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  • Macromedia Director

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    Macromedia Director Overview and Introduction What Macromedia is and what can it do for a business. Macromedia Director is the premiere authoring software in the multimedia industry, allowing users to merge and orchestrate text, graphics, animation, video, sound effects, and music into business presentations, entertainment and education CD-ROMs, interactive information kiosks, and other full-featured interactive software. Multimedia-rich programs can be developed with little programming skill

  • director

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    Directors According to Company Act 1965, director includes any person that occupying the position of a corporation by whatever name called and also includes a person in accordance with whose directions or instructions the directors of a corporation are accustomed to act and an alternate or substitute director. It means the function performed by director is the indicator of a real director rather than his/her title. a director is a trustee or officer of the corporation as stated in Section 4(1) of

  • athletic director

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    the Assistant Athletic Director for External Relations and the Director for Media Relations to develop and implement public relations policies and objectives. Accepts public speaking engagements to promulgate department philosophies and objectives. Coordinates and supervises men=s basketball, golf, baseball, men=s and women=s tennis programs working directly with the Head Coach; supervises the administration of all other varsity programs through the Associate Athletic Director for Internal Operations

  • Executive Director And Board Of Directors

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    Foodies Forward’s Executive Director and the Board of Directors will create bylaws and board policies for the organization. These bylaws will state the rules and regulations of Foodies Forward. These rule and regulations will include but are not limited to: specifying the size and function of the board; dictating the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Director, the Board of Directors and additional staff; outlining meeting procedures and voting requirements, detailing conflicts of interests

  • independent Director

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    INTRODUCTION- Independent director play an important role in the in organization. Here is definition of the independent director “An independent director is a director of board of directors who does not have a material or pecuniary relationship with company or related person, expect sitting fees”, this definition gives the clear idea that who is an independent director. Independent director also play an important role in corporate governance, an independent director are said to be trustee of the

  • Assistant Director Responsibilities

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    Roles & Responsibilities Director The director is a crucial part of any play, film, or television show. The director leads everyone involved. They are the one who overseas, in this case, the play. The director ensures that the performance is complete and of high quality. They work with a variety of groups, such as costume design, props, and set design to establish an outstanding performance. They must collaborate with every department so that those departments can help make the director's vision

  • Artist Director Job

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    An Artistic Directors job is important not only in a dance company, theater company, film or television but can have different responsibilities depending on the creative field and organization. The Artistic Directors job for a dance company would be under the direction of the Executive Director and would help with the artistic mission of the company. They would be responsible for conceiving, developing and implementing the artistic vision and focus of the organization. According to James Fenton,

  • Chuck Jones, Producer, Director, Animator

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    Chuck Jones, Producer, Director, Animator Chuck Jones was born on September 21, 1912. Jones entered the animation industry in 1932 as a cel washer at Ubbe Iwerks Studio after graduating from the Chouinard Art Institute (now California Institute of Arts). He joined the Leon Schlesinger Studio, later sold to Warner Bros., as an animator in 1936. There, Jones was assigned to Tex Avery’s animation unit. In 1938, at the age of 25, he directed his first animated film “The Night Watchman.” Jones

  • The Role Of Film Directors

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    things about being a director as a life choice is that it can never be mastered. Every story is its own kind of expedition, with its own set of challenges” (“Filmmaker IQ” 2). The Academy Award winning director, Ron Howard, said this quote. Directing a film is a well know job around the world. Movies have brought happiness to millions of people around the world. Directors are the main force behind the creation of this happiness. However, this job is not easy. Film directors are people that pull all

  • Responsibilities Of A Film Director

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    Film Director A director is someone who directs the makings of a film. They are the creative forces that drive the team forward, from deciding the film’s artistic and dramatic aspects, to visualizing the script, it is their job to guide the cast and crew to achieve their vision for the particular film, making the film what it is. Directors play a key role in the film making process. Film Directors have many responsibilities and duties that they will need to fulfil. Directors are responsible for

