Dramatic Devices Essays

  • Dramatic Devices in Othello

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    Dramatic Devices in Othello Many people will argue that soliloquies are outmoded, embarrassing and a thing of the past. They hold this idea because they believe audiences want to see more action rather than talk. However, I disagree and believe that soliloquies are important dramatic devices which are important in making any kind of drama successful. In this essay I will discuss both arguments with reference to the play Othello. Modern day children are brought up into seeing lots of visual

  • Educating Rita

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    Rita Willy Russell’s play “Educating Rita” only uses one main setting and two main characters. Some people may think that these would make the play seem boring. Russell actually makes the play quite interesting and entertaining by using dramatic devices such as the whiskey bottle and the telephone call. He does this to give us as much information as possible about the characters and their personalities. The play, which is set in the early 1980s, deals with the clashes between education

  • Under Milk Wood ? The Voices

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    Under milk wood is a radio play written by Dylan Thomas, it tells the story of a day in the life of a small town called Llareggub. The play is set in the 1950’s, and it has two narrators, called Voice 1 and Voice 2, which act as dramatic devices and move the play along in space and time. The Voices give poetry to the play by giving the listener Thomas’s view of the town. The two voices are Thomas’s opportunity to act as a guide to Llareggub. He uses the Voices throughout the play, the first Voice

  • Compare Romeo And Juliet and Much Ado About Nothing

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    coincidences or did they happen by accident? In both of his dramatic works, the Masque is a key element furthering the infatuation of the lovers. Also the balcony scenes in both plays are crucial because without them the plot could never have reached its denouement. It seems that God came into both of the plays in the spirit of the friars, because they had good plans to keep love together. In both plays, the masque functions as a dramatic device which initiates the love plot. It occurs in a social

  • Dramatic Devices in An Inspector Calls

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    An inspector calls Dramatic Devices An Inspector Calls is a play written by J.B Priestly in 1945 however it is set in 1912. An Inspector calls is a thriller set in England. This was a very difficult time for several reasons. In 1912 it was a time where people were just greedy and selfish. Priestly wrote this play because he was concerned that the world that he and others was living in was a place of disgust and that people could do better. To tender all these wounds in the world Priestly wrote

  • Dramatic Devices in An Inspector Calls

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    In act one J.B Priestly the writer of ‘An Inspector Call’ uses several dramatic devices and ironies to draw in the audience. This story was first performed in 1945 which was at the end of the World War 2, but was set in 1912 before the upsetting disaster of the titanic. These dates are vital as they all link into the message and flow of the story. As in 1945 the World War 2 ended and this was when the labour party got elected as government. Also this is when the welfare states were created which

  • The Ghost Is a Useful Dramatic Device;

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    During the Elizabethan period, a ghost was seen as a common feature in most tragedy plays. Shakespeare's Hamlet is a prime example of the use of a `ghost' to entice fear and apprehension amongst the Elizabethan audience. The ghost can be seen as projecting several functions throughout the play, all of which are vital to the play's ultimate impact. An Elizabethan audience were highly superstitious, held Roman Catholic beliefs of purgatory and were extremely fearful of afterlife and the uncertainty

  • Dramatic Devices in An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley

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    Dramatic Devices in An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley In 1945 J. B Priestly, a playwright and the author of ‘An inspector calls’, a mystery set in 1912, set out to forward his message; Societies need for change. Through his play he uses a number of characters to represent the class structure of 1912, in which he wants the audience to compare their lives of 1945 and after 2 world wars, to before them. Priestly was a strong believer in socialism, a world with no defiant classes and

  • Dramatic Devices in Willy Russell's Shirley Valentine

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    Dramatic Devices in Willy Russell's Shirley Valentine Willy Russell uses many different dramatic devices to explore the issues and themes of the play 'Shirley Valentine'. One of the main themes is change, Russell explores and portrays this issue using several dramatic techniques, particularly flashbacks, stereotypes and contrast. In the opening scenes of the play, Shirley is a stereotypical housewife. Her daily routine is cooking and running after her husband, Joe. Like most of the important

  • Language and Dramatic Devices in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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    Language and Dramatic Devices in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Introduction Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is known as a love tragedy and features many rhymed verses, especially when Romeo and Juliet first speak. The plot is based on a true story, and takes place over three days. The play is about two teenagers, Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, who fall deeply in love but their families are in constant dispute. The play ends in tragedy when Romeo and Juliet give their

