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  • Ecuador

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    Ecuador is located in South America, on the Equator it also extends out to sea to the Galapagos Islands. The people of Ecuador speak Spanish, Quechua, and now English is starting to be part of the curriculum for students. Ecuador is the home to all my family, and possible the retirement place for my parents. This is all possible since Ecuador branched out of the Gran Colombia. Going even further into the past Ecuador did not just have one start on being what/where they are now. The history of Ecuador

  • Ecuador

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    Ecuador I picked this country because when we saw the video on Ecuador it made me want to learn more about the country. Ecuador has a population approximately 10,500,000 and is a little bit smaller than Nevada. 85% of the people aged 15 or older are literate. The Galapagos Islands are also part of Ecuador and the total population is about 10,000 people. Guayaquil is the most densely populated city which has a population of 1,800,000. The 2nd most densely populated city is Quito, the country's

  • Ecuador

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    Ecuador is one of the smallest countries of South America. It lies on the West Coast of the continent between Colombia and Peru. The equator crosses Ecuador and gives the country its name. Ecuador is the Spanish word for equator. The Andes Mountains rise through much of central Ecuador. About half the people live in the valleys and on the plateaus of the Andes. Quito, Ecuador's capital, lies more than 9,000 feet (2,700 meters) above sea level on an Andean plateau. A flat, partly forested, tropical

  • imperialism in Ecuador

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    ECUADOR Before becoming Ecuador in 1830 it was known as the Vice royalty of Granada. Western imperialism and exploration led Spain to inhabit this Gold mine. Thesis: Slide 1 The year 1492 brought about many changes in the Old World that forever altered the way we understand and perceive the New World. Imperialism and Colonialism soared to new heights and brought two completely different worlds into a crash course forever entwining cultures, laws, religion, and customs in North and South America

  • Clusters and ecuador

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    3.3 Clusters in Ecuador The business structure of Ecuador is composed mostly of micro, small and medium sized enterprises (see Figure 3.1), and so the creation of competitive advantage, unlike the large firms, is limited by the lack of economic and technological capacity. In this context SMEs depend on the close relationship with their immediate environment, i.e. its articulation with other companies and institutions with which they can create productive and competitive synergies. Figure 3.1:Business

  • Ecuador Rights

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    practice, and learned, through a Frontline episode that the practice is widespread, and often leads to death for the young boys. I began to look into other human rights abuses in the world, and discovered another heart-breaking and alarming issue in Ecuador, where women and young girls are being denied their right to have an abortion, even after being raped. Ecuadorian women are suffering from unfair and unjust restrictions that are being forced upon them, and it’s time that it stops. According to Article

  • Ecuador And Democracy

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    Ecuador and Democracy Briefly, democracy is a matter of degree and quality. Confusion often arises in discussion about democracy. This stems from the different premises people have in mind when they use the term. In my opinion, most people fail to specify their underlying premises, and we often incorporate into our sense of democracy disparate factors that may or may not relate to it. To avoid such confusion, we must identify the key ideas central to democracy and clarify precisely how the term

  • Geography of Ecuador

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    Ecuador is one of the smaller Andean countries in South America. It is located on the west coast on the equator. The total area of Ecuador is roughly 280,000 square kilometers, and that also includes the Galapagos Islands. Even though Ecuador is small it has four distinct and contrasting regions. The Costa, or coastal plain, grows so many bananas so it’s the world’s most exported fruit. The Sierra, or Andean highlands, offers productive farmland. Oil from the Oriente, jungles east of the Andes, improves

  • Clusters in Ecuador

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    Companies that born near clusters are most likely to survive that the others created outside them. These new companies will fill the blanks that other companies have. Moreover, it is possible to reproduce the yields in other Latin American countries in Ecuador, the existing potential clusters are able to achieve all the benefits of the conglomeration and foster the country development. Nevertheless, it requires all the actors to work in a systemic way, approaching the Micro, Meso, Macro and Meta levels

  • Ecuador Grapes and Wine

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    The agriculture in Ecuador is varied. There are four regions that exist, which are the Pacific Coast, the Andes and Central Highlands, the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands. Each region has different climates that mean diverse types of plant growing there. The grape cultivation is an activity, that has been done for hundreds of year around the world. Its cultivation started in Egypt and then extended around Europe in countries like Spain, Italy and Portugal. Traditional producers and exporters are