Destroying America

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  • Prohibition is Destroying America

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    substances available, the drugs themselves will be safer and cheaper, government spending and prison population will decrease, and most importantly, Americans will be freer. In 1920, the federal government outlawed a substance they felt was destroying America, alcohol. Millions of Americans would shutter at the idea of not attending mid-week “happy hour” after a long day of work. But, the right to drink alcohol was stripped away from Americans by the federal government under the Volstead Act of 1920

  • Feminism: Destroying America

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    Today’s America is being overrun be people who believe in change, people who think that every individual should be brought up with the exact same conditions, no matter what their physical or psychological differences. People who use term “politically correct” whenever they perceive an injustice toward someone because of the orthodox way of life in America that has remained constant for decades. Now, these people, these feminists, want to change everything because they think people (more specifically

  • Guns are Destroying America

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    increase violence and death rates, the right for everyone to own a gun is not guaranteed by the Second Amendment, and how over usage of guns has played a role in the diminishing populations of animals. Violence related to guns is a prominent issue in America. Guns are a means to an end; meaning guns have played a strong role in suicides, murders, and injuries. In the past decade there has been an average of 400-500 thousand incidents of firearms per year (Gun Violence). The number of injured people from

  • Immigration and Immigrants are Destroying America

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    three years. If they can’t do this, they have to go overseas. The companies always prefer to stay in America.” (Immigration: Promise and Hope for Generations. 1998). This does not seem to be the case when so many companies actually leave their U.S. home factories and build new ones in third world countries. (The Big One. Michael Moore. 1998). Why would any company prefer to stay in America when they could go to another country and pay their workers two dollars a day? Studying other countries

  • Fast Food is Destroying America

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    food restaurants create. In order to live on earth, we need to keep it in the best shape possible, which means cleaning debris, and recycling, etc. If we don’t which is happening currently, certain weather patterns and “natural” disasters may occur destroying wildlife, land and killing people and animals. Works Cited American Heart Association, Inc. "Atherosclerosis." heart. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Mar. 2014. <

  • Is Hip Hop Destroying Black America?

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    An enormous scheming method used for preserving the present grand image of society. Oh, what treacherous lengths has America traveled to conceal this horrific secrete. As the wealthy, influential, white elites continue to define the standard of true living through mass media, African Americans are forced to lives cloaked with self-hate. The misshapen portrayal of Black America in media magnifies the negative aspects to the point that it deforms reality. These media programs operate as psychosocial

  • Food Sustainability: Feeding America Healthily and Economically

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    determine how sustainable food is helping America economically and health wise rather than unsustainable foods. In this study I will examine what it means for food to be sustainable and unsustainable. I will find out how America is able to stay strong due to the use of sustainable foods. While, showing that America is also slowly dying, because of the problem, which is unsustainable foods. In this study I will also determine how unsustainable is destroying America's environment. Background of the

  • The Panama Canal: The Destruction Of The Panama Canal

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    oceans. It stretches “about fifty miles long and connects the two oceans”. The canal was built to provide a route for boats and ships to travel. Traveling the canal “saves about 8000 miles (12,875 km) from a journey around the southern tip of South America, Cape Horn”. The panama canal construction “begun by Ferdinand de Lesseps in 1881’’. The completion of the canal was abandoned in the late 1880’s. “A contributory cause was the very high sick and death rate among the French employees on the Isthmus

  • The Columbian Exchange

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    In 1492, Columbus discovered the all but vacant Americas. There were undiscovered plants, such as potatoes, corn, and maize to be eaten. There was a plethora animals, such as bison, beaver, and fish, to be hunted. There were masses of peoples to be converted to Christianity and there were diseases to be fought. Soon, the interchanging of plants, animals, cultures, and disease between the Old and New World would form the Columbian Exchange. Most importantly, the effects on populations, economy, and

  • Change in Latin American Religion

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    places on planet Earth, with the Mexican Liberal Reform, the introduction of the religion destroying Mexican culture, and the Mexican American War. Over time the beliefs and culture of the spanish began to become part of the Aztec’s beliefs and traditions. The 1492 arrival of Christopher Columbus brought together two separated hemispheres. Christopher Columbus brought forth many spanish conquistadores to the Americas. This resulted in the conquering of Mexico by Hernan Cortés. August 1521, Tenochtitlan