  • The Use of Dramatic Devices in An Inspector Calls By J.B Priestly

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    The Use of Dramatic Devices in An Inspector Calls By J.B Priestly In An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestly an inspector is introduced who wants to show and teach the Birling family. He wants to teach the Birlings about being responsible for their actions and that their actions can severe consequences. Priestly's main concern is to make to make the world a better place to live in for everyone. The date 1912 in which the play is set in is important because two years later World War One broke

  • The Dramatic Devices in Our Day Out by Willy Russell

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    The Dramatic Devices in Our Day Out by Willy Russell Willy Russell, the author of ‘Our Day Out’ was a playwright in Liverpool writing at a time when there was a high level of unemployment and a feeling that even with an education there was little work available. In the inner city areas there were low levels of literacy, schools attempted to deal with the disaffected students in special classes. Willy Russell grew up in Liverpool and worked in various jobs there in his adult life, so

  • The Use of Dramatic Devices in An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestly

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    The Use of Dramatic Devices in An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestly An Inspector Calls is a play with a moral. The writer’s main cause of writing the play was to teach the people around him how he thinks the world should act. He does this by using the inspector to express all of his ideas and thoughts through the way in which he teaches the Birlings their mistakes. His main concerns were the idea of responsibility that everybody should look after everybody around and not just concern about

  • Priestley's Use of the Inspector as a Dramatic Device in An Inspector Calls

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    Priestley's Use of the Inspector as a Dramatic Device in An Inspector Calls Priestley uses the inspector as a dramatic device to open up the lives of the Birling family, after the horrible suicide involves a young lady each family in turn have met and caused misery to, and create drama whilst using a wall- building method to break into the characters individually. The Inspector adds mystery to the play as to where he has come from and to what purpose he is there for. The inspector adapts

  • J.B. Priestley's Use of Dramatic Devices in "An Inspector Calls"

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    The playwright J.B.Priestley in “An Inspector Calls” uses many dramatic devices, including dramatic irony and tension in order to convey a powerful political message throughout the play. Priestley promotes the idea of socialism, suggesting a society in which community and responsibility are predominant. This is in contrast with the idea of capitalism, in which “every man is an island” and has to work for himself, with no second thought for other people. Priestley’s presentation of the Inspector as

  • Dramatic Tension in Miller's All My Sons

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    Dramatic Tension in Miller's All My Sons This extract begins with Chris and Ann deciding how they're going to break the news to the Kellers. They start with Joe Keller, and he somewhat approves. The scene is lighthearted until Keller finds out the George is on the phone for Ann from Columbia. This drives is suspicions and gets him very protective. He begins to try and hint to Chris that Ann is here to try and convict him of the death of Larry. Chris then gets very angry with him, and Joe

  • Dramatic Devices in Williams' Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

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    Dramatic Devices in Williams' Cat on a Hot Tin Roof "Williams instinctively understands the loneliness of a human being - his or her constant and desperate attempt that is to escape the reality that is there loneliness and their subsequent failure to do so". Williams portrays this loneliness to an audience through the spatial distances on stage between characters, which is suggested in the stage direction. "Margaret is alone". It is also emphasised through symbolism and the dialogue between

  • Act 5 sc 3 and Act 3 sc 3 in Shakespeare's Coriolanus

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    A tragedy typically deals with the downfall of an important character, in a serious play, via a fatal flaw. The audience would feel upset for the character as his weakness is not his fault and his in his nature. A tragedy has an unhappy ending or ongoing poignant events and during Act 5 sc3 and Act 3 sc3 in Shakespeare?s Coriolanus many of these take place. Coriolanus? weakness is his honesty. As we see later others know how to manipulate this which in turn brings him to his demise. Although he

  • Macbeth Irony

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    MACBETH & DRAMATIC IRONY The story of Macbeth written by the infamous William Shakespeare is an excellent storyline known and taught as a great piece of literature. Even after the creation of this tale almost 400 years ago, this wonderful written work is still admired and known all over the world. It is an adventure of a noble and truthful hero who is overcome by the lust for power and by greed. His aroused hunger for authority and supremacy leads to him losing his path and turning to the way of

  • Dramatic Devices in Act 1 of An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley

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    Dramatic Devices in Act 1 of An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley J.B. Priestley wrote a play in 1940 called “An Inspector Calls” In Act one Mr Priestley uses dramatic devices to convey his concerns and ideas to members of the audience. He also interests and involves the audience in his play. I will be analysing act one of the play to try and understand the dramatic devices that Priestley uses. Although Priestley wrote the play in 1940 the play was set in 1912. In 1912, class was very