Development Program Essays

  • The Character Development Program of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

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    Character Development Program of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS), with the support of The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, recently received a four-year, 1.83 million dollar grant from the United States Department of Education to implement a character development program for students. This program is designed to integrate character development into classroom instruction and to ensure parental and community involvement in character development initiatives

  • Self-Development Program at Work

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    Self-development Programs Self-development, as defined by Wikipedia, is a deliberate focus by the individual on self-improvement and the self-realization of their goals and desires. Self-development can be physical, experiential, mental, emotional or spiritual. Self-development is essentially the exploration of self. The motivation to undertake Self-development begins with a desire to realize our higher selves through transcending the negative qualities and behaviors we have learned and adopted throughout

  • Adult Literacy Education: Emerging Directions in Program Development

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    Adult Literacy Education: Emerging Directions in Program Development The one-size-fits-all programming for [adult literacy students] that has predominated in the past should not and indeed cannot continue in the future if practitioners are to be responsive to learners' needs. Rather, practitioners must meaningfully assist adults in learning to read not only the word but their world. (Sissel 1996, p. 97). "Why don't more adults take advantage of available opportunities to improve their basic

  • The Relationship Between Effective Learning and Career Development Programs and Employee Retention in Organizations

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    ------------- 6 3.1) Purpose of secondary research -------------------------------------------------------------- 6 3.2) Best practices in learning development ---------------------------------------------------- 6 3.2.1) Rating scale for evaluation ---------------------------------------------------------------- 6 3.3) Learning and development at HDFC Bank ----------------------------------------------- 7 ... ... middle of paper ... ... References Taylor ,S. (2002): “The Employee Retention

  • Career Development Programs

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    criterion for a college or community college and which direction should the high school senior go? When choosing a college to attend, there are certain factors that the counselor should advise the student on. First, look for a college that has a program compatible to your interest. Second, check out the location of the college you are interested in looking at the community in which it is located in. Third, find out the size of the student population and if it is feasible to succeed in a large population

  • The Academic English Mastery Program (AEMP)

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    Pedagogical classroom instruction as a means to social change: The Academic English Mastery Program (AEMP) The Academic English Mastery Program (AEMP) is a groundbreaking approach to ensuring the language and literacy acquisition of speakers of non-standard varieties in parts of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Headed by former speech pathologist Dr. Noma LeMoine, AEMP is a response to an article entitled, “The Children Can No Longer Wait: An Action Plan to End Low Achievement and Establish

  • National Security Agency

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    National Security Agency/Central Security Service The National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) was established in November 1952 to provide a cryptologic organization for the civilian and military leaders of the United States and to provide them with timely information. The National Security Agency (NSA) coordinates, directs, and performs highly specialized activities to produce foreign intelligence information and protect United States information systems through two main missions

  • The First Artificial Heart Transplant

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    recipient of an artificial heart transplant, which was performed by the medical staff at the University of Utah Medical Center. Although Barney Clark was the center of attention, there were many events that led up to this historical moment. The development of the artificial heart began in the early 1950’s. The initial prototype, developed in 1970’s by the artificial developmental staff at the University of Utah, allowed 50 hours of sustained life in a sheep. Although this was called a success, the

  • The Great Leap Forward

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    agricultural and industrial production in the People's Republic of China, and of bringing China to the brink of a utopian communist society. The Great Leap Forward was a reaction to the Hundred Flowers Campaign, a more moderate development program in China in 1957. In this earlier program, Mao Zedong tried to win the support of Chinese intellectuals by calling for their constructive criticism of the policies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). However, such an unexpected torrent of dissatisfaction fell

  • Saddam Hussein

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    many goals as President included attempting to increase industrial production, reorganizing government policies in agriculture, and improving education and the status of women. Hussein first began a successful development program of Iraq’s huge petroleum resources. However, this development and economic and social advances were at risk when Iraq went to war with Iran from 1980 to 1988. Hussein started this war to control Arab-inhabited areas and especially for oil resources. Hussein is also known

