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  • Japan's Economic Problems

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    to successfully enact an economic system wholly different than that of the United States and because of it Japan experienced incredibly rapid growth over a period of roughly 30 years. During that period of financial power, exports were booming, the standard of living was rising, and technology was thriving. This period of growth however, did not last; in the late 1980s the bubble burst. In 1991 and again in 1997, Japan’s stock index, the Nikkei, plummeted causing economic growth to come to an abrupt

  • Economic Problems in Pakistan

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    kind of problems, militarily, politically, economically etc. These problems sum up and hinder the development. Pakistan has an inflation rate of 11% which is really high and it prevents it from becoming a first world country. Furthermore, the unemployment rate is about 7%, that is higher than average. According to, Pakistan’s economy is ranked 126 in the world. The major problem in Pakistan is not the drone attacks or the constant conflict with India, but it is the economic hitches within

  • Economic Incimality: The Problem Of Economic Inequality

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    Economic Inequality is an issue one has been fighting against for some time now. It comes from the conflict theory, which states that there are finite resources, which creates competition. Those who are known as the have not are the lower class the ones who don’t have the resources. In class we looked at inequality as a bell curve starting with the have not lower class, the middle class, and the upper class. In the bell curve explanation it describes how the upper class wants to maintain power

  • The Economic Problem of Population Ageing

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    In the contemporary world, the economic problem of population ageing caused is revealing gradually. UNESCO provides a standard that a single country or region in the population over 60 years is more than 10% of the total population, which is into the aging of the population. Both of developed and developing countries in recent years have to face more serious aging impacts for economic progress. According to population prospects (2009), the whole world will accelerate the pace of ageing after 2010

  • Canada Economic Problems and Policies

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    Canada Economic Problems/Policies Answer 1) Hydro Electric Power Generation of Ontario was established in 1906 in Ontario, Canada. It was a public owned electric utility which was established with the purpose of working with private companies already working at niagara Falls and builiding transmission lines to supply municipal utilities with electricity generated by the private companies. Answer 2) Canada National Railway was founded in the year 1918 by the Canadian Government. The railway

  • Resource Allocation: An Economic Problem

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    Resource Allocation: An Economic Problem Selected Issue and Background The issue, which I have chosen to investigate, is the allocation of resources, which are primarily money, by a local authority, namely the City of Westminster Council. The reason why this allocation of resources has become an economic problem is because money is a finite resource, so therefore there is scarcity and the council have to make choices as to how to allocate the resources they have been given. This type of resource

  • A Cultural Problem, an Economic Crisis

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    come to pass was the result of the new culture of neo-liberalism and the hyper-individuality and debt-based consumption that it brought with it. What’s worse is that, without an admission of this new culture, or any effort to change it, our current economic system will be regularly plagued with such crises from here on into the future. Before any efforts can be made towards a cultural shift however, we must first understand, at least briefly, the current socio-political ideas that are creating such

  • Causes Of Economic Problems In Jamaica

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    estates. In order to meet the increasing labor demand, the British brought enslaved Africans into Jamaica. However, due to frequent slave rebellions and other humanitarian efforts, slavery was abolished in 1808, at which time Jamaica began facing economic difficulty. This difficulty can be attributed to factors such as new owners running the sugar plantations, a severe drought which ruined most of the crops, and the American Civil War limiting the island’s receipt of supplies. ("The History Of Jamaica")

  • Economic Problems in Germany and Nazi Success

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    1920's because this period of time, being prior to the economic crisis, the Weimar Government was doing fairly well under the leadership of Stresemann and Germany's future looked hopeful for a while. But when the economy took a turn for the worse, Germany was desperate, therefore many Germans felt that it was the right time to vote for a different party. The Nazis were quick to take advantage of the economic problems that the Weimar Government faced and started to market

  • Political, Economic, and Social Problems in India

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    During the time I have had to think about and research this paper I ask myself what I have seen most in the news about India, the answer is irrevocably about their political, economic, and social situations, everything else is somehow tied into one of the three. I will start out with the political situation. Political Situation India is the world’s largest democracy. As a secular country India has protected the right to freedom of religion in its Constitution, this is important because 82% of the