Boeing Management Planning

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This paper will discuss the management planning of Boeing. Boeing, being a leading distributors of aircrafts, satellites and missiles, I will evaluate and analyze the impact of legal issues, ethics and social responsibility in which they carry. I will show how these factors may influence their strategic, tactical and contingency planning.


Boeing Management Planning

Boeing is one of the major aerospace and defense contractors in the United States. Boeing was founded by William E. Boeing over 90 years ago and has dominated the industry of aerospace for many years. As the largest export in the United States, Boeing is a listed component of Dow Jones Industrial Average. With a history extending over a very long time, Boeing has seen the errors of their ways in growth and opportunity. Legal issues, ethics and social responsibility have been part of their various learning experience. Planning is an essential element of any business model, and is a constant center of attention for Boeing. Facing the vigorous demands quality aircraft, comfort, product demands, and raging technology advances, Boeing’s management teams have their hands full. While Boeing challenges are not only the need of new innovations, they must stay ahead of their main competitor Airbus, whom has historically been on an upward growth stance. Management at Boeing, through phenomenal strategic, tactical and contingency planning has continued to dominate the industry in aerospace.

Legal Issues

Every major corporation who has withstood the test of time has incurred some form of legal issues. Boeing is no exception to this rule. Currently, Boeing is undergoing a strike dealing with their mechanics who are pursing extended work guarantee contracts...

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...n for success which ranges over 90 years. They have learned viable lessons in ethics, legal issues and social responsibility. These lessons have carried them to new heights and they continue to soar. The development of a multitude of strategic plans, tactical plans and contingency plans have allowed them to face the odds, remove challenges and escalate in the areas of potential.


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