Cockroaches in the College Dorms

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Cockroaches in the College Dorms

Our dorm is populated with more than 150 students from all parts of the country. However, humans alone do not make up most of the population of the dorm. Cockroaches live year round in the humble abodes of many college freshmen. Walking through the halls of the dorm, finding evidence of their residence is very easy. Most of the time, there are squashed ones in the halls and on the sidewalks leading to the dorm. Something must be done in order to keep the roaches from taking over completely the male dorms.

It is well known that Smith dorm is probably one of the most disgusting dorms on The college’s entire campus. This is partially aided by the fact that the students do not live alone. Their friendly neighbors, the roaches, contribute to the mess significantly. During the fall and spring, the roaches come out of their hiding places. They can be found scurrying around on the floor, or even chowing down on the chips in the corner. One can only imagine where they come from and what they are doing. Sometimes, it seems as though they may even live in the very beds on which people sleep. (After all, the beds have been there just as long as the walls have been standing.) The little bugs can come in all shapes and all sizes. Some of these bugs can be a brownish color, while others can be black and even green. They are easily distinguished by their shape and size, and are most common any place they can find a warm wet place with food (Arnett 145-6). There are about 4,000 different types of these pests throughout the world (Blattodea 1). According to a professor of entomology at West Virginia University, "The American roach is considerably larger than any of the others" (Peairs 477). The do...

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...this pest. If these suggestions are not heeded to before the problem gets too out of control, the roach population will eventually drive the people out of their rooms. This can all be avoided by following just a few simple suggestions which are not difficult to do. Spending an extra five minutes a day cleaning can and will keep these bugs from becoming the cock of the walk in the dorms


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