Educational Benefits Essays

  • The Educational Benefits of White Male Privilege

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    The Educational Benefits of White Male Privilege What is learned in school, be it public or private, determines, for the most part, what position an individual will find themselves in - in the future. In “White Privilege and Male Privilege,” Peggy McIntosh, an author known for doing something that is rarely done in the white community--speaking of her race--makes references to education, to her privileged education, to support her argument on white and male privilege. Sometimes I wonder what

  • Give Students a Break

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    anticipate holidays because they provide a welcome break from classes. Although some may say that breaks only take away valuable class time from students, they fail to see the educational benefits that breaks afford. Tech's sparse holiday offerings take little advantage of these benefits. Tech is harming students, who could greatly benefit from the time breaks offer for relaxation, family interaction, and studying. Despite criticism, breaks do not necessarily have to adversely affect students' education

  • Philosophy and Multiculturalism: Searle, Rorty, and Taylor

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    multiculturalism. Charles Taylor approaches the issue historically, defending multiculturalism as emerging from one branch of liberal political theory. I argue that the debate over epistemological and political issues has tended to obscure the educational benefits of multiculturalism. A multicultural curriculum works very well in fulfilling the traditional goals of education in philosophy. It can assist the teacher as Socratic "midwife" and "gadfly" in delivering students from their narrow and uncritical

  • Educational Benefits and Veteran Success

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    Today, educational benefits are primary tools used to recruit service members. In 2007-2008, about 4 percent of all undergraduates and about 4 percent of all graduate students were veterans or military service members (Radford, 2011). Furthermore, the recent expansions in benefits increase the use of education benefits by veterans will grow almost 5 percent (Simon, Negrusa, & Warner, 2009). To improve the success in higher education, veterans must ensure they keep updated on current educational assistance

  • Importance and Benefits of Educational Research

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    Importance and Benefits of Educational Research “When a student is ready, the teacher appears” is an ancient Buddhist proverb that is packed with wisdom (Smith, 2002). No matter how hard a teacher tries, if the student is not ready to learn, chances are good he or she will not bet. Luckily, students are present in the classroom because they want to be. Introduction When school-age children first enter the classroom, there is apprehension and uncertainty. What they have learned from informal education

  • Benefits of Living in the Dorms

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    that none of these other living options will give incoming students the same variety of benefits or experiences as living on campus. The types of benefits and advantages being compared for these various living options are those of closeness in proximity to the college campus and classes, cost effectiveness, availability of easy and nutritious meals, development opportunities and additional educational benefits to the student. The first alternative to examine, for new incoming freshman is that

  • Schools and Education - Junior College is the Best Option

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    Junior College is the Best Option Oftentimes we hear negative opinions and comments about attending a junior college over a university. Through my experiences I feel there are many benefits in attending a junior college. The benefits I have found include: convenience, educational benefits, and financial savings. First of all, attending a junior college is convenient in many ways. For example, if a student attends a junior college there is a better chance of having someone that you know in

  • Educational Pension Benefits and Conflict Management

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    Educational Pension Benefits Although there is a plethora of possible sources of conflict in any workplace, the ones in this case are rather explicit. These include personal differences, Informal deficiencies’, role incompatibility, environment stress, perceptions, and expectations. Personal differences could be related to personal values, physiognomies, family bonds or ties, and material belongings. Moreover, job performance, education, knowledge, and training tend to mold each individual in

  • The Social Benefits of Mass Communication

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    The Social Benefits of Mass Communication Mass communications, like anything for humans, has its advantages and disadvantages, but mass media has far more advantages to offer the world. From taking you to a far off land to teaching you about the intricacies of the life inside a colony of ants, to surfing the Internet for a new chat group to join, we learn and experience things and events that no humans ever before in history have experienced through this miracle we call mass media. This paper

  • The Benefits of Having a Greenhouse

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    The Benefits of Having a Greenhouse There are many benefits of having a greenhouse or growing space attached to the average family home. A well-built greenhouse can utilize solar power in such a way that it becomes a positive addition to the household in every way. Greenhouses present an opportunity for everyone to be able to grow some of their own food, save electricity, gain practical experience, and soothe their mind and body. Throughout history gardens have served as a food source for families

