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  • Quality Of Education

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    Quality of education is directly related to the quality of instruction in the class rooms. The strength of an educational system largely depends upon the quality of teachers. A quality teacher is the central figure for offering the quality education. The teacher has always been considered as a second parent of students. Students are generally influenced by their teachers, because they spend most of their time under the guidance of teachers in schools. For effective teaching learning activities, teacher

  • Teacher Quality in Education

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    Teacher Quality in Education Teacher quality has a major influence on how the students will learn and perceive the information given. As time has gone by, teachers have gone through many things that can help them become better teachers. There are tests in which to certify them and to make sure that they can teach to their best ability. In some cases, even if a teacher is certified they might not be fully interested in their teaching so the students might not be getting the full attention that

  • Importance Of Quality Education

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    The importance of quality education for all institutions is an undervalued commodity that can result in positive effects. The organization that continues to provide the quality of education will result in long-term positive results for all parties involved (Tanase & Velica, 2015, p. 53). This concept benefits a multitude of individuals that include internal and external parties within the organization (p. 53). The benefits to the organization include internally as students and external such as

  • Quality Education Endangered

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    Quality Education Endangered Education today is leaving students ignorant while overworking them to the point that they have little free time to relax and have fun. Teachers are not teaching their students some of the basic knowledge of the subjects and instead are assigning considerable amounts of homework to the students in an attempt to educate them through repetition. I do believe that homework is necessary to reinforce lessons, but the massive amount we are receiving is going too far, especially

  • The Importance Of Quality Education

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    Actually, quality education for them denotes the “welfare of both students and teachers at home.” Participants went on to define, “quality of education” in terms of “ physical and mental” [happiness, based on], “quality nutrition, quality sleep, social environment at the family level in general for both teachers and students. They, furthermore, asserted that children come

  • The Quality of Education in America

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    The quality of education in America is a subject that is steadily gaining notice by citizens across the country. Making sure that young children have equal opportunities to achieve in the academic world is extremely important if we desire to sculpt a successful and lucrative nation. In her essay entitled “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work”, author Jean Anyon ethnographically studies a handful of American schools and argues that there are vast class-oriented differences between these

  • Quality Assurance in Distance Education

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    Starting in the early 1980’s, quality has become a key theme in education. The reasons are not hard to find. Higher education is witnessing rapid changes like shift from elite system to ‘massification’, more diverse learner groups joining higher education, importance of education and training in the new knowledge society, emergence of private providers, growing internationalization of education, shrinking public investment and a general perception that educational institutions are far from successful

  • The Importance Of Quality Education In Philippine Education

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    The attainment of quality education is the goal not only of the Department of Education top management but also of the school managers, the teachers and the parents as well. Education stakeholders, particularly teachers, have become critical about quality outcome of education and have continuously demanded for educational reforms. According to Trowbridge (2012), there is change in almost all fields of endeavor and in education particularly science education at the secondary level. For this matter

  • My Quality Education

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    My Quality Education For years I've heard that in order to succeed one has to receive a quality education. It's kind of funny though, with all the talk about the need for this great quality education nobody ever says exactly what it is. While examining this strange phenomenon I've discovered the basic universal elements of a "quality education". I've also learned that everyone has different standards by which they judge what is and what isn't a quality education, different groups are treated differently

  • The Quality Of Education In Indonesia

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    The private school has essential contribution in providing education and fulfill of community education demand that public school cannot met, especially in rural and remote area. Even in fact the rural or remote area has the quality of education that is lower than public school, where it is the inverse of elite private school in the urban area (Tobias 2014). 3.1 Education policy in Indonesia The policy to improve the quality of education is carried out by reforming the curriculum, from teacher-learning-centered

  • Quality Of Education In Waiting For Superman

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    America is the only remaining superpower in the world, but its quality of education is not as well as its military strength. Education is one of the key building blocks to start a career . The public school system in most states are not providing enough tools for a student to succeed in life. There are more dropouts in this country, and many of those dropouts lead to crime, and get arrested for it. A person more likely to get incarcerated if he is not educated appropriately or if he is educated

  • The Quality of Education in America

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    to a basic education, regardless of race, gender, or income; all Americans could have at least a high school diploma. Although this is wonderful, the quality of the education people receive in the United States does not reach its full potential. With the resources available, the American education system should be better. Historically, the American education system has problems. When education first began, topics, such as what defines public education; who is eligible to receive education; and how

  • Pros And Cons Of Quality Education

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    as quality education, was initiated in China in 1993 when it was included in The Compendium of China’s Educational Reform and Development. Quality education advocates that the primary and secondary education in China shift their focus from exam-oriented curricula to whole-person cultivation, maintaining and inspiring students’ passion for learning, keeping students engaged in the leaning process, and fostering in them creative and independent thinking skills. This concept of quality education was

  • Quality Management Systems and Vocational Education Assessment

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    Quality Management Systems and Vocational Education Assessment Quality management systems such as Total Quality Management (TQM), Quality Control (QC), and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9000 focus on the continuous improvement of products and services, customer satisfaction, and participatory manage-ment. Although much has been written about quality management systems and their application in business, industry, and (more recently) education, little connection has been

  • The Importance Of The Quality Of Public Education

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    with in country, but education seems to get to the bottom of the list. We tend to focus more on helping others outside of the country than focusing on our own problems. One big issue that needs to be addressed is the poor quality of the public school system from K-12. The government needs to step in and put in more resources into education than to wars that have no win/win outcomes. The US has enough financial and other resources to improve the quality of public education. Our taxes pay for the

  • Equity And Equitable Quality Education

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    one of the development agendas beyond 2015 clearly, “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” (UN, 2014, p.6). The spotlight of “equitable access” and “equitable quality education”, on the one hand, has justified “equity” as a prerequisite for good quality education. On the other hand, it has drawn policymakers’ attention to the theme of “equity” in education. This can be seen in the case of China. The term “equity” embodies a multitude of

  • Tanzania's Access To Quality Education In Tanzania

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    Access to Quality Education For a long time Tanzania has viewed education as one of the major drivers of social and economic development. Education is one of the tools for building human capabilities and helps people realize the opportunity. It helps them to progress in ethics, customs of the society, and empower them for self-reliance (Nyerere, 1967; URoT, 1995; Sitta, 2007). Education plays a major role in poverty reduction (Wedgwood, 2007; Mtey & Sulle, 2013). It helps to empower people and

  • Affordable, Quality Education for Developing Countries

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    affordable, quality education in developing nations today. Though there have been increases in global school enrollment over the last decade, there are still 115 million children not attending school in the third world. Of the children who start school, 150 million do not complete four years (Center for Gloval Development, 2004). For a nation to be successful, it must have a healthy, educated, and productive populace. Fundamental education skills form the basis for future learning, and education is an

  • Quality and Effectiveness of Hybrid Education

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    Online education, while offering clear advantages such as supporting a self-paced learning experience by allowing learning on an on-demand basis rather than a strict class schedule, also has significant drawbacks. Students in an online only course may struggle with structure and content without hands-on instruction, which can help motivate students who otherwise may be distracted or have difficulty working independently. The traditional structure of classroom education is effective, but also comes

  • Lack Of Teachers Affect Education Quality

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    amount of teachers in the U.S. creates the debate of whether or not students are receiving a quality education. “‘It’s a crisis’ says Bill McDiarmed, dean of the University of North Carolina School of Education. ‘I don’t know who will be teaching kids in the future’” (DeNisco 1). Oklahoma has a plethora of teacher shortage areas, which could be part of the reason why Oklahoma is ranked 48th in National Education (Robson 1). Shortage areas in the sooner state range a large variety of subjects for the