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  • The Dragon

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    t totally understand. He learned that since birth he had been the subject of great want of both good and evil, and hat his parents had died to protect him. That the emperor knew the legends of him, and that he was to grow up to be the master of a dragon. And that it was his destiny to be a great leader, and bring down the empire. As they approached his log hut they saw smoke. His home was on fire. He saw no sign of his uncle or Brom anywhere. When Saphira had landed Seth jumped from her back, and

  • Dragons

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    Dragons What’s the first thing people think when they hear the word “dragon?” Most Americans and Europeans probably envision a huge scaly green beast, one that sits on a hoard of golden treasures and breathes fire. Asians are more likely to think of a benevolent snake-like creature, one that controls rains and rivers. And some people will think of the dragons in movies, or in books, which come in innumerable shapes, sizes, and dispositions. Practically every culture on Earth has dragons of some

  • The Reluctant Dragon

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    The Reluctant Dragon GRADE LEVEL: This is a relatively short book and would be good for third or forth graders or for someone at an intermediate reading level. This packet will be designed for third graders. SYNOPSIS: The setting of this book takes place in medieval times in a small English village. It's about a boy, his mother and father, a dragon, a dragon slayer, and the people of the village. It all begins when the father of the boy discovers a dragon in a cave in the countryside

  • Beowulf and the Dragon

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    Beowulf and the Dragon Beowulf is a poem about strength and courage. This is illustrated in the eighth section of the story called “Beowulf and the Dragon.” A slave, a hero and a dragon play a big role in this section. The characters are well developed, as is the setup for the conclusion of the poem. In the scene, “Beowulf and the Dragon,” a slave guilty of wrongdoing has to steal to earn his freedom and be forgiven for what he has done wrong. The slave decides to steal a beautiful cup to

  • The Dragon

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    As the menacing dragon head came down to finish the job on the knight, the knight made one last move out of the way but it was too late. The smell of fresh blood filled the air immediately. The news spread like a wild fire. The Knight of Willington was dead, stiff and cold. His name was Darius Biff. He had a son, Will Biff. He was eight when his father died and was as sad as a puppy left alone to die. Will from then on was terrified by the thought of dragons. Their giant wings and long black claws

  • Dragons

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    Dragon Dragons are amazing creatures real or not. Do you know all there is to know about these weird beings? Have you ever wondered what kinds of dragons existed and how they worked? There have been many said sightings of dragons. It’s even said that the Greeks and Sumerians have seen them; they described them as flying serpents. The world dragon came from the Greek word “daconta” which means to watch. That is probably why the Greeks thought dragons watched over treasure and why people tried killing

  • Dragon Slayer

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    Dragon Slayer The musty odor lingered across his nose. "This was it, this was the cave" he whispered under his breath. He knew this would be a challenge. The entrance of the cave was scattered with the bones of many who dared entered. He knew he had to do this even if this was the last thing he ever did. The young knight entered the musty cave with all the silence of a stalking leopard. The cave was a gloomy sight, even in the interior of the cave there were bones of many past knights. This was

  • Becoming The Dragon

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    Becoming the Dragon is an adventure/fantasy novel. It is the first book in The Dragon Inside series (Becoming the Dragon, Wings on My Back, A Cruel Tale, Crown of Horns, Home at Last) written by Russian novelist Alex Sapegin. The main character, Andy Kerimov, is an unusual sixteen-year-old student who lives in Russia. He is unusual because he is unable to do many of the things a typical teenage boy enjoys. Andy was struck by lightning during a class field trip. This has given him a nasty scar on

  • Eyes Of The Dragon

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    like him much. The king had an advisor and also he was his magician, this mans name was Flagg. He was evil and wanted to corrupt the kingdom. He had eventually put a poison in Rolands wine that peter took to him every night. He put a substance called Dragon Sand in it. What it does is it melts your interior organs and sets you ablaze until you are completely melted. When Roland died it had made it look like peter had killed him, because Flagg planted the remaining sand in peters room and since peter

  • Legend of the Ender Dragon

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    This particular Ender Dragon was massive; about the size of five Ender Dragon’s put together. There had been rumors of this particular Ender Dragon for thousands of years, but no one could prove that it existed. However, men from as far as Hy Brasil were widely reported to have seen the creature when they went out for fishing or trading with other tribes across The End. “Ah, the heck with it, we didn’t enter this competition for nothing”, Zebul said right before diving into the water. As for Treku

