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  • Electric Charge

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    pushed away, or repelled, each other. The evidence showed that electric force made matter either attract or repel other matter. Electric force is caused by electric charge. Electric charge is a property of the bits of matter within atoms. Electric force can cause matter to attract or repel because there are two kinds of charge – positive and negative charge. The effects of electric force can be summarized as the law of electric charge: Pieces of matter with the same kind of charge repel each

  • ABC Electric Company

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    ABC Electric Company Introduction ABC Electric has been in business since 1970. The company makes hand-held arc welders its primary customers are construction firms, shipbuilders, auto-repair shops, and “self-help” amateurs. The company has 30% of the current market share along with four other competitors it has an annual sales of $800 million. The company has a satisfied customer-base. Although, their products are priced above the competitors, customers prefer ABC’s welders due to their

  • The Enlightenment and the Electric Battery

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    The Enlightenment and the Electric Battery This paper is a discussion of the role played by the ideals of the Enlightenment in the invention and assessment of artifacts like the electric battery. The first electric battery was built in 1799 by Alessandro Volta, who was both a natural philosopher and an artisan-like inventor of intriguing machines. I will show that the story of Volta and the battery contains three plots, each characterized by its own pace and logic. One is the story of natural

  • Electric Vehicles:

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    Electric Vehicles: Current Uses: Currently electric vehicles are slowing becoming popular with some already on show room floors. Furthermore, there are many enthusiasts and groups that have really been pushing their use. Tough these cars do not share the same performance qualities of some gas-powered cars; the current technology has been rapidly catching up. Hybrid vehicles have offered in some ways the best of both worlds. The cars are environmentally friendly yet offer the power and distance

  • Electric Cars

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    The issue of electric car has been arising nowadays. But many of us never really find a true example of the uses of electric cars in everyday life. From the article “Electrical Engineering”, an Australian built his own electric car from a second hand Porsche. The article proves that having a private electric cars is no longer a dream. But do all people know the good things and the bad things about having a private electric car? Now, what electric vehicles really are? Simply put, electric vehicles are

  • The Electric Car: The Power Of Electric Cars

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    being sought out today. One of these is the rise of the electric car. Despite a rough start competing with petroleum cars, electric cars will see a spark in popularity in the automotive market within the next few years with new models being developed and more charge stations being installed world wide. With more efficient ways of harvesting energy, the electric car will see more practical use and make its way into the lives of the average

  • The Electric Car: The Future Of Electric Cars

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    this day I still remember the first time I saw an electric car. I remember coming home to my mother and telling her that I saw a car that runs on no gas. My mom, being the classic uneducated woman looks at me and said “what movie did you get that from”, I laughed as I searched it on my phone, and showed her the different models of electric cars. Soon after my mother was telling everybody how she would love to have the new sleek, trendy modern electric car “The Tesla”. Ever since the day I laid my eyes

  • Process of Electric Recordings

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    process of converting the acoustic energy of sound into some form in which it can be permanently stored and reproduced at any time. In 1855 the inventor Leon Scott constructed a device called a phonautograph that recorded tracings of the vibrations of sound. Thomas Edison, starting about 1877, made great improvements in mechanical sound recording and was the first inventor to achieve the actually audible reproduction of recorded sound. The greatest advances, however, were made after the adoption

  • The Electric Vehicle

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    The Electric Vehicle The technology of electric vehicles has been around since the turn of the nineteenth century but faded as the gasoline powered engine took the spotlight. Now the future of electric vehicles is very bright. Their impacts are very significant ranging from economic, to new technology that can be applied elsewhere, to most importantly, the environment. Ford and GM, through its Saturn plant, have already begun production on their own version of the electric vehicle and have made

  • Electric Cars: The History Of Electric Vehicles

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    1 What is an Electric Vehicle? An electric vehicle is different from a gasoline powered vehicle. It is powered instead by an electric motor that receives current from rechargeable storage batteries, or portable sources of electrical energy. 1.1 Why Electric Vehicles The search for means to limit pollution caused an interest in electric vehicles. There are two types of pollution that we face in this society. Air pollution is caused by gasoline burning internal combustion engine that causes lung problems

