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Giganotosaurus means “giant southerner lizard.” These huge dinosaurs were meat eaters. They ate cretaceous dinosaurs.

They lived 97 million years ago during the late cretaceous period.

The Giganotosaurus is the largest meat eating dinosaur found so far. They are larger than T. Rex but not as large as the Spinosaurus.

They are very large, but their brain was small. They are classified as a Saurischis dinosaur. They were 40 feet long and weighed 13 tons.

It is believed these large dinosaurs preyed on large plant eaters like the Titanosaur. They are believed to have had a very good sense of smell. They had shorter and narrower teeth than the T. Rex. Their teeth were good for slicing flesh. It is believed they hunted in packs.

Fossils of the Giganotosaurus have been found in Argentina.

The Iguanodon was
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The Protoceratops lived 80 million years ago during the cretaceous period. There have been many fossils found in Mongolia. This is where it is believed most of them lived.

A fossil of a Protoceratops and a Velociraptor were found together in Mongolia, and it is believed they had been fighting.

Pterodactyl translates to winged lizard. Dinosaur means animals that walk on land. The Pterodactyl was a mammal, but it was a flying reptile. Their wings were attached to the fourth finger of their arms. Sometimes their wings were 40 feet long.

They made their home in trees and caves near the sea. They ate large insects. They were very fast at flying with the help of the leathery material that covered their arms. It is believed they were the only flying reptile living during the dinosaur era. Their wings were not like the wings of birds. They had 4 fingers, and 3 of them went down half way on the wing. The 4th finger went to the end of the wing.

The Pterodactyl lived during the cretaceous and Jurassic times. Their fossils have been found all over Europe, North America, Australia and

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