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  • Elizabeth Gaskell Research Paper

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    Elizabeth Gaskell Elizabeth Gaskell was born on September 29, 1810 on Lindsey Row 93, Cheyne Walk. Elizabeth was the youngest child out of 8 children her parents had. She and her brother John are the only children that survived infancy. Her father, William Stevenson was a unitarian. He was a minister at Failsworth Lancashire, but resigned his orders on grounds. Elizabeth moved to London in 1806, with the intention of going to India after she was appointed private secretary to the Earl of Lauderdale

  • Urbanization in North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

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    The title of the novel, North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell reinforces the idea of the conflicts that surround urbanisation as the north (Milton) represents industrialisation and all things new while the south (Helstone) encompasses urban living and the past. This essay aims to discuss the different layers of conflict between the north and the south and how the novel may be read as both an industrial novel and a romance novel. This essay aims to discuss how the novel tackles the conflicts in society

  • Elizabeth Gaskell Research Paper

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    Elizabeth Gaskell Elizabeth Gaskell was a writer from the Victorian Period. She was a woman with a great passion for social causes such as women’s issues and the inequalities of class and gender. She expressed her passions on these subjects through the writing of most of her novels. A few of these works such as Ruth and The Life of Charlotte Bronte proved to be very controversial and had a negative effect on her writing career. She was a wife, mother, and author, which she took all of these rolls

  • The Half Brothers By Elizabeth Gaskell and My Oedipus Complex By Frank O'Connor

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    The Half Brothers By Elizabeth Gaskell and My Oedipus Complex By Frank O'Connor These two stories are very different upon first glance. For example one is about a pair of half brothers set in Victorian times and the other is about a small child named Larry who thinks he's a lot wiser then he is. However, if you look deeper you can start to find similarities between the two. They have similar themes, and links can be made between them. A big difference between them is the titles. For

  • Synopsis of Elizabeth Gaskell's Ruth

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    Synopsis of Elizabeth Gaskell's Ruth This is a classic book that focuses on domesticity in the 18th century. It highlights the basically mundane life that faced women (particularly spinsters) of this era. If you want exitement and adventure this is not the book for you. If, however you are interested in the history of

  • Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell

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    that gives the characters an opportunity to voice their feelings, Elizabeth Gaskell creates a divide between the poor working class and the rich higher class in Mary Barton. Gaskell places emphasis on the differences that separate both classes by describing the lavish, comfortable, and extravagant life that the wealthy enjoy and compares it to the impoverished and miserable life that the poor have to survive through. Though Gaskell displays the inequality that is present between both social classes

  • Elizabeth Gaskell’s "Wives and Daughters"

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    Elizabeth Gaskell started her writing career in her late thirties. She went on to becoming an accomplished writer in the Victorian British Literature. All of Gaskell’s novels droned on about the consist stigma poor people had to endure at the hands of society’s powerful and wealthy. She managed to branch away from her constant rambles of the poverty of the Englanders, just to write a biography about her dear friend Charlotte Bronte which almost resulted in a lawsuit by family and friends of Bronte

  • Elizabeth Gaskell's "Wives and Daughters"

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    Introduction Elizabeth Gaskell, author of Wives and Daughters, wrote a best seller during the Victorian reign. Although she started her writing career in her late thirties, she managed to impress her critics with her unique style. She managed to branch away from writing novels to write a biography about her friend Charlotte Bronte, which almost resulted in a lawsuit. Even though critics embarked harshness on her writing about the plight of the working class, yet they viewed her work as a skillful

  • Mary Barton By Elizabeth Gaskell

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    Mary Barton, the first novel of Elizabeth Gaskell, shows a thoughtful portrayal of the lives of the common laborers amid a time of fast industrialization and financial gloom. Starting in the industrial center of nineteenth-century England; Manchester, the work joins the characteristics of a sentimental romance with the features of a social-problem novel, a genre that was at the height of its popularity during this time. In this novel, we are given a young lady who was aware at a young age that life

  • The Half-Brothers by Elizabeth Gaskell

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    The Half-Brothers by Elizabeth Gaskell This story, The Half-Brothers, written by Elizabeth Gaskell is set in 19th century Cumberland. This story is based on some of things that happened in Mrs Gaskell's life such as her losing her children. The half brothers are Gregory and his younger brother whose name we never find out. Their mother loses her first husband and she re-marries William Preston. Their mother, Helen, dies in childbirth leaving Gregory to be brought up by his stepfather.

