Song of Solomon Essay: Devotion and Protection

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Devotion and Protection in Song of Solomon Song of Solomon is a novel written by Toni Morrison. As research is done further, into the bible, the title refers to a book from the Old Testament. A major theme of the book in the bible is love. It is about honor and loyalty. This is similar to the theme of love and protection in the book by Toni Morrison. Three female characters that portray this best are: Pilate, Ruth, and Magdalene called Lena. In the book, they are women that try to protect the people they love from men in their family. In the bible, they hold similar roles of devotion to those that they love. In Song of Solomon, Pilate is a strong-willed and independent woman. The reason that Ruth goes to her, is to protect her child. The first time that Ruth needs help is because of the way that Macon maltreats her (125-6). She is scared of Pilate because of her abnormalities and what Macon has said about her(138). Ruth ignores h... ... middle of paper ... ...chased from her body, she is seen as good by being faithful to Jesus and loving him to the end ( Mark 16:9). Through out Song of Solomon and the bible, these three characters hold similar roles and personalities to their counterparts. Pilate, Ruth, and Magdalene are characters that are devoted to those that they love and try to help and protect them from harm. As the Song of Solomon book in the bible, the women of the novel love and care for their family members.

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