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Directors According to Company Act 1965, director includes any person that occupying the position of a corporation by whatever name called and also includes a person in accordance with whose directions or instructions the directors of a corporation are accustomed to act and an alternate or substitute director. It means the function performed by director is the indicator of a real director rather than his/her title. a director is a trustee or officer of the corporation as stated in Section 4(1) of CA1965 and he/she is liable for the default happen in the corporation due to his/her failure in complying with the Company Act 1965. NAME OF THE COMPANY EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS INDEPENDENT DIRECTORS NON-INDEPENDENDENT NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS Apollo Food Holdings Berhad 1) Mr Liang Chiang Heng (chairman) 2) Mr Liang Kim Poh 1) Mr Ng Chet Chiang 2) Mr Abdul Rahim bin Bunyamin 3) Datin Paduka Hajah Aminah binti Hashim 1) Datuk P Venugopal A/L V. K. Menon Silver Bird Group Berhad 1) Dato' Dr Gan Khuan Poh (chairman) 2) Richard George Azlan bin Abas 3) Dato' Sri Talaat bin Husain 1) Dato' Lee Kok Chuan 2) Adi Azuan bin Abdul Ghani In both companies that we studied, which are Apollo Food Holdings Berhad and Silver Bird Holdings Berhad, both of them have more than two directors. It shows that they are complying with the section 122 (1) of CA 1965. Furthermore, in Apollo Food Holdings Berhad, there are three types of directors which are executive directors, independent non-executive directors and non-independent non-executive directors, whereas in Silver Bird Group Berhad, there are only two types of directors, which are independent non-executive directors and non-independent non executive directors. Silver Bird Group Berhad does not have any execu... ... middle of paper ... as they are complying what had been stated in Bursa Malaysia Listing Requirements. Bursa Malaysia also requires directors of company have to attend training program prescribed by Bursa Malaysia as it is important to improve their skills and knowledge under para 15.09. In addition, BM also requires listed issuer to have a statement of the brief description of the training attended by directors and the reason for any absentee of any training program in the annual report. All the directors of Apollo Food Holdings Berhad attended the training program prescribed for them and they did state about the training program in the annual report. On the other hand, directors of Silver Bird Group Berhad did attend several training program. However, the training programs attended just stated in general sentences without specifically stating at least the title of the programs.

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