Drought Essays

  • Drought In Drought In Somalia

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    Introduction Somalia has been in drought for many years. A drought is basically a lengthy period of time with little or no rainfall this leads to a shortage of water in the country. This can have a huge impact on the people and the economy. They are many possible changes that can lead to droughts for example, climate change, population growth, uneven distribution of water resources, urbanisation and many more. I am going to mainly focus on how the drought in Somalia affects the people. Review of

  • Effects on Drought

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    Effects on Drought Drought has long been recognized as one of the most insidious causes of human misery. It has today the unfortunate distinction of being the natural disaster that annually claims the most victims. Its ability to cause widespread misery is actually increasing. While generally associated with semiarid climates, drought can occur in areas that normally enjoy adequate rainfall and moisture levels. In the broadest sense, any lack of water for the normal needs of agriculture

  • Drought In America

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    The states in the American Southwest have been caught in a consistent drought for years now. The population in these areas, especially California, used to be much lower but the population has rapidly increased in the last fifty years. Freshwater is something that everyone uses daily, and unfortunately, this is becoming a limited resource in the southwest area. Due to the ongoing drought, areas such as California and Palm Springs have ordered water cuts to try and reduce the overall amount of water

  • The California Drought

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    them all, water. When the stress of a drought is causing major problems the people of the area affected, the crops and livestock, and the water sources are all hit the hardest. This essay is going to explain to you the effects on those three things in the event of a severe drought. One resource that thoroughly explains the effects of a drought are websites and these couple of websites were very thorough in their explanation of the causes and effects of droughts. In the article “Killing the Colorado”

  • Natural Hazards and Droughts

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    When people think about droughts they think about the short term effects that are playing roles on the economy, however, many people don’t think of the long term affects that droughts can have on the economy. Droughts are dangerous, they don’t only affect one area or thing but can disable or damage an entire food chain, which in the end can cause serious problems for people all over the U.S. over an extended amount of time. The focal point of this paper will be about the drought of 2012 and how it affected

  • Droughts: California's Unwanted Visitor

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    An Unwanted Visitor Hot summer days and cold wet winters are usually the norm in the golden state. Needless to say the norm can often be changed. As is the case for the periodic droughts that come and devastate California’s peaceful climate. While these droughts are definitely not an unfamiliar event to residents of California, their effects do vary on the majorly agricultural state. When the weather phenomenon does act upon the golden state, it seems California is always on the defensive

  • Causes And Effects Of Drought

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    Drought can cause many problems in life Droughts are real problems for many people in the whole worlds. Drought is a weather related natural disaster where the lack of rainfall for a long period of time usually one season or more at a place where it is considered ‘not normal’ compared to it is usual conditions. Droughts may not be an issue just because there is less or no rainfall. However, it becomes an issue when it begins to affect water supply for irrigation, municipal, industrial, energy

  • Articles on the Topic of Extreme Drought in Africa

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    My topic is the extreme cases of droughts that are occurring throughout Africa. Drought is a local or regional lack of precipitation such that ability to raise crops and feed animals is seriously impaired. Our Environmental Science textbook covers this topic in chapters 9 and 20. Environmental Science is the branch of science concerned with environmental issues. My topic relates to environmental science because in developing countries such as Africa, food, water, clothing, medicine, and many

  • Consequences of the Drought in the Central Valley

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    habitats of animals with forest fires caused from the dry spells occurring. The central valley is going through a drought, so much that around this time of year the central valley usually accumulates enough rain for the necessities in the valley, agriculture for example. This year, however, has been different, the central valley hasn’t received enough water and this has caused a drought in the valley. Water is an important element in this world for not only human life, but for the environment in general

  • Drought Essay

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    Drought Over the past century, the United States has experienced many extreme droughts, all ranging in severity. A drought is defined as the deficiency of precipitation over a period of time which leads to a shortage of water, impacting the community, agriculture, economy, and much more. The intensity of a drought varies depending on the region and its average amount of rainfall. For example, if a region that typically receives rain every day were to go a month without it, they would struggle much

