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  • Treatment is More Effective Than Jail for Drug Offenders

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    arrest, jail, and return to society continues, solving absolutely nothing. Therefore, placing drug-addicted offenders in jails fails to confront the major problem at hand which is that of the drug abuse. If drug-addicted offenders were placed in drug treatment centers instead of being incarcerated, the problem of drug abuse would have a much higher opportunity to be flushed from the offender's life. Thus, the chance of that the offender would commit another crime for drugs would be reduced. The felonies

  • Misrepresentation of Mental Illnesses

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    Television Media To eliminate the partial representation of mental illnesses, television media needs to focus on all sides of this illness. The media needs to show that attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) is a legitimate disorder with effective treatments. At least one in four families in the U.S. is affected by mental illnesses. Unfortunately there is no cure for this range of illnesses, which have been around for thousands of years. Of the American adult population, 5.4 percent have a serious

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

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    5 million people over the age of 18. Its current cause of existence is due to defects at neurotransmitter sites, rendering patients inattentive and impulsive. However, every year more progress is made in locating the cause and finding more effective treatments. ADHD's first diagnosis was made in 1902 by Dr. George Still. He observed 20 children who were inattentive, impulsive, hyperactive, and showed mood swings. He initially attributed their behavior to mild brain damage. By 1917 ADHD or constantly

  • Dissociative Identity Disorder

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    is exemplified by the myriad of motion pictures that have been produced based on cases, real or fictitious, of DID. Another reason for my choice is what I feel is the insufficiency of effective treatments for DID. Despite what is known about this disorder, (which is relatively a lot) there are only two chief treatments for DID; the first and most prevalent is psychotherapy; also known as ”talk therapy”, the second is medication. The third and final reason for my choice is my own enchantment with DID

  • How Computers Impact our Daily Life

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    health services and art of medicine have been changed absolutely by computers in recent decades. Computers totally are able share the physician?s heavy duty which is save human?s life. In deed, since computers have been invented, new technological treatments that cooperate with computers have cured a thousand of patients. Eventually, there is nothing is more happy than come to life again. Formerly, once a doctor wanted to diagnose their patients, he or she mainly used to apply their experiences. Unfortunately

  • Hypochondriasis

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    seek medical attention, but a doctor's reassurance does not help the situation. Hypochondriacs will still think they are sick no matter what the do. Generally, patients who suffer from hypochondriasis also suffer from anxiety. There are many effective treatments for hypochondriacs such as drugs, support groups and therapy. This paper will discuss the diagnosis, cause and effect of the hypochondriasis. Hypochondria is an unsupported belief or anxiety over having a serious disease that is based on personal

  • ADHD and Its Treatments

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    Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and the most effective treatment options that are available today. ADHD is a mental health disorder that affects 3-9% of the population in ways that, if left untreated, can wreak havoc on the mind of the sufferer. It makes concentration difficult, large tasks seem insurmountable, and causes impulsive and hyperactive tendencies. Fortunately, research and experiments have led to new and effective treatments to help those who suffer from this disorder (Dupaul 8)

  • The Most Effective Form of Treatment For People With OCD

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    those thoughts with repetitive compulsive behaviors or thoughts. New studies have shown that around 6-9 million Americans alone suffer from OCD. The research I have done on the subject seems to point to cognitive behavioral therapy as the most effective treatment for patients suffering from the disorder. There are some differing ides to as what causes OCD and whether those causes are chemical or biological. Carmin (2009) OCD prevents it’s sufferers from living their lives as they would like to sometimes

  • Exercise is an Effective Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain

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    Physical activity is the key to success in the treatment of chronic low back pain (CLBP), and exercise itself has the most permanent and long lasting effects (Abenhaim et al. 2000). Although the variety of conservative, complementary, and surgical treatments available, such as medication, thermotherapies, ergonomic and self-care advices, and patient education, proven to be beneficial for CLBP, at the present time the main aim is to provide effective interventions as well as reduce the health care

  • Analysis of Treatments for Cancer

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    Treatments for Cancer Cancer is a disease in which cells multiply out of control and gradually build a mass of tissue called a tumor. There has been a large amount of research dedicated to the treatment and cure of cancer. Several types of treatments have been developed. The following are just some of the major examples of cancer therapy: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biologic therapy, biorhythms, unconventional treatments, and hyperthermia. Each type of treatment is discussed

