Electronic Portfolio’s

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Electronic Portfolio’s

Electronic portfolios or E-folios for short are becoming essential tools, not only for the technology industry, but also for students, job-seekers, and even employers. E-folio’s are a great way to express literally anything that you want. This is the reason why e-folios are so unique and mainly why they have the ability to be so versatile. But, what exactly is an e-folio, and how is it created? I will go over these questions and why e-folios should be used whenever possible.

Electronic portfolios are selective and purposeful collections of work, designed to showcase knowledge, skills, achievement, and growth over time (Casey). They are made available on the World Wide Web for easy access. These portfolios tend to focus on the creator’s previous work and their own reflections of each piece. The purpose of an e-folio is basically to provide documentation and credibility to the creator’s abilities (Ramey). Electronic portfolios represent a learning history as well as a reference of the creator’s capabilities (Casey).

The first step in creating an e-folio is figuring out what needs to be included (Moody). Although, you can add anything to an e-folio, keep the same theme throughout. For example, you’re not going to want obscene college pictures floating around your e-folio if you are trying to make it apart of your job resume. What is the best way to organize an e-folio? Sandy Boyd of the Instructional Program at the University of Houston says, “There is no single correct answer,” (Boyd). The second step is just that, trying to figure out what type of e-folio creator you are. If you are a job candidate with no prior job experience, then your e-folio should highlight skills learned in college, training received for the particular job, and any internships or co-op experiences (Moody). Also, any communication skills or significant social responsibilities that stand out would be more than relevant for your e-folio (Moody). If you are an experienced job candidate, then your e-folio should emphasize previous job training, performances and experiences (Moody). Any licensures, certifications, as well as, previous job projects should definitely be included (Moody).
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