Rome: The Coliseum and the Forum

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Rome: The Coliseum and the Forum

?Without having seen the Coliseum and the Forum, extended research has proved there is much more to these architectural marvels than partial ? standing remains that exist today.? These structures stood a bit taller more than 1,000 years ago, the same time Rome was launched into a dominant worldly influence militarily and politically.? At the time, ancient Roman Emperors were conquerors who preferred to keep order in their empire.? The Coliseum and Forum, over many years, characterized Roman Emperors? influential politics and need for order.

The Coliseum?s Design

The Roman Empire?s architectural opulence significantly changed after Emperor Nero?s reign beginning in 64 AD.? During his reign, giant statues and lavish palaces, including Nero?s Golden House, exemplified the age of excess.? Such lavish undertakings were curtailed following Neros? downfall, marking the beginning of sensibility and order with the rule of the Flavians, in particular, Roman Emperor Vespasian.? Vespasian is best known for his construction of the Coliseum, which would be known in succeeding years as the symbol of Roman power, dominance and worldly-influence.? Vespasian went to great lengths to maintain a beneficial relationship with his citizens and provinces, and thus, the Coliseum was built as a house of entertainment.? However, Emperors also used this magnificent structure as a powerful tool for their own influences.[i][1]

?Structurally, the Coliseum was not only the largest amphitheater; it was one of the greatest structures of its time.? It is still a genius of engineering efficiency and the first construction designed for a vast interior space.[ii][2] The stairways and corridors made it the ad...

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