The Dragon

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As the menacing dragon head came down to finish the job on the knight, the knight made one last move out of the way but it was too late. The smell of fresh blood filled the air immediately. The news spread like a wild fire. The Knight of Willington was dead, stiff and cold. His name was Darius Biff. He had a son, Will Biff. He was eight when his father died and was as sad as a puppy left alone to die. Will from then on was terrified by the thought of dragons. Their giant wings and long black claws ate at his soul. After his father’s death, Will was moved to an orphanage to live the rest of his childhood. Kids made fun of him for being frightened by dragons, but on the inside everyone in the village was horrified by a dragon that could eat the greatest knight the kingdom has ever seen. Will grew like a sunflower. He was easily the tallest kid in the orphanage. Kids never stopped making fun of anything different about him. They would ask him,”How’s the weather up there?” Will never did like socializing with other people. They always would make fun of him. Will dealt with being made fun of until he was 13. The sun bu and Will burned his skin. The choppin when a kid came up to him and said, “Why you chopping wood when you should be in the pig sty where you belong.” Will had enough. His anger with all of these people had built up like air in a balloon. He pulled his arm back and his fist was a bull and the kids face was a matador. The hit could be heard all through the back yard. Kids turned their heads faster than light. The kid was on the ground, knocked out. Will had made a statement that everybody could clearly respect. For the next five years Will was u... ... middle of paper ... ...took a swipe with his giant sharp claws. Will’s horse moved back. The dragon came down with his giant head at Will. Will was ready for this attack this time and he raised his sword. The dragon came down with his teeth separated. The dragon stopped when he reached Will. Dragon move his head and screamed a horrifying scream. The scream sounded like a bat being eaten by a banshee that had let out it’s scream. The dragons limp body came down and shook the earth with amazing force. Will was frozen, not with fear but disbelief. The dragons colossal jaws were inches away from tearing him and his horse to bits. He trotted over to the head and got off his horse. The head was way too big to bring home so he reached into the eye socket and ripped out it’s eye. Then Will ripped his sword out of the roof of the dragon’s mouth. Will got back on his horse and rode away.

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