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  • Evolutionary Psychology

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    of the evolutionary psychological conception of human nature. Charles Darwin’s “natural selection” will be the main factor discussed as the theory of evolution was developed by him. Evolutionary psychology is the approach on human nature on the basis that human behavior is derived from biological factors and there are psychologists who claim that human behavior is not something one is born with but rather it is learned. According to Downes, S. M. (2010 fall edition) “Evolutionary psychology is one

  • Evolutionary Psychology

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    This chapter discusses The Evolutionary Perspective, Genetic Foundations, reproductive Challenges, and Heredity-Environment Interactions. Natural selection is the process by which those individuals of a species that are best adapted survive and reproduce. Darwin proposed that natural selection fuels evolution. In evolutionary theory, adaptive behavior is behavior that promotes the organism’s survival in a natural habitat. Evolutionary psychology holds that adaptation, reproduction, and “survival

  • What´s Evolutionary Psychology?

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    Evolutionary Psychology has been controversial since its rise in the 1990s, with critics and proponents debating its merits as a science. While critics (e.g. David Buller, Elizabeth Lloyd) have extensively criticized the fundamentals of Evolutionary Psychology, few philosophers or scientists have challenged them. Given the growing influence of the evolutionary behavioral sciences within mainstream science like Psychology and Anthropology, it is important analyze the critiques and see if the arguments

  • Social and Evolutionary Psychology

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    Social and Evolutionary Psychology In an attempt to define civilized man’s relationship to the jungle and primitive societies, one must first consider the theories of social psychologists who have offered interpretations of modern man’s reactions upon insertion into a primitive setting. The main contrast in human states that arises from this argument is the concept of civilization versus savagery. Much is uncovered about the path man tends to take when confronted with these two options when

  • Evolutionary Psychology Essay

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    Evolutionary Psychology is the theoretical approach to psychology that explains useful mental and psychological traits such as perception, memory, language, and human behavior. Evolutionary psychology started a revolution of new ideas being articulated and being built on top of one another like stairs. It is incredible to think that this is a relatively new science in our history as humans. Evolutionary psychology started with a basic idea of simple organisms and has combined into the study of human

  • Masculinity and Evolutionary Psychology

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    such an example. Evolutionary psychology reaches for the roots of human development when they were in their most basic stages to explain why people behave the way they do. Specifically, explaining human masculinity through science has been a major focus of evolutionary psychology. This paper seeks to explain why masculinity cannot be explained by sociology alone and will present evidence that certain male behavior such as aggression can be explained through evolutionary psychology and sexual selection

  • John Tooby's Model of Evolutionary Psychology

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    John Tooby's model of evolutionary psychology is slowly gaining ground as such an addition. The Man, the Theory, and the Controversy Tooby first developed the framework for his model when he was an undergraduate at Harvard. He found a steadfast companion in Leda Cosmides, and they married and undertook a 29-year collaboration. After obtaining a PhD in biological anthropology and an A.B. in experimental psychology, he helped form the Special Project on Evolutionary Psychology at Stanford. After an

  • Case Study on the Influence of Evolutionary Psychology on a Homeless Teenager

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    Evolutionary theory posits that most human behaviours today, were once essential for survival. Despite the fact that the world has changed, humans have still retained those behaviours. For example, violence between men and was once essential for acquiring limited resources, to make sure one’s genes were passed down, and to deter enemies (Goetz, 2010). Violence directed at women was caused by viewing the woman as a piece of property, and to prevent mate infidelity (Goetz, 2010). From an evolutionary

  • Evolutionary Psychology: An Important Influence Of Psychology And Social Psychology

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    Even though the social cognitive perspective focuses on the attitude and perspective when it comes to understanding social psychology and research. Evolutionary psychology is an important factor when it comes to the researching the roles of individuals in society due to their biological and genetic makeup. because The phenomenological perspective has a really important role when it comes to research because it speaks on how individuals and groups interpret certain situations., The behavior learning

  • Difference Between Evolutionary Psychology And Human Development

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    WHAT DO YOU UNDERSTAND BY EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT? Introduction Medics say that every person is what he/she eats. If you eat right food, your health would apparently be good describing whoever you are, and if you do the reverse, then your health would likewise be poor. This saying can equally apply to the content of social construction of children based on the psychological and environmental materials they are fed with. Every child or person is inherent to the environmental