Argumentative Essay On Immigration

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The largest immigrant population in the world has been known to seek plenty of refuge, here in the United States. Although America is only the third most populated country in the world, we are known to be the “most populated” simply because of the growing amount of immigrants that come yearly. The immigration policy that is maintained here in the United States has always been a very argumentative topic. There is plenty to say on the mere and obvious differences in cultural lifestyles and issues, however it is arguable to say that the effects of the economy and immigration are quite easy to understand. Through analyzation of an economic perspective, there has been little to no support that is behind the notion that arrivals of immigrants and their labor practices have had a deliberate and harsh impact on the jobs that are available for Americans. My argument, along with further economic theory predictions and academic…show more content…
Although immigration leads to an increase in the supply of labor, they are also using a large amount of their income money on things such as food supply, electronics houses and other goods and services, which in turn is expanding national economic demand. This increase is actually generating more job opportunities to do things like build more homes, increase the food supply industry, and send out all of those electronics. Typical economical theory suggests that wages can be restored when there is a higher supply in labor from immigrants that can primarily lower wages and over time firms increase their investment in order to reestablish the capital amount per worker. This continually slow growth in the capital-labor ratio keeps their wages from declining overtime and for the future and also helps to prevent workers’ average productivity and labor supply from doing the same
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