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  • Obama's Economic Plan

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    Barack Obama has a plan; a big economic plan to fire up business and create jobs. He will, of course, unveil his brainchild after returning from Martha’s Vineyard for a much-needed vacation from campaigning. He thinks that lolling with his liberal high rollers ($50,000 per week rent) and breathing some Atlantic saltwater air should completely clear any proven methods for job creation that might enter his mind. The country has lived with this President’s incompetence and anti-growth policies for

  • Economics Plan for a Business

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    Economics Plan for a Business ROUND 1 I decided to produce seven (7) units based on the initial guidance of requiring less than 20 units being produced. The guidance also stated that in past production cycles I produced between 1-10 units. The next factor was the Market Research and the composition of a total of six companies that manufacture the same product. This led me to determine that the market demand forecast would be between $50K and $100K per unit considering all six companies

  • Economic Recovery Plan

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    Williamson County, you most likely have some money. I have seen firsthand how people are tricked into “Keeping up with the Jones’”, and it is causing America as a whole to suffer financially. I think we can all agree that the majority of our current economic problems are based on faulty loans. Greed and irresponsibility are killing the market economy that we currently enjoy. My belief: that all things financial are linked and are directly related to the other sectors’ success and demise. My solution:

  • The Australian Government’s Implementation of the Economic Stimulus Plan

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    Inflation can be described as the sustained increase in the general level of prices over a given period of time, usually one year. Inflation can have negative effects on many of the key economic outcomes such as economic growth, exports, international competitiveness and income inequality. Inflation is measured in Australia by the Consumer Price Index (CPI); the CPI outlines the movement in the prices of a basket of goods and services that are weighted according to their importance for the average

  • President Clinton's New Directions Economic Plan

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    President Clinton's “New Directions” Economic Plan In 1992, America was under economic distress and uncertainty as a country. America had experienced high unemployment, big deficits, high interest rates, low productivity gains and falling real wages for average Americans. After twelve years of national drift and economic decline, President Clinton charted a path to growth with the “New Directions” economic plan designed to create jobs, boost incomes, move our economy from consumption to investment

  • Obama vs. Romney: A Tale of Two Economic Plans

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    presidential candidates who both differ greatly on their economic stances on several issues such as military, foreign policy, healthcare, and the nation’s budget and taxes. Each presidential candidate has their own reasoning and beliefs for why their economic policy is correct and why theirs is going to benefit our great nation’s economy the best. Even though Barack Obama won the 2012 presidential election, there are still many who believe his economic plan is not to our nations benefit, with Romney’s potentially

  • The Significance of the Four Year Plan in Terms of Understanding Nazi Economic Structure

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    of the Four Year Plan in Terms of Understanding Nazi Economic Structure Before Hitler and his economic policy, Germany had just suffered from the collapse of world trade as a result of the Wall Street Crash in 1929. Germany had already been facing low economic status and this only contributed to its problems such as unemployment, poverty and homelessness. To tackle these problems Hitler placed Hjalmar Schacht in the position Minister of Economics in 1935. Hjalmar Schacht

  • Benefits Of The Marshall Plan

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    The European Recovery Program, or the Marshall Plan as it is more commonly known, was vital in sparking economic recovery in Europe between 1948 and 1951. Through this plan, over $13 billion was used to finance said economic recovery which would further restore Europe’s confidence in terms of its economic future. This American initiative to help Western European countries recover from the detrimental effects of World War II, aided in rebuilding devastated regions, get rid of trade barriers, make

  • Adenauer and Post-War Germany

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    courses of action have emerged – the Marshall Plan and the Morgenthau Plan. Both employ highly contrasting objectives – the Marshall Plan outlined a set of goals allowing West Germany to resurrect its industrial power, while the Morgenthau Plan sought to disable any German war effort from ever emerging in the future by implementing de-industrializing measures towards reversion to an agricultural economy. Whereas both the Marshall Plan and the Morgenthau Plan sought for the complete denazification of

  • Peron's Economic Goals

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    Plan of the Investigation The investigation addresses the following question: To what extent was Juan Domingo Perón successful in achieving his economic aims? Perón’s major economic goals included economic independence for Argentina, an increase in employment and growth in industry, and a decrease in the gap between the wealthy and poor. In order to assess the extent to which he fulfilled these economic goals, the investigation will examine his short- and long- term effects of his industrial reforms