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  • Drunk Driving

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    before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. One of the main problems is over compensation of driving ability once the alcohol has been ingested another major problem is minors driving under the influence. The main reason this topic means so much to me is because one of my friends was killed in a drunken driving accident during my junior year of high school. Since the accident, my views on drunk driving and alcohol in general have decreased due to all the problems that come from it. Oklahoma has

  • Essay On Drunk Driving

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    crash? If so, did you wonder if drunk driving caused it? In Virginia alone, 27%of fatalities are from drunk driving crashes. In 1982, Ronald Reagan said that drunk driving is now America’s greatest problem. Therefore, to reduce further accidents, and prevent future fatalities or injuries, drunk drivers should be imprisoned for the first offense. Everybody makes mistakes. Going to jail may be too harsh for the first offense, but accidents caused by drunk driving, including first offense drivers

  • Preventing Drunk Driving

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    alcohol-related driving accidents, although they make up only 14% of the U.S. population. On any given weekend evening, one in 10 drivers on America's roads has been drinking and according to the latest statistics, in a family of five the prospect of you or someone in your family being involved in an alcohol-related motor vehicle accident in their lifetime, is an astounding 200 percent. That's a lot of tragic, meaningless deaths that could actually have been avoided. Drunk driving is a serious problem

  • Drunk Driving is Not a Serious Offense

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    Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) has become an issue of national concern, a both state and federal levels (2Githens and Sloan 403). Hearty fines, jail time and a revoking of the convict’s license follow most DUI offenses. DUI penalties need to be decreased and cause of conviction needs to be addressed, because people who are not criminals are going to jail, and enduring insurance fees even though these punishments have been shown to not decrease drinking and driving. Officers are given

  • Drunk Driving

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    other driver was drunk and had swerved into your lane at the last second and was going the wrong way. You tried to get out of the way but it was too late, he had killed your best friend, due to his foolishness. Almost 300,000 drunk driving accidents occur in one day. 112 million adults have driven under the influence of alcohol. Many people are killed while being a part of a drunk driving accident, a lot of them were children. In the year 2011 226 children were killed in a drunk driving accident, 54%

  • The Pros And Cons Of Drunk Driving

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    related if any driver, pedestrian or passenger involved has any trace of alcohol or there is suspicion of alcohol usage. As the cases of drunk driving quickly increase over a period of time as one of the fast developing public problem, more definite and stricter regulations should be emphasized on books and in the academic world to control such recurring drunk driving offenses. “The costs associated with a DUI conviction vary from state to state, but they almost always run into the thousands of dollars

  • Drunk Driving And Driving

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    face as I ran out of bed calling for my cousin and my brother telling them to get ready, not being able to comprehend what was happening everything was a blur, it still is. My uncle 62 years of age was driving downtown around 11:30 am on Thursday October 6th, and got hit on the drivers side by a drunk driver who ran a red light. Our family decided not to tell us about it till the next morning when they knew for sure what was happening. One thing about my family is that there’s a lot of us and we’re

  • Drunk Driving

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    at least one wreck. After a long day, we were driving home. Exhausted, I had just dozed off on my mom’s shoulder when out of nowhere on Highway 83, we swerved off the road to avoid getting hit head-on by a drunk driver. Sliding every which way through the ditch, we hit a school bus sign only feet away from the guard rail. Thanks to my dad’s retired dirt track racing skills and someone watching over us, everyone in that car is alive today. Driving under the influence is extremely dangerous. Folks

  • Drunk Driving

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    Drunk driving is a problem that we hear about every day and it is something that effects everyone, but it only becomes real when it affects us directly. What we don’t know is when a problem like drunk driving will become “real” for us. Drunk driving is an issue that has taken a toll on our country and should be stopped. Drunk driving has been an increasing problem for many years. It effects not only the driver but all of society. The good thing is there are many ways the percentage of drunk drivers

  • Drunk driving

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    Drunk-driving Nowadays, drunk driving has become more and more common,as a crime,the law about it becomes much more serious in respond. But why does the crimes become so popular recently? And what are the causes of drunk driving?What could we do to prevent it from getting worse? According to the research the reasons for drunkdrinng are various. It’s necessary for us to get aware of the harm from drunk driving, and try to prevent it from happenning aroud us. The criminals may do not want to break