Economic Impact

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  • Impact Of Economic Impacts Of Events

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    will demonstrate economic and socio-cultural impacts of events and following this there will be some examples of certain events supporting the range of the impacts. All events have impacts. (Hall, 1997) „Impacts are immensely important because they relate to issues of sustainability and accountability.“ (Bowdin, 2010: 114) Those impacts may be positive and beneficial, which is usually the main point of doing an event. Some of them are being more evident than others. Positive impacts, such as strengthening

  • Economic Impact Of Economic Inequality On Economic And Economic Development

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    Impact of Economic Inequality Economic Inequality undermines the productivity and morale of working people, and limit the number of people who could participate in the market and thus a country deprives itself of the contributions the lower section of its society could make to its economic development. Inequality of incomes leads to some other very serious economic and social consequences: (i) Class-conflict & Political Abuse: It has created two sections in society—the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-not’s—which

  • Economic Impact Of Mercantilism

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    Mercantilism is essentially economic nationalism, with a goal of economic prosperity. It controlled Western European thought between the 16th and 18th centuries, with economic powers like Britain, France and the Dutch Republic adopting mercantile policies to restrict imports and maximise exports. This was thought to be the foremost way to achieve a positive balance of trade, resulting in the amassing of gold and silver. Although mercantile policies were thought to bring wealth in the form of precious

  • Impact Of Economics On Business

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    order to understand the effect on economics on the business, it is important to understand its definition. Economics is ‘the social science that studies the choices that individuals, businesses, governments and entire societies make as the cope with scarcity, the incentives that influence those choices, and the arrangements that coordinate them (Sullivan, 2011).’ This paper will discuss the impact of product liabilities on the business. Because economics impacts our daily lives, it is important to

  • Economic Impact Of Macroeconomics

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    1. Introduction 1.1 Background of the Study The impact of finance companies in an economy includes the areas of both micro economics and macroeconomics. This is because the finance company benefits firms and individuals as well as the entire economy. Microeconomics is generally the study of individuals and business decisions and macroeconomics looks at higher up country and government decisions. Macroeconomics and microeconomics, and their wide array of underlying concepts, have been the subject

  • Economic Impact of Telehealth

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    Economic Impact The economic impact of telehealth is a critical factor to examine when looking at the feasibility of incorporating such technologies into practice. Exploration of economics is also essential as it has been posited that telehealth has the potential to deliver care to individuals that is cost saving in nature (Wade, Karnon, Elshaug, & Hiller, 2010). Furthermore, the estimated expenditure on telehealth services and technology is expected to reach into the billions of dollars (Berger

  • The Economic Impacts of Obamacare

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    a look at the current/past system, and identify some of the main reasons for the proposed changed, next we will look into the specifics of the Affordable Care Act and how the government plans on financing the new project, then we will analyze the economic effects of the act, both long and short term, and finally we will assess how the new act will affect the people and companies in the United States. II. The Past System After his inauguration in 2009, President Barack Obama vowed that one of the

  • Economic Impact Of Bitcoin

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    making the shortage of the amount of Bitcoin. The impact of Bitcoin on the economy will be discussed from the following three aspects. First, the impact of material money market. Compared with the material money, Bitcoin does not distinguish between different currencies, and there are no exchange currency costs or be affected by exchange rate fluctuations. Also, the Bitcoin trades circulation in the global, for the international trade and economic development has brought great convenience. Bitcoin

  • Economic Impact Of Logistics

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    an important impact on and a relationship to the overall economy (the macro level), and inventories are not the only relevant economic factor. Second, important interaction occurs between micro-level and macro-level economic activities. This section examines some macroeconomic data showing the importance of logistics in the economy and also, demonstrates the impact of improved logistics and transportation systems. 1. Value-Added Role of Logistics. The four principal types of economic utility that

  • Economic Impact Of Tourism

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    tourists spent in the visit to the destination. According to the statistics by Batir Mirbabyer (1991), tourism provided almost 10% of the world’s income and employed almost one tenth of the world’s workforce. Thus, tourism offers a good potential economic impact to the national economy. Refer on Berita Harian (2013), Malaysia triggered a record of arrivals tourists was 15.9%. It is over 6.4 million tourists in the first year of 2013 come to Malaysia. This statistic clearly show that tourism industry in