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The Realities of Drunk Driving Over the last several years the dangers of driving while intoxicated have increased and have become a serious threat to this nation. Although, men are considered the main perpetrators of DUIs recently women, young adults, and even teenagers have been pulled over and arrested for being intoxicated while operating a vehicle. Many groups and organizations have been formed in an attempt to keep drunk drivers off the roads. Laws have been passed and are constantly changing in an attempt to cut down the number of DUIs and deaths. With new technology in production and automakers adding more safety features to their cars the war against drunken driving is still going on. Therefore, as a result of the increase due to drinking and driving, it is essential that tougher laws are enacted. In today’s world a DUIs can be classified as being under the influence on many different substances. The main and most deadly substance is actually the most legal. With more and more people dying every day this nation needs to open its eyes on the dangers of drunken driving and begin taking major steps to help prevent this awful trend come to a stop. Drunk driving is when a person consumes alcohol and tries to operate their vehicle while ossified. Today the legal limit is 0.08, but many people believed that it should be lowered or unacceptable to consume any alcohol while operating motor vehicles. Studies from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that 40% of traffic deaths in United States were a result of DUIs. Many suggestions were made to avoid the change of the legal BAC level such as decreasing the amount of underage drinkers, writing more laws to keep heavy drinkers off the road, or adding... ... middle of paper ... ...orried about the dangers of DUIs there aren’t many solutions left. Unless the government acts now the amount of deaths due to this tragedy can increase as the years go on. Fortunately, there are numerous laws that can be passed to help this nation cut down on the overall number of DUIs. For example, if the legal limit were to be lowered to a no exception rule making it a 0.01 the drivers that normally drink and drive would realize the seriousness about this epidemic. Another solution would be to make every automaker put a Breathalyzer in each car making it unable to start unless the driver was cleared. This world needs to take all of these horrific facts into consideration and start making a change. The number of lives that could have been saved is unbearable. As a nation the government needs to pass the zero tolerance law and stricter laws must be enacted.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the dangers of driving while intoxicated have increased over the last several years and calls for tougher laws to be enacted.
  • Opines that stricter laws must be enacted to cut down the dangers of drunken driving.
  • Opines that the public needs to become more aware about the threat of driving under the influence especially during the holiday season.
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