Environmental Impacts Essays

  • Energy Resources and Environmental Impact

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    Energy Resources and Environmental Impact We have in our possession, a variety of energy resources that can be used to replace, some of the more harmful fuels utilized today. Nevertheless, even with all these options we have yet to make a certified effort in the upgrading of our current systems of energy production. Of course this in many ways is tied to politics and economic issues. Yet it is my passionate belief that these should not over power that which is ultimately more important which

  • Environmental Impacts Of Environmental Change

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    Environmental change is a change of the environment most often caused by humans and natural earthly processes. Environmental changes include natural disasters, human interference, or animal interaction. These changes don’t only show physically, but can be things like an infestation of invasive species. Throughout history, the global climate has been changing and associated global warming which is attributed to human civilization. Possible adverse effects released in the environment caused by development

  • The Environmental Impact of Human Exploration

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    The Environmental Impact of Human Exploration Throughout history, there has continually been movement - of peoples and cultures, diseases, and technology. The movement of each type has affected the environment in different ways. The effect of the changing patterns of human movement on the environment is leading to further environmental degradation. The history of human movement has been one of a shift from a nomadic lifestyle to a more sedentary one with the agricultural revolution. With

  • Environmental Impact of Fossil Fuels

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    Environmental Impact of Fossil Fuels Fossil fuels cause pollution, smog, and the greenhouse effect. Fossil fuels really do negatively impact our environment, especially when it comes to global warming, Although there is controversy over whether or not fossil fuels are causing the planet to warm, or whether it is warming naturally, there is significant research that supports the former hypothesis. When fossil fuels are burned, they emit different levels of carbon dioxide. The burning of

  • The Environmental Impact of Renewable Energy

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    The major advantage of using these resources is that the environmental impact is extremely low when compared to the use of fossil fuels and other energy processes. One of the most used renewable energy sources is hydroelectric power. When you look at all the environmental impacts of dams, etc., they seem to be a lot less devastating than those effects due to the use of coal and oil for producing energy. Some of the environmental impacts include major flooding due to the gigantic reservoirs that

  • Recycling Center Environmental Impact Statement

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    Recycling Center Environmental Impact Statement Introduction This paper will present an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) of a proposed construction project of a new recycling center in a rural area. The proposed project is to be built in a nonattainment area. The EIS will address land-use and development, social and neighborhood effects, economic factors, air quality, noise, and water resources as it relates to the proposed project. Included in the process will be three alternatives as well

  • The Environmental Impact of Wetland Destruction and Deforestation

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    The Environmental Impact of Wetland Destruction and Deforestation Thesis: The forests and wetlands of the world are being destroyed at unacceptable rates. This destruction is causing many adverse effects on the environment, many of which will not be felt by the global population until they are irreversible. Introduction Human life cannot exist in the absence of complicated interactions of millions of species in biological systems. Yet as humans, we live during a period of the greatest

  • Environmental Impact Assessment: Identifying the Environmental Effects of a Project

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    Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is ‘the process of decision making by identifying the potentially significant environmental effects and risks of a project’. Environmental impact analysis is one of the stages of an EIA (Sadler and McCabe, 2002). Environmental impact analysis is a process of providing decision makers with an indication of the likely consequences of their action (Wathern, 2013). This stage comprises impact identification and determination of the significance of the impacts. Impact

  • Environmental Impact of Trade

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    Environmental Impact of Trade Cultures in isolation, unless self-sustaining, cannot survive without interacting with other groups. The passage of goods from one area to the other, trade, provides an effective means of distributing supplies to those who seek it but cannot produce it themselves. The human travel needed to conduct trade, while beneficial to people, poses a negative consequence to the environment. Trade routes started for the exchange of a particular good such as the spice trade

  • Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

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    Environmental impact assessment (EIA) entails a multifaceted appraisement of the possible aftermath caused by a project or action on the surrounding man-made and natural environment (Wood, 2003). This systematic process requires the involvement of all interested stakeholders in the process and the public, in order to achieve a widespread consent on the planned project and mitigation strategies proposed [European Commission (EC), 2014]. EIA was firstly presented in the United States (US) in 1969 under