  • Shell Nigeria

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    through seven military coups, several of which were bloody. Several attempts have been made at democracy with each being overturned by a military coup. In the 70’s the Shagari government tried to use oil income to fund an ambitious economic development program called “green revolution”. The largest focus was to lower the amounts of their main imports, food, textiles and manufactured goods, by producing them internally. The philosophy worked until the price of oil plummeted. Cutting their budget from

  • Avon Case Analysis

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    worldwide. Avon’s core competence has mainly been its direct selling busniess model. This led Jung and the management team to implement a Sales Leadership program that provided incentives to acquire, train, motivate, and retain the number of active sales representatives it needs to sustain significant growth. Avon also has a representative development program that focuses on the professional training of representatives. This enables the representatives to provide valuable information on Avon brand products

  • America Needs Affordable Housing

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    band aid solutions. Unfortunately, the housing crisis easily fades from our memory, replaced by visions of homeless vets, or starving children. Metropolis magazine explains that “…though billions of dollars are spent each year on housing and development programs worldwide, ? At least 1 billion people lack adequate housing; some 100 million have none at all.? In an attempt to correct this worldwide dilemma, a United Nations conference, Habitat II, was held in Istanbul, Turkey in June of 1996. This conference

  • Marketing Program Development

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    The National Hockey League (NHL) is one of the most popular sports in the United States. The professional sports industry is based on profit, competition, and growth. This industry which includes, baseball, football, basketball and hockey has the ability to generate approximately $8 billion in revenues annually. This revenue is generated from, ticket profits, media revenues, licensing fees for names and logos, merchandising revenues, endorsements, luxury sky boxes, parking fees, and concessions.

  • Holistic Development Programs for Children

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    Holistic Development by Teo Chiang Yen Under the recommendation of Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) Committee in 2009, Ministry of Education and primary schools had since started their journey on Holistic Development for pupils. Different programs were launched and gradually introduced into the schools. Our class has discussed our views on the programs introduced and how different schools run the programs to nurture our pupils. Holistic Development programs have different

  • Characteristics Of An Organizational Development Program

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    1. There are some important characteristics in an organizational development program. A company needs to involve the total organization in the program and be supported (initiated) by the top management (Levy, 2013). The plan should be a long term one with a breakdown of the plan and how it will be implemented (Levy, 2013). The goals should be clear along with the objectives that need to be accomplished and the planning for making them happen. The change in behaviors and group performance should be

  • Human Recourses Program Development Sector

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    to specifically trained human resources workers. Program Developers refer to specialists dealing with specific tasks oriented at the human capital of the company. Human Recourses Program Development sector (HRPD) makes up the first line in the hiring process where program developers evaluate and discuss with top management if such a candidate is a right choice for the company (Human Resources MBA, 2016). Program developer initiates career development opportunities,

  • Afterschool Programs benefit youth development Humanities

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    After school programs have been on the rise for over the past decade. They have expanding consideration on the after­school hours of children aged 6 to 14, coming to view this daily time period as one of high risks and opportunities yes. The risks that have been seen for these hours range from boredom, stress, and illness to self­ and socially destructive behavior. After school programs give necessary opportunities that include, making caring relationships with adults and also peers, and also an

  • The Importance of Implementing a Charge Nurse Development Program

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    cases reluctant to manage. Sherman (2005) suggested that providing a formal and structured educational program would improve leadership skills and confidence, resulting in less frustration and greater satisfaction for staff assuming the charge nurse role. According to McCallin & Frankson (2010) organizations must provide charge nurses with formal support to facilitate management development. Without the necessary preparation and ongoing in-service training these nurses may feel over whelmed, stressed

  • Online Training Essay

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    happen within training programs. Although some companies have stuck with the "tried and true" programs, such as the classroom discussion/lecture programs, many companies are trying to find new ways to help their employees obtain the knowledge and skills needed for their particular job. For a company to stay successful, they will have to constantly comply with the new trends in training while also staying true to their mission and/or objectives. While online training programs are not necessarily new