multi-purpose Slamball facility to Atlanta’s everyday athletes. I would like to attract college students, weekend warriors, and everyday athletes. Once I have attracted these people to my facility I will begin leagues and televised games. Slamball is a high flying and high intensity game, which comprises elements of basketball and football. The athletic concepts are the same but applied to Slamball in a different manner. There

  • Economic Impact Of A Sports Facility

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    community members about the facility. The purpose of a feasibility study is to "provide research information about the community, special interest groups, and its use as a decision making tool in the community" (Farmer, Montgomery, Ammon, Jr. 12). In essence, this study is done to assure the community that building a sports facility is right for them and that their money will not go to waste. It also let's them know why their area is the most feasible for the facility. It also gives them non-economic

  • Public Subsidies for Sports Facilities

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    Public Subsidies for Sports Facilities America is in the midst of a sports construction boom. New sports facilities costing at least $200 million each have been completed or are under way in Baltimore, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Nashville, San Francisco, St. Louis, Seattle, Tampa, and Washington, D.C., and are in the planning stages in Boston, Dallas, Minneapolis, New York, and Pittsburgh. Major stadium renovations have been undertaken in Jacksonville and Oakland.

  • Auburn Penitentiary: Silent and Congregate Correctional Facility

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    Auburn Penitentiary: Silent and Congregate Correctional Facility Throughout the nineteenth century, penology was characterized by a debate between two 'schools'. The first was the system of "solitary" and "segregation" proposed by the Pennsylvania penitentiary. The second, that of which will be discussed in this paper, the "silent" and "congregate" system was designed for the Auburn penitentiary in New York State. The Auburn State Prison was built in 1816, occupied in 1821 and soon after

  • Importance Of Facilities Management

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    Facility is a “place or building used for a particular activity or industry or for providing a particular type of services”, and management is “the act or skill of directing and organising the work of a company or organisation” as cited by (De Toni, Fornasier, & Nonino, 2006) from (Mazzarotto & Traverso, 2003). Facilities management defines as “the application of the total quality techniques to improve quality, add value and reduce the risks involved in occupying buildings and delivering reliable

  • Recreational Facility Management

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    In any institution, there is always a need to initiate new policies and forego others with reference with noted changes once the policies are at play. As noted in the correctional facility, there is an apparent lapse in their policies thus the rise in the current state of affairs. To avert the occurrence of the same in future thus calls for a need to review their existing policies so as to determine the needed changes. The first policy that needs to be looked into for revision is with relation to

  • Business Analysis of FMC Corporation's Green River Facility

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    of FMC Corporation's Green River Facility FMC Corporation’s Green River facility is a large organization with many different product lines that cater to many different customers. The industry it serves is the chemical industry. With over 1,000 employees, they service over 100 customers with several different product lines. The Aberdeen facility on the other hand, has only 100 employees who service to only one customer with a single product. The Aberdeen facility, although small in numbers, has

  • Dillard Facilities Management Case Study

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    Facilities Management is a service organization of skilled technicians, specialists, operators, administrators, and support staff charged with the responsibility for working, keeping up, and enhancing college structures, grounds, utilities, new development, and related administrations, and related services. It takes great pride in ensuring that students, staff, and faculty members at Dillard University enjoy a protected, clean and comfortable environment for living, learning, and working. Dillard

  • Key Performance Indicators In Facility Management

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    403923 Key Performance Indicators in Facilities Management Contents Page no 1.0 Introduction 2 2.0 Key Performance Indicators 2 3.0 Building Performance Indicator (BPI) 4 4.0 Annual Maintenance Expenditure (AME) 7 5.0 Age coefficient 7 6.0 Conclusion 8 7.0 References 9 1.0 Introduction Over the past two decades, the business sector has become increasingly competitive and with this increased competitiveness comes the drive for greater efficiencies in what