  • Essay On Environmental Impact Assessment

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    Environmental Management System Tools, their role, integration with EMS implementation and interaction – Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – EIA will provide the organisation with the methodology and process to identify the potential environmental effects of their actions and activities before they are carried out. This makes it easier for the organisation to take environmental considerations into account at an early stage and allows for controls and mitigation to be built into any plans. An

  • Aspects Of Environmental Impact Assessment

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    INTRODUCTION Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a key aspect of many large scale preparation applications. It is a technique that is meant to help us understand the potential environmental impacts of major development proposals. We can say EIA is just an information gathering work out that is carried out by the developer and other bodies which enables a Local Planning Authority to understand the environmental effects of a development before reaching a decision whether or not the development

  • Environmental Impacts of Fossil Fuel Use

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    Environmental Impacts of Fossil Fuel Use One of the main issues involved with fossil fuels are the environmental impacts that occur from their use. These problems; such as acid rain, oil spills, climate change, global warming, etc., are not only occurring with fossil fuel usage, but are also increasing due to the increase in the use of fossil fuels. This essay will vaguely explain the area of environmental impacts from fossil fuel use, and will attempt to change, or further increase your understanding

  • The Environmental Impact of Off-Shore Oil Exploration and Production

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    deep-water formations would not incur any sort of environmental damages. Several decades later, scientists learned new information from monitoring programs and research studies that offshore drilling did cause effects on the health of benthic organisms and other marine fauna in the proximity of offshore platform rigs. This paper studies the consequences of offshore platform rigs on marine organisms and wildlife from the perspectives of what causes environmental degradation offshore, the issues pertaining

  • Environmental Impact Assessment ( Eia )

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    Introduction Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) refers to a tool that assists in limiting the potential environmental damage of various developments that are undertaken in an area (Handley & Handley, 2001). Other researchers and scholars consider EIA as a key aspect of many large-scale planning applications; whereby, the EIA is used as the technique that help developers understand the potential environmental impacts of any major development proposal (Wathern, 1988). EIA entails information gathering

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment: The Environmental Impact of Policies

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    Introduction Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) evaluates the environmental impact of policies, plans and programs (or strategic proposals/decisions). The objective of SEA is to mainstream the environmental consideration at the earlier phase of decision making and improved governance through reducing administrative burden via avoiding project level EIA and duplication along the ministries (Fischer 2007; Therivel 2010; Fundingsland Tetlow and Hanusch 2012). Australia has more than 30 years of

  • The Role of GIS and Remote Sensing in Environmental Impact Assessment

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    QUESTION What is the role of GIS and Remote Sensing in 1. Environmental Impact Assessment 2. Substance Flow Analysis 3. Carbon Foot printing 4. Health Impact Assessment 5. Social Impact Assessment Introduction Geospatial techniques such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing play a pivotal role in Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and their various components such as ecological, social and hydrological impact assessment. These tools have proved so useful that they have

  • The Negative Impact Of The Environmental Movement

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    devastating impact to the environment. Rapid population increases, as well as the Industrial Revolution brought forth many negative impacts to the land, air, and ecosystem. The rise of the environmental movement that occurred during the 1960s and 1970s represented a significant shift in thinking in regards to protecting our environment. The impact of the environmental movement has positively impacted our contemporary culture. During the 1960s, more Americans became aware of the negative impacts of pesticides

  • The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

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    The environmental impact assessment (EIA) is generally defined as the study of the impacts of the projects, programs, and plans proposed regarding environment (Wathern, 2013). The EIA foundation was established in 1970, by the endorsement of the National Environment Policy Act (NEPA). A legal, methodological, as well as practical foundation was founded by NEPA in USA. This essay demonstrates the role of EIA, describing the types of IEA. It aims to facilitate and understand environmental impact assessment

  • Impact Of Environmental Problems In The Environment

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    Problems and Impacts in Our Environment and How to be more Eco-Friendly Every day there is a new discovery in the environment. Either we are finding new species or exploring the vast waters that cover our planet. But still, what is the environment? Why and how should we make it our responsibility to keep it beautiful? There are a tremendous number of problems in our environment that can be fixed if we all make an effort to fix them. An awareness and conscious effort could help lessen the impact of the