Executive Director And Board Of Directors

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Foodies Forward’s Executive Director and the Board of Directors will create bylaws and board policies for the organization. These bylaws will state the rules and regulations of Foodies Forward. These rule and regulations will include but are not limited to: specifying the size and function of the board; dictating the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Director, the Board of Directors and additional staff; outlining meeting procedures and voting requirements, detailing conflicts of interests regulations, and defining how funding will be dispersed. In addition to the bylaws, Foodies Forward will create an operations manual containing rules and procedures for volunteers and employees, role descriptions and requirements, training procedures, employee code of conduct, supervision requirements, social media agreements, and a summary of the organization’s overall budget. These documents will be reviewed and revised annually by the Board as needed. The Executive Director will use staff self-evaluations and written reports by the Program Director to review the staff every two years. As a new nonprofit we want to maintain transparency among all members of our organization and how it is managed. Foodies Forward’s Executive Director will be responsible for orienting new staff members and assessing their performance. The Executive Director will utilize these evaluations to make decisions about dismissals and promotions of staff members. Volunteers recruited by the Community Outreach Coordinator will be managed by the Program Manager. The Program Manager will train new volunteers through orientations and class sessions as well as manage volunteer scheduling. Technology Foodies Forward will create a website... ... middle of paper ... ...reement to participate in Foodies Forward’s program. Additionally staff and volunteers will be required to complete a criminal background check and a driving agreement form. Lastly the organization will acquire liability insurance to safeguard its volunteers, staff, participants and assets. Research and Development As a way to adapt our organization to the changing community environment, Foodies Forward will strive to keep up to date with new developments and practices regarding food security issues, integrating them into our program. We intend to collaborate with a variety of similar organizations in an effort to create innovative practices that can better these underserved communities in Austin. Our continuation and expansion of cooking classes to other schools and service providers will offer a unique chance to continually improve food security issues.
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