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  • Electric cars

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    century cars have been appearing everywhere. Cars have become such big parts of our lives that they are used almost as much as our houses. Almost every family has one or two cars, but these cars run on different fuels and give off emissions that hurt the ozone layer which might be causing global warming. There are hybrid cars that use a mix of fuel and electricity, but hybrids still give off emissions. An alternative way of reducing our emissions is to drive one hundred percent electric vehicles

  • The Electric Car: The Power Of Electric Cars

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    sought out today. One of these is the rise of the electric car. Despite a rough start competing with petroleum cars, electric cars will see a spark in popularity in the automotive market within the next few years with new models being developed and more charge stations being installed world wide. With more efficient ways of harvesting energy, the electric car will see more practical use and make its way into the lives of the average

  • The Electric Car: The Future Of Electric Cars

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    The Future Car To this day I still remember the first time I saw an electric car. I remember coming home to my mother and telling her that I saw a car that runs on no gas. My mom, being the classic uneducated woman looks at me and said “what movie did you get that from”, I laughed as I searched it on my phone, and showed her the different models of electric cars. Soon after my mother was telling everybody how she would love to have the new sleek, trendy modern electric car “The Tesla”. Ever since

  • Electric Car

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    significant risk for human health and the environment. Electric cars do not have an exhaust system, nor produce carbon monoxide (Shaowei 3). Therefore electric cars can improve the earth’s environment and reduce the amount of carbon monoxide in the air. Also most consumers that own an electric car will charge the car overnight while they are sleeping because that is the time period that provides plenty of capacity on the grid. Charging the car at night time will increase the opportunities to use wind

  • Electric Cars

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    The issue of electric car has been arising nowadays. But many of us never really find a true example of the uses of electric cars in everyday life. From the article “Electrical Engineering”, an Australian built his own electric car from a second hand Porsche. The article proves that having a private electric cars is no longer a dream. But do all people know the good things and the bad things about having a private electric car? Now, what electric vehicles really are? Simply put, electric vehicles are

  • The Electric Cars

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    Cars production development is very noticeable. People nowadays are trying to purchase or develop cars, and devices that are less harmful to the environment, and use alternative power sources other than gasoline and petroleum, which are the main causes for environmental pollution. According to the documentary Who killed the Electric Car? Shown in class, the narrator mentioned that, "for every gallon of gas we burn to power our cars, we add nineteen percent of carbon dioxide to the air." Carbon dioxide

  • Electric cars

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    The first electric cars were introduced in 1873 (Guarnieri 3). Electrics operate with a battery as a source of energy and an electric motor. The battery sends its energy to the electric motor, which then begins to turn. Finally, the power created from the motor is then transferred to the wheels. The first type of batteries that were used in electric cars would not last a long time and take a long period of time to recharge, this was the main problem. This was not suitable for consumers that drive

  • The Electric Car

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    relatively soon. The electric car seems to be the best candidate as a replacement for the moment, but many people are still weary about completely discarding the trusty internal combustion engine for an invention barely as old as the people who will buy them. The electric fuel is promising, but it has not been around long enough to undergo the test of time needed for mass acceptance. Here the more direct question arises: is the electric car the solution to a more economically responsible car? Being a member

  • Electric cars

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    My family has a total of 8 cars, 7 of them are gasoline cars and 1 of them is an electric car. The electric car is called a Chevrolet Volt and belongs to my mom. In 2012, my mom decided that she wanted to buy a new car. She wanted something different, something out of the ordinary. When visiting the Chevrolet dealership, the sales person showed her the Chevrolet Volt. After hearing that the car was 100 percent electric and used no gasoline at all from the sales person, my mom became interested. This

  • Electric Cars

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    ultimately choose, but with the premier of Nissan’s electric powered Leaf and other companies; such as Tesla Motors and Chevy, with their electric cars ready for market, the electric car may be winning the race to become the new standard for the gasoline alternative. Electric cars resolve long standing environmental issues, but it will need to maneuver around many roadblocks to become a marketable consideration for the general public. The cost of electric cars, currently on the market, makes them an impractical