Dinosaurs Extinction Essay

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The extinction of dinosaurs is an interesting issue. “There once was a time when people didn’t know anything about dinosaurs. In fact, there wasn’t even the world “dinosaur” until 1842” (Dr. R. Holtz, JR, 2007, P.6). Although dinosaurs died more than 60 million years ago, paleontologists have not yet discovered the reasons of their extinction. There are many types and sizes of dinosaurs. There are gigantic types, which are the common types, and small-sized dinosaurs. Ironically, dinosaurs mean “Terrible lizard” and they are not even considered reptiles; they are a different type of animal. Additionally, they also disagree on how many years it took the dinosaurs to be extinct. Some scientists believe it took almost millions of years. Others believe it took several years only to devastate those huge creatures. Moreover, there are a very considerable number of possible theories that scientists study, but none of them have yet been proven. Various scientists say volcanic eruptions are the reason of their extinction. Other studies believe that fatal diseases that occurred among them or changes of climate are the reasons of their extinction. However, the most common theory is the asteroid incident that occurred long time ago and destroyed every living thing on the planet (Fastovsky & M. Sheehan, 2005, P. 4). Despite the fact that there are no proven reasons of the dinosaurs’ extinction, I will discuss and state possible reasons and causes of this mysterious phenomenon.
Finding dinosaurs’ fossils is not as easy as people may think. The only well-proven information from the fossil record is that dinosaurs clearly did not live in water environments. Paleontologist may spend years to find a single skeleton or bone. They ...

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...l, the extinction of dinosaurs is like a mysterious story that everyone doesn't know the end of it yet. Even though many paleontologists and archeologists believe that the causes happened from either the volcano eruptions or the comet incident, we still can't know for sure because nothing has yet been 100% proven. In addition, it could be that all the causes that were listed above had combined together to cause the extinction. Paleontologists need to analyze the dinosaurs' fossils carefully in order to make predictions regarding the causes that killed dinosaurs. Nevertheless, maybe scientists have to change their ways of looking into fossils if they want to find out new facts regarding the fossils. Scientists may discover the reasons of the extinction in the upcoming 20 years and solve the puzzle that occurred in our mother Earth more than 60 million years ago.
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