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  • Drama Portfolio

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    Drama Portfolio When I entered the stimulus room my initial reactions were that it had been created in a way that it made you think about what was going on within each section of the room. For example none of the objects were straightforward and simple to figure out. A lot of the items were symbolic and had multiple meanings such as the mirror in the past section could mean a change of appearance or reflecting on the past. The room was divided into three different sections, past, present

  • Stand Up, Al AS Drama Portfolio

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    Stand Up, Al AS Drama Portfolio Inspiration, Aims and Techniques I feel the aim of this piece of drama is to entertain the audience whilst at the same time making them think. I want the piece, when finished to leave the audience thinking about parts of it, whilst not understanding it all so they continue to question things about the piece to themselves. Specifically i want them to feel sympathy and a warmth towards our main character Al. This will lead to them enjoy the performance more

  • Drama coursework: response portfolio Scaramouche Jones

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    Drama coursework: response portfolio Scaramouche Jones This year in year 10 G.C.S.E. drama we have been studying Justin Butchers play “Scaramouche Jones”. We read, discussed, developed and preformed certain parts of the play and using some of the explorative strategies of drama we gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of the play text that was explored. Before we began to read the play text we were put into groups of 2 and we were made to perform a one minute piece of a clown show. This

  • Drama Portfolio

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    Drama Portfolio How did the first drama exercise develop your ideas? We first tried a simple drama interview with some prejudice. We thought we could develop it by adding more drama strategies. We also thought that we could increase the prejudice of the interviewer and maybe, instead of him saying his own inner thoughts, he could have a conscience/alter-ego to say it for him. This lead on to the thought that we could make his alter-egos control him and his actions. What were your first

  • Stock Portfolio

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    Stock Portfolio When setting up a stock portfolio there are things one should look into. First off, one should know what is currently happening, not only in the stock market, but in the economy as well. Researching stock indexes such as “The Dow” and the “S&P 500” will give you general stock performance. The Dow Jones Industrial Average only tracks 30 large industrial firms in hopes of getting a sense of where the market is heading. The S&P 500, on the other hand, tracks 500 stocks which may

  • Difference Between Systematic And Unsystematic Risk

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    A single investment is affected by both Systematic and Unsystematic risk but if an investor holds a well-diversified portfolio then only Systematic risk would be relevant. If a single investment becomes part of a well-diversified portfolio the Unsystematic risk can be significantly ignored. • Because of their close relationship, it is difficult to distinguish the effects of Systematic and Total risk. The inclusion of Unsystematic

  • A Feminist Perspective of Fern Leaves from Fanny’s Portfolio

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    A Feminist Perspective of Fern Leaves from Fanny’s Portfolio Judith Fetterly describes the fiction of Fanny Fern as basically conservative due to the seeming resignation to the institution of marriage. She claims that Parton’s work is safe and makes only small challenges to the patriarchal institutions of her day. I do not see this in my reading of "Fern Leaves from Fanny’s Portfolio." I hear the voice of a woman who recognizes the problems with patriarchy and who does not flinch from revealing

  • Peachtree Securities Case

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    consequently a lower standard deviation. 4. a) A portfolio between TECO – Gold Hill’s would yield a expected return of 11.2%, with a standard deviation of 2.9%, and coefficient of variation of 0.26. Compared to TECO, this portfolio yields a lower return because Gold Hill’s expected return is low and that brings the average between the two down. The opposite occurs to Gold Hill’s expected return because TECO’s expected return brings the portfolio return up The correlation between the two investments

  • Overall Basis

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    overall basis, total assets increased from a projected balance of $115MM on January 1, 2002 to $159MM on December 31, 2002. The investment securities portfolio is anticipated to be $19MM as of December 31, 2002. Projected loan volume increase during 2002 is from $92MM to $127MM. Cash and Cash Equivalents Due From Banks – With the loan portfolio increasing by nearly $35MM and total deposits projected to increase by $27MM, a larger cash letter is anticipated. Due From Banks – Int Bearing – These

  • Reflection on My Portfolio

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    Reflection on My Portfolio Literature has fascinated me from an early age. I was always an extremely active child, yet all I needed to settle down was a good book. The worlds created from the page within my mind were wondrous and amazing. However, I never imagined that I would become an English Literature major in college. Like many others before me, I wasn’t sure what you could do with an English major but teach or write, neither of which I planned on doing. A business or management major