  • Funeral Director Qualities

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    Funeral Directors Many people think that what makes a great funeral director is charisma, empathy and in some cases, great sales skills. This is because these are, as it were, the conventional traits of great funeral directors. However, the nature of this profession is changing radically, and a lot more is expected of them. There are some qualities that funeral directors may overlook. Although these qualities may seem strange, they draw a line between the good and the great funeral directors. Inquisitiveness

  • Board Of Directors Essay

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    Types of Board of directors. There are two types of board of directors. The first type called one- tier board system which used by British and American companies. This one- tier type depends on mix of outside and inside directors also called non-executive and executive directors. The main function of the board is to strategically plan and determine the business policy to achieve the companies’ main goals. Accordingly, the main management’s function is to implement what had been determined by the

  • A Report on Lifeline for Children’s Choir Directors

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    the Westminister method but borrows from the others. The others she borrows from are Christiansen, Fred Warning and Wilson/Klein. Much of what she writes, is from her own life’s career experiences as a choral director. The first subject she deals with is the director’s attitude. A director should have a positive attitude. (p. 3, Bartle) In chapter two she discusses the development of a child’s voice in a mechanistic way. She wants the ’flutety’ sound of a child’s voice developed, between the ages

  • The Job of a Film Director

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    The Job of a Film Director The film director has an elaborate job, classed as an art in its own sense. Its meticulous details and multi million dollar bills at the end make a director's job truly an art. How they can take the imagination and lay it on a roll of film is an array of elaborate casting, screening etc. and requires a special skill. The general meaning of the word director is: · The leader

  • The Duty Of The Directors Of A Company

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    A director of a company, as stated under section 9 of the Corporations Act, is a person who is appointed to the position of a director or alternate director regardless of the name given to the position . As a director, there are several duties which must be undertaken to ensure that the company is in proper control. Some of these powers relate to 'good faith ' and ensure that any decisions made are for the best interests of the corporation. This ideology of 'good faith ' is a very broad and

  • Directors in Modern Film

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    industry. I thought that being a movie director was one of the dream jobs that many aspired to but few ever achieved. However, as I've learned more about the business of film, I've discovered that there are greater opportunities available in this field than ever before. Like many others, filmmaking is a profession that rewards in proportion to how much time and devotion is put into it. More than any other participant except arguably the writer, film directors are responsible for guiding the creative

  • Board of Directors Remuneration

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    GUIDELINES FOR DIRECTORS’ REMUNERATION The board of directors has both executive and non executive directors. Executive directors have both executive and board duties to perform while non executive directors have only board responsibilities. Therefore both types of directors vary in the responsibilities and authority they have in the company affairs. Thus the non executive directors devote very little time to company affairs ( only attend board meetings, committee meetings of which they are members

  • A Character Study on Tybalt and Mercutio, and as Director What

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    A Character Study on Tybalt and Mercutio, and as Director What Instructions I would give the Actors Taking on their Parts Romeo and Juliet is a world famous play written by William Shakespeare. The tale is of two lovers suicide when their feuding families keep them apart. The families have been sworn enemies for generations they are wealthy, powerful and often violent. Some characters are quiet without much involvement, others the play revolves around, Tybalt and Mercutio are somewhere in

  • Luc Besson: One of the Best French Directors

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    Luc Besson: One of the Best French Directors Thesis: Luc Besson is one of the best French Directors of this century. His works can either be viewed as mere action packed thrillers or the viewer can go in depth and question society and morality. Besson wishes to make the viewer question the importance of individualism, the role of each individual in society and whether the individual should follow the norms of society or follow his heart. Besson’s humor, sense of pathos and his reflections on life

  • What Does it Means to be a Theatre Director

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    used to put together his production. It is often looked past, that the whole play was thought up by a director. What they are watching was something that a director had to envision. The director is the boss of the play. They are physically directing what the actors and actresses need to do. But being a theatre director is not just about telling actors what to do during scenes. Being a theatre director means having a vision and something unique that you have to say. But instead of talking or writing