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  • The College Dorm Room

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    huge living room, this used to be what I called home. Eighteen years later however, home has become a twelve by ten foot college dorm room. What was once a huge house has become a one bedroom dorm which also doubles as a living room and kitchen area. In comparing these two homes there is more then meets the eye. Obviously living conditions change, however with careful preparation you can still keep that “home” feeling. One of the most obvious differences of living in a college dorm room is being away

  • Should students have their own dorm room

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    have their own room because it will be easier to not always have to hide your stuff or worry about something coming up missing. We still should have rules of course that’s were ever you go. The cleaning should stay the same; along with cleaning out your locker and going to bed on time. But we always have problems with stuff coming up missing out of people rooms. We usually think its people coming from other room and entering ours. But no it’s not all the time. The suspect is in your room. Yeah I know

  • Descriptive Essay - College Dorm Room

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    Filthy College Dorm Room As I lifted my head, I was greeted by at least fifty naked models, all in various X-rated positions, each eyeing me with an expression that suggested nothing but lust and desire. I stepped into the room, only to be overwhelmed with at least twenty-five more girls stripped of any trace of clothing. Although my legs were begging to walk my sickened body out the door, I brought myself together and looked at the reason I was forcing myself to stay there. I had to pee so

  • The Ture College Experience

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    Campus. I am always intrigued to know what goes on daily at the dorms. Being as intrigued as I was, I decided to spend one night with my friend to try to get a feel of dorm culture One of the main goals of an architecture program is to teach the future architects to observe well. Now being in this program for only a semester has changed the way I view things. One thing that I noticed, from an architectural standpoint, is that the dorms are probably the poorest designed spaces on any college campus

  • Dealing with the Challenges of Dorm Life

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    The stress of living in a dorm for many freshmen is great; the transition from living in a comfortable environment, such as a guardian’s home, to living outside of it is very traumatic. It is hard because he or she has always depended on the guardian for a calm stable home life, but there is nothing stable or calm about a dorm. The combination of health problems, the feeling of living in a cell, and dealing with many different individuals makes the experience almost unbearable. While living on-campus

  • Title

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    body felt so comfortable in this soothing atmosphere - it was odd and not normal. The cool air rushed around my face and I snuggled deeper in the blankets. I slowly became conscious of my surroundings. I was experiencing a morning in a college dorm room. The dorm life is a major deciding factor for many students when they are trying to find a college. Choosing the right college is a big deal, and most students take this decision very seriously. When a student goes to visit a college, they get to form

  • Women's Dormitory

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    not a men’s dormitory nor is it a coed. Studdmann is an all women’s dorm. I focussed on the on the dorms dynamics, “examining the interpretation that student’s give to there interaction’s with one another (Kendall, 349).” There are many different types of interactions that take place in the dormitory. Interactions between female and female along with female and male students. The Interactionist Theory is clearly seen at the dorm. The setting is an important part of the Interactionist Theory ( The

  • Cockroaches in the College Dorms

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    Cockroaches in the College Dorms Our dorm is populated with more than 150 students from all parts of the country. However, humans alone do not make up most of the population of the dorm. Cockroaches live year round in the humble abodes of many college freshmen. Walking through the halls of the dorm, finding evidence of their residence is very easy. Most of the time, there are squashed ones in the halls and on the sidewalks leading to the dorm. Something must be done in order to keep the roaches

  • Persuasive Essay On Triples

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    Being a freshman is scary but what is even scarier is when you get put into a triple. Thinking that you can not possibly bring every single piece of clothing or trying to figure out how you will have enough space in such a small room. Why do we even have triples at Walsh? Having a triple is not as bad if the people in charge of housing do their job correctly. Why do they put an out of state student in a triple? They know that they have to bring a lot of their items because they can not go home all

  • Moving Away From Home

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    the day turn out to be when three people are anticipated to fit into a room planned for two. Within a forced triple or what some call a “enhanced double” there contains everything an ordinary double dorm has. The additions in a triple are an extra desk, a wardrobe to serve as a closet, and an added upper bunk bed. "They pack us in like hamsters and do not care if we have space to move or live, just as long as we have a room with a bed," said Jill Torigian, a junior majoring in pre-med (Wojcicki)