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  • Economy

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    Believe it or not, but, your everyday life is effected by the economy. I’m sure each person goes to the mall, and to the shoe store. Well, let’s say you just heard about these awesome sneakers, and almost everyone you know wants a pair. You go into the shoe store to find them, and they are all sold out! You have just been affected by the SUPPLY of a product. The more people want something, they higher the price will be. Then, you figure you will wait for a while, until the price of those sneakers

  • The Sharing Economy: The Sharing Economy

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    The sharing economy is an innovation of the traditional socioeconomic and cultural business model . It is revolutionizing consumer and company trends, shifting the frontier between public and private sectors . This concept can be generally defined as the practice of sharing the use, or purchase, of assets . This is an existing concept to achieve mutual benefits in business collaboration . Moreover, this concept has recently been further developed and adapted due to its increasing relevance to the

  • War Economy

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    War Economy The 20-year old Afghan conflict has created an open war economy, affecting Afghanistan and surrounding areas. Not only has Afghanistan become the world’s largest opium producer and a center for arms dealing, but it supports a multi-billion dollar trade in goods smuggled from Dubai to Pakistan. This criminalized economy funds both the Taliban and their adversaries. It has transformed social relations and weakened states and legal economies throughout the region. Sustainable peace will

  • Underground Economy

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    Underground Economy The author of the article describe the illicit CD market that is taking place in Ukraine. He explains that 95% of the CDs shipped out the Ukraine are illicit, the producers of those CDs are not just burning low quality CDs, they are even producing their own polycarbonate discs with their own logos as a mark of quality. The International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI), which is actively looking for pirates that counterfeit CDs, seems to be desperate regarding fighting

  • The Creative Economy: An Analysis Of The Creative Economy

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    The creative economy is deeply rooted in national economies. By producing economic and employment benefits in related services and manufacturing sectors, it promotes economic diversification, revenues, trade and innovation. It also helps to revive declining urban areas, to open up and develop remote rural areas. In a number of countries the creative economy has been growing faster than the rest of the economy. There are a number of different approaches and classifications to define the creative sector

  • Economy Of Russia

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    pillars of economic restructuring called perestroika. The major goals of perestrioka were to make Soviet enterprises more self-governing and to give them more freedom, while at the same time, more responsibility for their performance. In the planned economy before perestroika, all enterprises were totally dependent on central planners, who determined where to buy materials, what to produce, and where to sell it. This system encouraged inefficiency, because the companies did not have to compete with any

  • The Evolution of Economy

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    When we think of the economy, we usual envision money, images of graphs, and old white men in suits. In reality economics simply refers to how we manage our resources. Economics has therefore always been a part of every day life. Throughout history humans have used economics to facilitate their well being. Economies evolved to suit the needs of the societies they served. Until very recently the evolution of economics was slow, little changed for tens of thousand of years. The economic system we

  • The Modern Economy: The Globalization Of The Modern Economy

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    The globalisation of the modern economy is a fact. By some considered as the solution to all the problems, by other known as the evil. What characterizes the process which awakes so strong and extreme excitement? If this what is happening around is globalisation, its presumptions or maybe the effects? Depending on the discipline of science represented by investigators dealing with globalisation we can see an interpretation which gives to globalisation an economical, sociological, political cultural

  • Political Economy

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    The UK economy has undergone structural, financial, and political change over the last thirty years. Different ideologies and policies have served to shape the relationship between government and economy in varying directions. Some elements, such as state intervention, have remained as a point of debate. Other factors, like globalization, have just recently developed. The policy of UK governments as a whole has been shaped quite heavily by major economic events during this period, and the legacy

  • Economy of Singapore

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    Introduction In this essay we look in-depth on how government strategies and economic policy play a crucial role in the success of High Performance Asian Economies (HPAEs) during 1960 to 1990 (World Bank 1993).There are eight countries within HPAEs: South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan. Its economic development has significantly rise that it was name ‘East Asia Miracle’ (World Bank, 1993). Out of the eight country, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South