  • The Nature of Droughts in Australia

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    Natural Hazards Droughts in Australia The Nature of Droughts in Australia A drought is a lengthened dry period where there is not a sufficient amount of water for users’ standard requirement. Australia is the driest continent. The main explanation is that our country lies in a region of high atmospheric pressure and an inconsistent rate of rainfall. During a drought, streams and rivers dry up whilst plants and animals die. This is because they lack water and there tends to be less food to eat

  • Water Conservation and the Drought in America

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    natural disaster stands above the rest. This natural disaster is called a drought. Drought, in my opinion, is the worst natural disaster of all. It not only affects us with a dry weather and uncomfortable heat waves, it also affects agriculture, and even drastically change the way we live about (Eliasson, 2011). That is why I, as a fellow inhabitant of Earth, urge people today to conserve water to combat the evils of drought. We, as people, must think of not only how this will affect us. But how

  • Drought In California Essay

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    Drought in California The drought in California has seriously impacted California in a negative way and will continue to impact California negatively if it continues. Drought in California has always played a huge part in California’s geography and without action to help prevent the affects of long lasting droughts California will continue to suffer severe negative effects, which can lead to serious negative impact on the rest of the country as well. Drought has been occurring in California even

  • Drought Crisis: A Threat to California's Economy and Society

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    Freshwater is essential to not only life, but also the economy and society's ability to function properly. As of January 17, 2014, and to this day, California has been in a perpetual state of emergency; the worst drought recorded in the state’s history has forced Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr to take executive action, in order to combat the extraordinary lack of water reserves. If left unregulated, the water shortage could culminate as one of the greatest calamities in California history. Not only

  • drought

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    1. What the characteristics of an ideal drought tolerant crop plant could be? Drought is considered as the most important environmental constraint affecting the plant growth and agricultural productivity worldwide. Climate change models predict drought to become worse. Drought stress could occur when the availability of water for plant is limited and the plant water demands exceed water supply. Many factors could lead to drought conditions, soil dryness, high evaporation, osmotic binding in saline

  • Essay On Climate Change

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    can the physiological development of crops such as causing increased respirations, shorter periods of seed formation and reduced biomass production which all result in hastened maturation and reduced crop yields (Adejuwon, 2004). Global warming and drought have affected the change in the incidence and distribution of pests and pathogens which presents challenges for crop management and animal rearing. Moisture and temperature are important elements of climate which determine the occurrence and localization

  • Ghana Essay

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    Also Ghana taxed every trader who went through Ghana to fund their army. The kings of Ghana ruled from their capital of Kumbi Saleh. The country had a rich cultural tradition that was reflected in religion. The kingdom of Ghana fell because of droughts, attacks, and lack of gold. The salt trade was very important to the people of Ghana. They traded with the Arabs who lived to their north. People of Ghana needed salt because they sweated a lot since the weather was so hot. They needed to eat salt

  • Persuasive Speech On Conserve Water

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    you of the many actions that various organizations are taking to solve this problem. Body: 1. Main Point 1: Overview of the Issue and statistics a. As many of you may know, 2013 has set the record for the driest year in California history and this drought has continued into 2014. b. Obviously, farmers are feeling the effect first hand. Many fields of crops are dry because farmers are being forced to bring in reserve water as a substitute of the runoff they normally take from snowcaps. c. We, as consumers

  • Theology and Weather

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    bad weather is talked about more than good weather. During good weather most people just say, "this is good weather," and leave it at that. The Bible is not quiet on the subject of weather. All through the Bible there are stories of floods, droughts, earthquakes, famines, hail, thunder, lightning, wind, and storms. No matter what you and your neighbor are talking there will be some correlation in the Bible. In the Garden of Eden the weather was ideal or you could even say perfect. Adam

  • Persuasive Essay On Water Conservation

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    Temperatures are at an all time high, the air is moist and sticky, the sky is clear blue and the sun shines bright yellow, burning the skin of Californians in the midst of the worst drought in history. Over the past couple years; California’s water supply has been cut short due to human activity and climate change. The droughts effects are tragic, for there is little rainfall, dried up lakes and farms, endangered fish and a decrease of agriculture growth. The government and many organizations have proposed