Dinosaur Fossils Essays

  • Dinosaur Fossils in Antarctica

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    Dinosaur Fossils in Antarctica Millions and millions of years ago the continents lay together as one super-continent known as Pangea. As time went on and the plates underneath the Earth began to separate, the continents land moved towards the poles where glaciation occurred. Glaciation is the process in which glaciers were formed during the ice age. Glaciation causes a drop in temperature which in turn causes water to freeze and form many layers of ice (http://palaeo.gly.bris.ac.uk/Palaeofiles/Permian/intro

  • The Discovery of Dinosaur Fossils in Antarctica

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    The Discovery of Dinosaur Fossils in Antarctica While working in Antarctica, two separate research teams with hundreds of miles between them each made astounding discoveries. They discovered dinosaur fossils. Antarctica has been home to many other dinosaur fossil finds but what was so special about these fossils is that they were from an unknown species of dinosaurs. Really what the discovery compliments is that the discovery of these fossils encourages the theory of plate tectonics and continental

  • Examination of The Winton Dinosaur Project

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    Examination of The Winton Dinosaur Project Findings in the Queensland, Australia Winton Dinosaur project show that the sauropod named "Elliot" may have died with his mate by his side (Salleh 2003). Anna Salleh from ABC Science Online discusses the new fossil evidence found by Dr. Steve Salisbury from the University of Queensland, who is one of the leading researchers on the Winton Project (2003). Dr. Alex Cook and assistants Scott Hocknull and Dr. Steve Salisbury lead the Winton Project.

  • Discovery of the Dinosaur with the Fossilized Heart

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    Discovery of the Dinosaur with the Fossilized Heart Dinosaur fossils are one of the few ways in which scientists can study the history of life on earth millions of years ago. Each new discovery is unique in its own way and provides valuable information about the past. No two finds are exactly identical; therefore, when dinosaur remains are uncovered, the possibility and excitement of new information or even a new species exists. Until the year 2000, no dinosaur has ever been found with a

  • The Significance of Dinosaur Art

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    of Dinosaur Art Dinosaurs are creatures that seem to fascinate humans, since all we have left are their fossils. Although, through art, their bodies can be put back together and we have a better sense of what they looked like. The problem with art is that pictures can sometimes be disproportionate, unrealistic, or even made up. Young children who learn about dinosaurs may think that they are actually different colors and can talk for example. This is why it is important to make dinosaur art

  • Dinosaurs And Birds

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    Dinosaurs and Birds Are birds really dinosaurs or are they simply related? That is a question that has gained new life in recent years due to the overwhelming facts the are pouring in from newly found fossils and studies from fossils that have been found in the past. Two groups have formed in the study of this question: those who believe birds are a direct result of dinosaurs and those who feel dinosaurs and birds must have had a common ancestor. Determining which view is correct is a matter

  • Hypotheses on the Extinction of Dinosaurs

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    Extinction of Dinosaurs In the early nineteen hundreds, dinosaur fossils were discovered and recognized around the globe. Greedy scientists and civilians, searching for their own prize skeleton, rushed to rip bones out of the ground, destroying the fossils as they went. It was not until later in the century that scientists and paleontologists began pondering how such widespread creatures disappeared. Currently, paleontologists debate the two main hypotheses of how the classic dinosaurs died: from

  • Essay On Dinosaurs

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    Dinosaur Dino means terrible and sauros (sarus) means lizard. The word dinosaur means "terrible lizard", the name is rather misleading, as dinosaurs are not lizards. Instead they are a separate group of reptiles. Many extinct forms do not reveal characteristics traditionally seen as reptilian, such as a sprawling limb posture or exothermic. Many prehistoric animals including masseurs, plesiosaurs, and Dimetrodon are popularly conceived of as dinosaurs but are not classified as dinosaurs. Before birds

  • Dinosaurs Extinction Essay

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    extinction of dinosaurs is an interesting issue. “There once was a time when people didn’t know anything about dinosaurs. In fact, there wasn’t even the world “dinosaur” until 1842” (Dr. R. Holtz, JR, 2007, P.6). Although dinosaurs died more than 60 million years ago, paleontologists have not yet discovered the reasons of their extinction. There are many types and sizes of dinosaurs. There are gigantic types, which are the common types, and small-sized dinosaurs. Ironically, dinosaurs mean “Terrible

  • Giganotosaurus

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    southerner lizard.” These huge dinosaurs were meat eaters. They ate cretaceous dinosaurs. They lived 97 million years ago during the late cretaceous period. The Giganotosaurus is the largest meat eating dinosaur found so far. They are larger than T. Rex but not as large as the Spinosaurus. They are very large, but their brain was small. They are classified as a Saurischis dinosaur. They were 40 feet long and weighed 13 tons. It is believed these large dinosaurs preyed on large plant eaters