  • Portfolio Management

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    Portfolio Management Introduction: Portfolio management is a conglomeration of securities as whole, rather than unrelated individual holdings. Portfolio management stresses the selection of securities for inclusion in the portfolio based on that security’s contribution to the portfolio as a whole. This purposes that there some synergy or some interaction among the securities results in the total portfolio effect being something more than the sum of its parts. When the securities are combined

  • Use of a Portfolio to Assess Students in Math and Science

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    Use of a Portfolio to Assess Students in Math and Science For a young child, going off to school can be an intimidating experience. Thoughts of whether the other children will like them, if they will have enough money to buy an ice cream at lunch, or if they will have homework that night overwhelms their minds. However, a major part of schooling is testing, and many children freeze when they hear that word. Think about yourself in a testing situation then imagine what it is like for a young

  • Portfolio Assessment

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    Portfolio Assessment Perhaps the most prominent form of alternative assessment in use today is the student portfolio. A portfolio can be described as a “purposeful collection of student work that exhibits the student’s efforts, progress, and achievements in one or more areas of the curriculum.” Key elements of the portfolio include evidence of students’ choosing the contents of their own portfolio, specific criteria for the selection and assessment of student work, and clear evidence that the

  • Electronic Portfolio’s

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    Electronic Portfolio’s Electronic portfolios or E-folios for short are becoming essential tools, not only for the technology industry, but also for students, job-seekers, and even employers. E-folio’s are a great way to express literally anything that you want. This is the reason why e-folios are so unique and mainly why they have the ability to be so versatile. But, what exactly is an e-folio, and how is it created? I will go over these questions and why e-folios should be used whenever possible

  • Mathematics: A New Kind of Portfolio Assessment

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    Mathematics: A New Kind of Portfolio Assessment I sat pondering in my classroom as I calculated my grades for my first six weeks of teaching. I began wondering as I looked over grades how accurate these grades were to the ability of my students. I began to wonder how the grades showed the growth from where some of my students started at the beginning of the year. Some of my students started below grade level to begin with and had made tremendous gains to function at the level they were functioning

  • theatre Studies Portfolio.

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    Throughout the year the texts we have studied have provided us with inspiration on the topic and themes of our devised drama. The texts we have studied in Theatre Studies have been Anton Chekov’s “Three Sisters” and Sophocles’ “Antigone”, one of the three Theban plays. The link between these plays is the role of women and could be described as proto-feminist. “Antigone” shows us a woman who is prepared to go against the rule of the city and Creon, whom should be the dominant male in the play. “Three

  • Portfolio Analysis and Investment

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    Portfolio Analysis and Investment This assignment is concerned with your understanding of the key issues relative to portfolio analysis and investment. In completing this assignment you are to limit your scope to the US stock markets only. Use the Cybrary, the Internet, and course resources to write a 2-page essay which you will use with new clients of your financial planning business which addresses the following issues and/or practices: ? How individual investors make investment decisions

  • Revenge in Thomas Kyd's The Spanish Tragedy

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    Representation of Violence." Staging the Renaissance: Reinterpretations of Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama. Edited by David Scott Kastan and Peter Stallybrass. New York: Routledge, 1991. Smith, Molly. "The Theater and the Scaffold: Death as Spectacle in The Spanish Tragedy." Studies in English Literature 32:2 (1992), 217-32. Watson, Robert N. "Tragedy." The Cambridge Companion to English Renaissance Drama. Edited by A. R. Braunmuller and Michael Hattaway. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press

  • Portfolio Theory

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    “The Benefits of diversification are clear. Portfolio theory has played a crucial role in explaining the relationship between risk and return where more than one investment is held. It also enables us to identify optimal and efficient portfolios.” With Reference to this statement, describe, discuss and illustrate the principles of portfolio theory. Your essay should include coverage of the Markowitz Efficient Frontier and the Capital Market Line. Declaration: I confirm that this submission

  • Evaluate The Usefulness Of The Product Lifecycle To A Firm

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    In this essay I will look at the advantages and disadvantages of using a product lifecycle, as well as evaluating the usefulness of such a model to a firm. The Product Lifecycle is a part of the portfolio analysis, in which a firm can analyse the stages in a products life. It is a model used to aid with decision making in a firm, and part of the marketing planning process. The shape and length of the lifecycle varies with the different products, as each one is unique. The different stages are launch