  • The Electric Car

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    of oil will run dry relatively soon. The electric car seems to be the best candidate as a replacement for the moment, but many people are still weary about completely discarding the trusty internal combustion engine for an invention barely as old as the people who will buy them. The electric fuel is promising, but it has not been around long enough to undergo the test of time needed for mass acceptance. Here the more direct question arises: is the electric car the solution to a more economically responsible

  • Electric Cars

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    ultimately choose, but with the premier of Nissan’s electric powered Leaf and other companies; such as Tesla Motors and Chevy, with their electric cars ready for market, the electric car may be winning the race to become the new standard for the gasoline alternative. Electric cars resolve long standing environmental issues, but it will need to maneuver around many roadblocks to become a marketable consideration for the general public. The cost of electric cars, currently on the market, makes them an

  • The Electric Motor

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    consumption also their supplier reduce the distribution cost. 2. Theory Electric Motor is an essential machine in almost all industries for their manufacturing work,having this much importance motor has an issue which is very big in electricity distribution and industrial view point,that is motor draw more current in its starting upto five to six times from its nominal value. This problem is resolve by the use of the device called Electric motor starter. Next section mainly concern tha what is starter. 3

  • Electric Cars: Electric Cars: Good For The Environment

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    Electric Cars Buying a car is usually going to be the first big purchase a person will make in their life. It is actually considered the second biggest purchase, right behind buying a house. Cars now can do things like park themselves and even drive themselves. Electric cars are also a thing that is getting a lot of attention and studies show that they will be what dominate our streets and highways in the near future. Many people turn to electric cars because they are very efficient to our pockets

  • The Compretive Electric Car: Are Expensive Electric Cars?

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    Are expensive electric cars? The hidden cost of our vehicle: electric vs Traditional When we decided to buy a car, there are different factors to consider, but each gives much importance to each of them. Very briefly Clearly, among others, come to be the three most important: the fit more or less what we need car, the price, and we like it (here several more subjective issues come together). Today there are different propulsion technologies to choose: we are not limited to a gasoline car. We

  • The Operation of Electric Motors

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    I have written this science research paper to help people understand more about the electric motors and their operation. The electric motor transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy, which in turn makes motion possible. To better understand electric motors, one should first understand the basics of electric motors operation, electromagnetics. One can create an electromagnet by running an electric current through a wire which in turn will create a magnetic field. An electromagnet may

  • The Future of Electric Vehicles

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    The Future of Electric Vehicles Electric Vehicles have not yet reached a point where they are common technology. We are currently a nation that is centered around a devasting technology that has little benefit for the future. For the past century electric vehicles have remained out of the market due to a lock-in that the internal combustion engine created. Furthermore, in order for electric vehicles to be successful they must break this lock-in. For this to happen, changes have to occur within

  • History of the Electric Vehicle

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    History of the Electric Vehicle The History of Development: In general the automobile was invented to transport people. Horses were the main mode of transportation and a self powered vehicle seemed to offer many benefits. We have looked at the automobile history and seen how this innovation occurred. The United States in the 19th century had been developing a very successful metal-working industry, which included firearms, sewing machines and machine tools. Not only did this push technology

  • Understanding Electric Motors

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    How does the armature continue to spin? One of the magnetic fields must be changed so that the armature has to turn again. The armature will spin so long as there is always a torque acting on it. How this is accomplished is what sets each type of electric motor apart. DIRECT CURRENT MOTORS SIMPLE DIRECT CURRENT MOTOR In a DC motor, the armature consists of any number of windings, each one an electromagnet. The armature is immersed in a directional external magnetic field. This external field

  • The Physics of an Electric Motor

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    Physics of an Electric Motor An electric motor is a device used to convert electric energy into rotational kinetic energy. There are two different types of electric motors, and each has there own use. The different types are direct current and alternating current motors. Each of these motors will be analyzed in the following. To understand how this motor works, we must understand the relationship between electricity, and magnetism or simply put electromagnetism. Direct electric current in a