The American Dream

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American Dream is the dream of people in which everyone’s hopes for the freedom, equality and opportunity commonly held to everyone according to their ability or performance. American Dream is not only the dream but also hope of everyone who are poor, so called lower class and who struggle for their basic needs for the better and fuller and richer life with opportunity according to their skills, performance, success and capability in spite of the unexpected situation of where they born and what class they were form. American dream is not a dream but a reality to realize to live life to fullest and achieve all within and beyond with sheer knowledge, talent and all our hard work, no racism, no favoritism, and if not at all a little hindrance …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that american dream is a dream of people in which everyone's hopes for freedom, equality, and opportunity are held to everyone according to their ability or performance.
  • Explains that an american dream is a hope and the belief for the good future which includes freedom for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
  • Explains james truslow adams' book, "the epic of america", that the american dream is the hope and the belief of millions of people including immigrants, native americans, and those who seek freedom.
  • Analyzes how james truslow adams used the term "american dream" to describe complex beliefs, religious promises, political and social expectations. the idea that every man and woman should achieve what they are able to do is core to this idea.
  • Explains that america is a country of immigrants where all are hoped to live better lives in the new world. 55 percent of americans say that "the american dream" either never existed in first place, or that it did exist but doesn't anymore.
  • Opines that democracies tend to be most stable when they have a sizeable middle class, dating back to aristotle. however, the country's economic growth has been much faster than that in other developed countries.
  • Opines that it is crucial to discuss the current economic status of nation as a whole while of those who live in it. the shift has implications for the democratic way of life too.
  • Opines that americans need a new vision that helps them deal with new economic realities. they can persuade the right of all citizens to larger lives.
  • Explains that "american dream" is a belief and hopes breeding the optimism about the future; future of personal, nation and global vision.

American Dream has always existed in two ways spiritual and material aim. Whatever the consequences either good or bad is mainly a questions of priorities. The synthesis, according to L. B. Johnson, is found where "men are more concerned with the quality of their goals than the quantity of their goods" (Kearns, p.211). During the period, there were also the people for whom American Dream was materialistic and was emphasized in the economic security and the property for better and prosperous life. In 19th century, discovery of gold in California in 1849 brought in thousand hundreds of men. Then it was the dream of instant wealth in order to have better future with fullest life than the present. American Dream was the dream of prosperity which includes quality life with strong economic condition. To maintain standard of living was the main perception for the improvement of life, to attain happiness and liberty and to have an American …show more content…

And it can be clearly seen here lays the paradox, as America faces a lot of illegal immigrants problems. This is why people say “The American Dream” has become a nightmare. It’s highly controversial weather anyone has ever achieved this dream. A new poll from the Public Religion Institute shows 55 percent of Americans say that “The American Dream” either never existed in first place, or that it did exist but doesn’t anymore. Only 42 percent of Americans cling to the notion of the American Dream—loosely defined as people who work hard being able to get ahead. This shows Americans pessimism in the country’s economic future. A CNN/Opinion Research poll in June showed 59 percent of Americans said the “American Dream” was unachievable. This again indicates where “American Dream” stands today. Though economy of country shows signs of improvements, the pessimism persists and actually appears to have increased. Today circumstances doesn’t seem to be within ones control zone as hard work alone have failed many to achieve what they hoped for, the role of government seems equally responsible for economic mobility, creating

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