  • Exploring ADHD and Available Treatments

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    paper describes ADHD and the treatments available. It discusses the different medications and their side effects and explains the opinions of some doctors for an alternative treatment. The main goal of the writing is to shed some light on the disorder and describe some theories about ADHD. This goal is stated in the thesis which talks about how ADHD cannot be identified exactly, the side effects to the medication are harsh, there are different alternative treatments, and research shows it may be

  • Autism: A Disorder of Conflicting Causes and Treatments

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    Autism: A Disorder of Conflicting Causes and Treatments Despite its 50 year-old diagnosis, autism is still one of the mostly commonly contracted and rarely treated childhood diseases. Studies suggest that as many as 1 in 500 children may display autistic symptoms. Manifestations of this disability include the stereotypical physical contortions and hand-flapping motions commonly associated with autism, as well as inability to relate to the outside world, limited social skills, lack of concentration

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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    Cognitive Behavior Therapy Cognitive Behavior Therapy for body image has been proven an effective way to improve body dissatisfaction. It has been applied to persons with eating disorders, obesity, body dysmorphic disorder, and normal weight, all of whom harbor negative feelings toward their bodies. It is critically important to target body image for specific treatment, as negative feelings about one's body are often a major precipitous to eating disorders. What is body image? Body

  • Fertility Treatments

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    Fertility Treatments I. Introduction It is assumed by most that we will all be able to grow up, fall in love, get married, and then have children of our own. This is not the lifestyle that all people choose, but it is still the view accepted by the majority of society. What happens when the unthinkable occurs and a happily married couple is unable to get pregnant? This is a reality for 7.1%, or 2.8 million, of the married couples in the United States (Lenox, 1999). Today, there are many people

  • Punishment as a form of behaviour modification

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    (Gray, 2002, pp.115). Further, punishment can be seen as an effort to decrease the response rate to stimuli by either removing a desired stimulus or presenting one which is undesired (Gray, 2002). Recent studies suggest that punishment can be an effective method of behaviour modification. However, as reported in Lerman and Vorndran (2002), there are a number of limitations to punishment as an intervention and subsequent negative side effects. For this reason, certain principles upon which the implementation

  • Nonviolent Offenders

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    Nonviolent Offenders – Is Incarceration the Answer? “It’s really clear that the most effective way to turn a nonviolent person into a violent one is to send them to prison,” says Harvard University criminologist James Gilligan. The American prison system takes nonviolent offenders and makes them live side-by-side with hardened killers. The very nature of prison, no matter people view it, produces an environment that is inevitably harmful to its residents. America locks up five times more of its'

  • Diabetes

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    any insulin. Insulin is the chemical in the body that turns sugar into usable energy. “While it is treatable, diabetes is still a killer. The fourth leading cause of death in America, diabetes claims an estimated 178,000 lives each year. So the treatment is aimed at holding the disease in check, reversing it where possible, and preventing complications” (Hingley 33). Due to the life threatening nature of diabetes, the necessity of controlling it is absolutely imperative. Philip Cryer, M.D., president

  • Most Effective Form of Stretching

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    dynamic stretching, ballistic stretching and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF). This report will define why athletes stretch and review current literature on each form of stretching and conclude from research which form is the most effective form of stretching. BENEFITS OF STRETCHING Stretching in sport was only used to warm athletes up before an event and cool them down after the event. Stretching was not used as a part of an athletes training programme until the benefits of stretching

  • I Have Chosen to Become a Teacher

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    teaching will allow me to do this: my mother (a first grade teacher), and one of her former students. My mother has taught for almost 30 years. She is, without a doubt, one of the most exceptional teachers in the profession. She has perfected an effective teaching method that blends knowledge, firmness, discipline, and—most importantly—compassion. For as long as I can remember, her former students have approached her in public. Even though some of them are in their mid-thirties, they still call

  • Affirmative Action is NOT Reverse Discrimination

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    minority got the job, it was because of race or sex, not qualifications.”(SF Chronicle, March 31, 1995) Job discrimination is grounded in prejudice and exclusion, whereas affirmative action is an effort to overcome prejudicial treatment through inclusion. The most effective way to cure society of exclusionary practices is to make special efforts at inclusion, which is exactly what affirmative action does. Violates the principle of merit Because we still don’t have equal opportunity. Affirmative