  • Evolution Of Dinosaurs Essay

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    Prehistoric animals have left behind their fossils which gave us evidence of such creatures, what are today known as dinosaurs. These lizard like creatures once roamed our world, but extinct 66 million years ago by the cause of a huge asteroid that impacted Earth very violently ("Cretaceous Period"). The remains of dinosaurs have been observed by scientist throughout the years and have observed their body structures in which they have noticed a great similarity to birds, lizards, crocodiles, and

  • Were Dinosaurs Smart?

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    Were dinosaurs smart? What was the biggest dinosaur? How did they turn into fossils? How did they go extinct? All are questions that not all people know. Dinosaurs were once the rulers of the planet. They were the only things on earth at the time. They were the top, middle, and bottom of the food chain. This paper will help you discover the answers to those questions. The most intelligent dinosaur was the velociraptor. It had a large space for it's brain. The velociraptor was only about

  • The Debate Over Birds and Feathered Dinosaurs

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    and Feathered Dinosaurs Because dinosaurs are animals that lived millions of years ago, we are entirely dependent on the fossils that they have left behind for any understanding that we hope to gain. As any paleontologist will tell you, fossil hunting is difficult. There are no certainties, no guarantees. A certain amount of luck is as valuable as any scientific knowledge. Every so often a discovery is made that attempts to shake up pre-conceived notions of how the dinosaurs actually lived

  • Implications of the Dinosaur Heart Discovery

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    Implications of the Dinosaur Heart Discovery The article from Science News, “Telltale Dino Heart Hints at Warm Blood”, by Tina Hesman and the Journal article it was based on from Science, ”Cardiovascular Evidence for an Intermediate or Higher Metabolic Rate in an Ornithischian Dinosaur”, by Paul Fisher and others both offer a new perspective on the topic to be discussed, however there are some key differences between the two articles. How the two articles differ will be discussed later on in

  • Archaeopteryx Evolution

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    prehistoric bird, but later discoveries of other bird-like dinosaurs have put the Archaeopteryx's reputation

  • What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?

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    evolved that explain what happened to the dinosaurs.  These two theories have been debated back and forth between evolutionists and religious followers.  Evolutionists believe that dinosaurs became the most powerful beings on Earth around 235 million years ago.  They believe that no humans existed at the time.  Evolutionist views also say that all the dinosaurs were killed by a cataclysmic event.  On the other hand, the Bible says that God created the dinosaurs on the same day that he created Adam and

  • Can Dinosaurs Be Cold Blooded Essay

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    INTRODUCTION- The Dinosaurs were thought to be cold blooded animals like reptiles. But many evidences proved that they were warm blooded as well as cold blooded animals. So there is an argument on this note, whether Dinosaurs were warm blooded or cold blooded. EVIDENCES THAT PROVE DINOSAURS WERE WARM BLOODED- -Many dinosaur fossils have been found at high latitudes. Cold blooded animals tends to evolve warm regions to maintain their body temperature by using the environment. And higher latitudes

  • Warm Blooded Versus Cold Blooded Dinosaurs

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    Warm Blooded Versus Cold Blooded Dinosaurs At a time, scientists believed all dinosaurs were cold-blooded.  However, with a recent discovery of a dinosaur found with a fossilized heart in the northern part of South Dakota in 1993, many paleontologists are starting to think that there were some dinosaurs that were warm blooded. Dinosaurs were first believed to be cold-blooded because they were thought to be related closely to reptiles which are cold-blooded creatures.  Cold-blooded animals

  • Dinosaur Extinction

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    million years ago, the dinosaurs went extinct. Scientists believe that this was caused by an asteroid colliding with Earth. One major piece of evidence for this is a giant crater (150 km wide) that lies just off the Yucatan Peninsula, which could have been caused by the collision. There were high amounts of Iridium (a metal that is very rare on Earth’s surface but more common in asteroids) and fractured crystals found near the crater. Therefore, an asteroid impact caused the dinosaur extinction. According

  • Evolution Of Pterosaur Research Essay

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    thambema, and they had a wingspan of 10 to 11 meters (Witton and Martill). Based on fossil records, it was not hard for researchers to discover that these were flying animals. However, at a first glance in 1784, Cosimo Alessandro Collini mistakenly thought that the wings of a pterosaur were used as flippers. But, he was soon corrected. A more researched argument is over the idea of pterosaurs being bipedal