  • North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

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    lives of many were disease and sanitation. Disease and sanitation led to high mortality rates in Nineteenth- Century England. This relates to North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell as it takes place during nineteenth century England and multiple characters died presumably due to disease. In North and South by the Victorian Novelist, Elizabeth Gaskel, the towns in the book were given different names than they were in England during the nineteenth century. The population growth, diseases, and sanitation

  • Common Elements in Elizabeth Gaskell's The Old Nurse's Story and in Christian Rossetti's Goblin Market

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    of an overview of the Victorian time period. This new theme appears in Elizabeth Gaskell’s short story, The Old Nurse’s Story and Christina Rossetti's poem Goblin Market. Both works illustrate common elements of Gothic literature, such as; old houses, mystery, horror, ghost, fantasy creatures, the unknown and oppression. Both author’s background stories provide insight to their reason behind their writings. Elizabeth Gaskell was a minister's wife that began to write when her only son died to cope

  • Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskel

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    Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskel Elizabeth Gaskell's Nineteenth Century novel, Mary Barton, is an example of social realism in its depiction of the inhumanities suffered by the impoverished weavers of Manchester, England. The main story in Mary Barton is that of the honest, proud and intelligent workingman so embittered by circumstances and lack of sympathy that he finally murders a mill owner's son as an act of representative vengeance. In growing embittered, he becomes as a natural consequence

  • Mary Barton Rhetorical Devices

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    In 1848 Elizabeth Gaskell wrote a novel entitled Mary Barton. At this point in time, it had been eight years since the Industrial Revolution ended and in many places jobs had become scarce. In an excerpt from her writing, Gaskell employs the use of contrast, ornate diction and visual imagery in order to display the disappearing experiences of the mill workers to the reader. It is not difficult to observe Gaskell’s use of contrast in showing the stark differences between those who own the mill and

  • North and South and Hard Times

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    [and  the] wife as childcare giver" and led ultimately to the "19th century  ideology of the two separate spheres -  the masculine public sphere of work [and]  the private female sphere of domesticity". Is, however, this "shift" one which  Elizabeth Gaskell in North and South and Charles Dickens in Hard Times not only reflect but one which they endorse? If the public  sphere is masculine then the opening chapters of HardTimes immediately confronts us with this masculinity in the form of

  • Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell

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    The nineteenth century had the most radical and revolutionary ideas in history. The status of women during this time being one of those ideas. This time period has been named the Victorian Era, and was influential on British society. Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel, “Mary Barton,” was designed to portray the cultural customs and ideas of Britain. One of Gaskell’s motives was to bring awareness to the life and trials of a Victorian woman. A scholar writes that “for women the situation is complicated by

  • Turban as a Symbol of Binary Oppositions in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford

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    Representative of the Victorian society by abiding the ideals of its age intensely, the ladies in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford deem “appearance” and “propriety” in every conceivable way of utmost importance. In Cranford, we are presented a population formed of elderly ladies who either got divorced, got widowed, or had never been married. Their only income – bearing in mind that they are not involved in trade or labour-work as they consider such occupations as “vulgar” – is most probably family fortune

  • North Country: Lois Jenson Vs. Eveleth Taconite Company

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    North Country is a 2005 movie made about the trial of Lois Jenson v. Eveleth Taconite Company. A sexual harassment case that happened in 1975 but didn’t go to trial until 1988. (Wikipedia, n.d.) I will explain this paper how this movie affected me, what I learned from it, how it relates to feminist theory and what has changed in the time since that movie. North Country stars Charlize Theron as Josey Aimes who got pregnant in high school and currently has 2 children while working as hairdresser

  • Health and Sanitation in Victorian London

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    century that tried to explain sanitation problems and poverty. When can see how pervasive this problem was as it made its way into much of the literature at the time. Its representation was rather grim. Works such as Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist and Elizabeth Gaskell's Mary Barton represent the harsh reality of these conditions. While much of the investigation into the sanitary conditions of the times focused on the working classes, disease and poor sanitation also found their way into the higher classes

  • Elizabeth Gaskell's Ruth as a Victim of Circumstance

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    Elizabeth Gaskell's Ruth as a Victim of Circumstance When her parents die when she is still very young, innocent Ruth Hilton is sent to the city by the guardian she does not know. In the city she is to learn the trade very common for young girls during this time, that of the seamstress (Ugoretz), but events take a drastic turn when she becomes noble Mr Bellingham's mistress. Only 16 years old, Ruth is thrown into the for her unknown adult world and in this world, she cannot separate right from