  • Remedial College Classes Benefit Students and Society

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    Remedial College Classes Benefit Students and Society Depending on the opinion, one could have been excited or startled by comments President George W. Bush recently made. It was August 29th, and the day had come for him to deliver his “Back-to-School” speech. Always pushing for improving education, the President urged state leaders to look at a new tactic for making the students achieve; he argued against remedial classes in colleges. State leaders across the country, if they had not already

  • Benefits and Limitations of Distance Learning

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    Benefits and Limitations of Distance Learning Distance Learning Defined Technology is restructuring many aspects of education. An example of this phenomenon is distance education. Distance learning is defined as " the practice of educating learners who are separated from the teacher or trainer and each other by space, time, or both" (Moller 115). Distance education occurs in a non-classroom setting when students participate in course discussions, exercises, and receive assessment from the

  • Benefits for Disabled Students

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    Benefits for Disabled Students The inclusion of special needs students is increasingly popular. In the 1984-5 school year only 25% of disabled students were educated in inclusive environments. The number almost doubled to 47.4% by the 1998-9 school year (Fine 2002). What makes the practice of inclusion accepted by so many? Research shows a plethora of benefits for the disabled child being taught in a general education setting. Learning in an inclusive environment provides for many an opportunity

  • The Pros and Cons of School Choice

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    Benefits and Disadvantages of School Choice The purpose of this research paper is to investigate the benefits and drawbacks of school choice with respect to the impact on the students involved in the process. Over the years, school vouchers, school choice and charter schools have been grouped into one umbrella category known as school choice. The three types of school choice are very different yet very much the same and each topic will be discussed in depth and analyzed with examples and opinions

  • Bilingual education: The Benefits of Technology

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    Bilingual education: The Benefits of Technology The topic of discussion will introduce how technology can benefit Bilingual education in classrooms across the United States. Alone, Bilingual education is a controversial issue. There are several people and organizations in this country who, for various reasons, are opposed to bilingual education. Minorities in the Classroom It is estimated that by the turn of the century up to 40 percent of the children in the nation’s classrooms will be

  • Do Lotteries Benefit The Poor?

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    Do Lotteries Benefit the Poor? Lotteries take advantage of the poor in several ways. The lottery entices the poor to waste their money on lottery tickets, rather than everyday necessities, such as food, clothing and shelter. The main way that lottery promoters succeed in attracting the poor is through the persuasive use of advertisements. Other members of anti-lottery groups believe lottery advertisements are deceitful and attract poor people to its promises. Flashy slogans and pictures of large

  • The Benefits of Single Sex Education

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    "John?" "Here." "Melissa?" "Here!" "Susan?" "Here." "Ok class. Now that we have taken role, lets talk about our next reading assignment. We will be reading Holes by Louis Sachar. This book is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats who is falsely accused of steeling a pair of sneakers and is sent to a boy's juvenile detention camp for his punishment. This camp is called Camp Greenlake, which is ironic because there is not a lake in sight and nothing is green. There is a vast desert where everyday

  • Benefits of Sexual Education

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    Benefits of Sexual Education We live in a time of heightened sexual activity. The United States has suffered a great increase in sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancy. One out of every ten teenage girls in the United States between the ages of 15-19 become pregnant. As a result, five of every six pregnancies are unintended. Ninety-two percent of all these “unintended” pregnancies are conceived premaritally. There is such a high rate of teenage pregnancy because of two main

  • Benefits of Using Microsoft Excel

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    Benefits of Using Microsoft Excel Since the beginning of the American school system; educators have tried to improve their teaching techniques in order, to be more effective in the classroom. With the recent technological advances we have benefited from in the past couple of decades; the educational system has greatly improved. For the last ten to fifteen years, the school system has successfully phased in the curriculum frequent computer usage in the classrooms, in order to improve the students

  • Dr. Kevorkian and the Benefits of Euthanasia

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    Everybody at one time or another will inevitably have death knocking at the door. And no it will not be Brad Pitt. Coping with death is a very difficult concept to deal with. Dying comes in one of three ways: homicide, suicide and natural causes. There is no debate with regards to homicide, a person takes the life of another person. Suicide is the taking of one's own life, similarly a paper cannot be written for or against it. Last but not least is death by natural causes. I would not want to write