  • Chen Rong's The Nine Dragons

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    Chen Rong's The Nine Dragons Mysteries within mysteries, this is the gateway to understanding. -LaoZi (Harbaugh) Reading the Dao de Jing can be a daunting task for one who is unaccustomed to such simple riddles, as the Chinese language is so well designed to supply. The Dao de Jing itself is a collection of sayings, pearls of wisdom, which are intended to promote contemplation, an expanding of ones observational prowess, and eventually a total realization of the Dao. The Dao is the energy

  • The Allegory of the Dragon in Beowulf

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    of the Dragon in Beowulf In the Book of the Apocalypse, Rome is represented by several allegories: the beast of the land, the beast from the sea, the harlot, Babylon, and the dragon. The Beowulf-poet also manipulates the dragon allegory to represent Rome, but his dragon represents not Rome, pure and simple, but a hostile area of the (former) Roman empire, the Romanized Britain or the Roman-British . There is increasing consensus among critics--against Tolkien's views--that the dragon is "a

  • Beowulf Attacks the Dragon

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    Beowulf Attacks the Dragon. Beowulf makes his final boast. He says that, even though he is old, he shall “still seek battle, perform a deed of fame” by killing the dragon. (Norton59) He doesn't know how to grapple with the dragon, like he did with Grendel, so he will use a sword and shield. He tells his men that the outcome will be “with us at the wall as fate allots, the ruler of every man.” (59) He tells them to let him fight the monster alone, “By my courage I will get gold, or war will

  • Animals In The Eyes of The Dragon

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    Animals In The Eyes of The Dragon Although it may seem quite absurd, the role of animals in The Eyes of the Dragon is a very supreme and dignified part of the novel. Through the development of the novel, the animal kingdom roars novel from insects to dogs and they all play their own, individual roles. The great black and white Anduan Husky named Frisky who is, out of all of her dogs, Naomi's favorite, leads Ben Staad and Naomi directly to the whereabouts of Dennis, Peter's butler. Flagg's

  • How to Train your Dragon

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    In the film, How to Train Your Dragon, the Vikings are at war, fighting for their institutions and peace from their existential threat, the Dragons. The Vikings are in a society in which the institutions reflect their historical struggles and have shaped them to be close-minded to any peaceful interaction with Dragons. Thus, in How to Train Your Dragon, the institutions that the Vikings had, represented what Rousseau saw as being a society with a self-interest social contract of the majority. This

  • How To Train Your Dragon

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    “How to Train your Dragon,” is an eye-catching movie because training a dragon is something almost everyone dreams about learning to do. Set in the mythical world that is full of different Vikings and special dragons. This movie is animated, this movie is also a comedic movie, and an action movie. It explains how the unlikely friendship between a Viking teenager, who’s name is Hiccup and a Night Fury dragon that Hiccup calls Toothless, that can change a Viking’s life. The movie takes place on an

  • Yes Virginia, Dragons Do Exisit

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    Virginia, Dragons Do Exisit Dragon--even mentioning the word strikes terror into the very center of the hearts of some men. But to others, a dragon is nothing more than a make-believe fairy tale, or a mystical monster. Recently, startling, new, scientific discoveries have shed light on this controversial subject. Dragons, Do They Really Exist? This study, compiled of shocking new facts, seems to prove that the animals known as the dragon, does, in fact, exist. Though the dragon may be large

  • Eastern Dragons

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    Dragons don’t only represent the darkness in man. Eastern dragons are a prime example of the things man sees as good. The first good thing of mankind that dragons represent is compassion. Eastern dragons are frequently represented as being caring and compassionate. In the story of Tchang’s pearl, a dragon that had transformed into a serpent gave it’s magical pearl to Tchang in gratitude for running an errand for him (Niles 73). Other legends tell of dragons that angered the gods in order to help

  • Dragon Tribals

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    Dragons are large, scaly reptiles with wings and sharp talons. The seven dragon tribes from Tui T. Sutherland’s, Wings of Fire, are similar and special in their own ways. The tribes are the Mudwings, Sandwings, Skywings, Seawings, Rainwings, Icewings, and Nightwings. Before discussing each tribe individually, here are a few similarities. Every dragon in each of the seven tribes has scales, wings, claws, and a tail. Only the female dragons can lay eggs. One dragon can also have many offspring, and

  • Fantastic Elements of Saint George and The Dragon

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    Fantastic Elements of Saint George and The Dragon Margaret Hodges adapted "Saint George and The Dragon" from its original work that was written by Edmund Spencer. "Saint George and The Dragon" is a short story that was published in 1984. Margaret Hodges, who adapted this fantastic literature, is from North America. " Saint George and The Dragon" shows many characteristic of Magical Realism; however, it is Fantastic Literature. "Saint George and The Dragon" is similar to Magical Realism because