Emperor Hadrian

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  • Emperor Hadrian

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    Emperor Hadrian The original home of the family of the Emperor Hadrian was Picenum, in Spain. Hadrian himself records that his immediate family came from Hadria, but settled in Italica in the reign of the Scipios. The Hadrian’s father was Aelius Hadrianus, a cousin of the Emperor Trajan; his mother was Domitia Paulina, a resident of Cadiz; his sister was Paulina, and his wife was Sabina. Hadrian was apparently born on the ninth day before the Kalends in February. At the age of ten, he became the

  • Emperor Hadrian in Marguerite Yourcenar's Memoirs of Hadrian and E.L. Doctorow's Everyman figure of Coalhouse Walker, Jr. in Ragtime

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    Emperor Hadrian in Marguerite Yourcenar's Memoirs of Hadrian and E.L. Doctorow's Everyman figure of Coalhouse Walker, Jr. in Ragtime As Marguerite Yourcenar states in Memoirs of Hadrian, “. . . there is always a day where Atlas ceases to support the weight of the heavens, and his revolt shakes the earth.” (114) When Coalhouse Walker strides knowingly, even willingly, into his death, he is more powerful at that moment than he has been at any other point in his crusade. Because he has no regard

  • How Good Were The Five Good Emperors of Rome?

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    several Emperors. However, there were five good emperors in a row who became known as The Five Good Emperors. These Emperors were Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, and Marcus Aurelius. They were mainly considered good for gaining the support of the Senate (Encyclopedia Britannica). After gaining the support of the Senate, these Emperors brought in and improved the tradition of adoption, doing different public works; the way they died also showed many truth about how these Emperors Ruled. In

  • Historia Augusta

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    The chosen gobbet is an extract from Historia Augusta or 'The Augustan history' and is a collection of the biographies of the roman Emperors during the period from 117 to 284. It was originally thought that the collection was written by a collection of several different writers which were known as the Scriptores Historia Augustae consisting of "Aelius Spartianus", "Iulius Capitolinus", "Vulcacius Gallicanus", "Aelius Lampridius", "Trebellius Pollio", and "Flavius Vopiscus" There is and was much debate

  • Roman Emperors

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    However, when speaking of a good emperor in the Roman Empire, one must also realize that goodness must also relate to how that emperor made the empire better. The five so-called good emperors were Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, and Marcus Aurelius. How were they good? Trajan was the best emperor because he was able to have not only a great relationship with the Roman Senate and people, but also because he was able to make the empire greater, whereas the other emperors were only moderately good

  • Hadrian and Nero

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    of Roman emperors was defined by their imperial image which is cultivated as a reflection of the time in which they ruled. Nero is perceived typically as a very poor emperor who brought ruin to Rome while Hadrian is portrayed as a successful emperor who ensured imperial and Roman continuity. Both emperors, however, shared similar traits and activities outside of their imperial duties which were at once similar in their oddity and uniquely different in their portrayal. While both emperors were interested

  • Emporer Hadrian Of Rome

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    However, throughout his reign, he was regarded as a noble leader. "The Roman emperor Hadrian exercised a profound organizational influence on the Greco-Roman world. He worked successfully toward the codification of Roman law and the strengthening of imperial border defenses (Eadie 8)." Emperor Hadrian made many important contributions to Roman culture, and he was also known as one of the greatest Roman emperors in history.Hadrian was born on January, 26 76 a.d. in Spain. In his youth, he developed

  • Reflecting on Why the Roman Empire was Great

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    moved to a senate and ended with emperors. Emperors could gain power through war or money and family legacy. This was seen throughout Roman history, however the successfulness of such emperors was just as fluid as how they gained power. There is one time frame in Roman history that stands out as a guideline of what characteristics good roman leaders would have in them. During the era of Five Good Emperors from 96-180 AD, it appears to be a time when emperors placed the countries needs at the

  • The Persecution of Christians during the Roman Empire

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    is undisputed that various good Roman emperors persecuted Christians. It has been said that they were called good emperors because of having such great success in securing the empires borders, a prosperous economy, and an overall general peace which their predecessors had failed (Thenagain.info, 2013). Therefore, this paper delves into the persecution of Christians during the Roman Empire, particularly in the reigns of the five said good emperors- Nerva, Hadrian, Trajan, Marcus Aurelias, and Antonius

  • Athens

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    Athens Problems with format Three interesting sites in Athens include the Olympieion, Roman Market, and Hadrian?s library.? The emperor Hadrian[1] played an important role in the history and construction of all three of these sites, lending his name to parts of the various structures.? All three sites are located within close proximity of each other, and serve as examples of the vibrant, changing, and extensive history of the city of Athens.? The architectural styles are also definitive of the