  • Wesley Chapel High School: Facilities Operations And Maintenance

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    Facilities Operations and Maintenance A site-based administrator has a variety of responsibilities concerning the financial aspects of Facilities Operations and Maintenance. On a day-to-day basis, a principal might find him or herself working closely with the bookkeeper to oversee the budget, addressing the needs of custodians, attending to school security and safety, as well as monitoring energy use. Some facets of Facilities Operations and Maintenance, such as energy bills, are controlled directly

  • The Benefits of Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Open Space Facilities

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    The Benefits of Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Open Space Facilities Economic benefits for local and national economy as well as some less tangible benefits play a major role when investments are made on bicycle, pedestrian, and open space facilities. Some of the economic benefits from such infrastructures come from increased retail sales, conservation and creation of jobs, reduced health care costs, and real estate appreciation. The facilities discussed also ease road traffic and lead to a better preservation

  • Plessy vs. Ferguson

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    whites already existed in most schools, restaurants, and other public facilities in the American South. In the Plessy decision, the Supreme Court ruled that such segregation did not violate the 14th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. This amendment provides equal protection of the law to all U.S. citizens, regardless of race. The court ruled in Plessy that racial segregation was legal as long as the separate facilities for blacks and whites were “equal.” This “separate but equal” doctrine

  • sports management

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    talents in. Facility management and marketing play a big role in the sports and computer industry. Facility management involves the co-ordination of the physical surrounding and related services with the user’s needs. In some cases, like privately owned gymnasiums, the facility itself is the service, while for other organizations, such as a boat club with a boat house, the facility is a storage place that aids the delivery of the service. Choosing the correct real estate for a sporting facility is vital

  • Overall Summary on Existing Customer Service at Morrisons plc

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    customer service overall is very good. Morrisons customers feel that the customer service is generally good because they are offered a lot of assistance from staff and also are given advice if requested by the customer. There are lots of facilities designed to make a visit to Morrisons as convenient and comfortable as possible for the general public. This is one of the causes for the customer service being rated as very good by the present customers I have surveyed. Morrisons have extended

  • The Internet

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    development of the NSFNET which, today, provides a major backbone communication service for the Internet. With its 45 megabit per second facilities, the NSFNET carries on the order of 12 billion packets per month between the networks it links. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the U.S. Department of Energy contributed additional backbone facilities in the form of the NSINET and ESNET respectively. In Europe, major international backbones such as NORDUNET and others provide connectivity

  • Proposal for a Fitness Center in TI

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    Corporation provides on-site fitness centers for numerous prestigious companies such as Best Buy and Federal Express. The positive relationships and results have more than qualified Health Fitness Corporation to provide Texas Instruments with a unique facility, designed to meet all of their personal needs. Among Health Fitness Corporation’s services are state-of-the-art equipment, the latest healthcare products, a knowledgeable staff, specialty classes, and employee incentive programs. The project will

  • Sustainability

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    we pledged to do, we learned different things about sustainability that we never knew before. One of the things that I learned was that, at Clemson, it is hard for students who want to recycle to be able to recycle. There are not the necessary facilities nearby our student housing to place our recyclables. I also learned that some actions that should be done to be sustainable are hard to do in the society that we live in. One of these activities that we do is the needless driving that Americans

  • The Decline of Education in America

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    has there been any will to change the system.(Sharma) It is argued that there are 4 elements critical to the effectiveness of the instructional process: 1. the learner, 2. the teacher, 3. the home, and 4. the academic programs and the physical facilities at the school. These are interdependent and interactive and must function in unison for effective teaching to take place. The teacher's primary responsibility is to help the learner grow intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially. Therefore

  • Major Challenges of Organizational Management

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    Major Challenges of Organizational Management There are a number of differences between FMC’s Aberdeen and Green River, the two facilities of discussion. One may assume, therefore, that managerial styles, business practices, and other aspects of business and the employees involved, would be very different from one another. On the other hand, it is quite possible to use very similar styles of doing business and managing a company, despite differences in the company, as a good style of managing