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  • History Of Department Store

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    Department Store A department store has a mixture of goods and services that are organized into different segments for the ease of shopping for the consumer. In India, the number of department stores is less compared to other retail formats such as supermarkets and discount stores. The store is based on lifestyle retailing and is divided into segments such as apparel, accessories, home appliances etc. Hypermarket Hypermarket is very popular with the customers. They offer consumers the mix of variety

  • History of the American Department Stores

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    years, the American department store has developed and evolved as not only a commercial business but also a cultural institution. While it has weathered many storms and changes since its inception and throughout history, its most predominant enemy has been a change in the lifestyle of the American people (Whitaker, 2013). As the customer’s needs and wants have shifted, department stores have struggled to keep up with demands. It has been argued that the decline of the department store has been ongoing

  • Macy's Traditional Department Store

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    Make a situational analysis of the traditional department store industry and of Macy’s as of 2005. Which factors in the external environment could (positively or negatively) affect the success of Macy’s new strategy? Which internal factors could affect the success of the company’s strategy? (don’t forget to look at the exhibits!) Established in New York City in 1858, Macy’s has become one of the nation’s most important fashion retailers in the United States of America and around the world through

  • The Impact of Department Stores

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    The Impact of Department Stores Departments stores introduced the customs of shopping as we know them today. Before the advent of giant emporiums like Macy's and Saks, people made their purchases in specialty and dry goods houses, usually located in a nearby part of town. Store owners in small or rural areas, expecting a slow turnover of merchandise, sold their goods at a high mark-up, but allowed thrifty customers to bargain for lower prices or barter with cash crops. Window-shopping had yet

  • Federated Department Stores

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    I.     Introduction Present day Federated consists of both Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s stores and operates in 34 states as well as Guam and Puerto Rico. While Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s provide both private and national brands and are similar in merchandising categories (men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, home décor, shoes, beauty, and accessories), they differ greatly in culture. Bloomingdale’s, being more upscale, targets consumers that are more concerned with trend and quality than they are

  • A Woman’s Paradise on Earth: The Rise of the Department Store

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    woman’s heaven on Earth became the department store in 1838 in Paris. The department store became a haven where women of the wealthy middle class and the Bourgeois could spend their free time there and feel safe, much like they did at church. It also became an expansion of a woman’s sphere in both her work life and in public. But since the department store was first erected, it begs the burning question: why would the women of Paris feel safe in the department stores? Why would the lower middle-class

  • Take A Trip To A Department Store Case Study

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    Take a trip to a department store. Evaluate the in-store marketing effort. Which categories or brands seem to be receiving the biggest in-store "push?" What unique in-store merchandising efforts do you see? I took a trip to a department store named ‘Rainbow Cash & Carry’. There were a lot of products being marketed in the store but some of them were marketed with extra efforts. There were a lot of banner and signs put up in the store regarding products and deals. As I entered the store the first thing

  • Home Plus Case Study Department Store

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    Target I think of low prices and value products. Walmart has marketed a brand essentially catering to everyday low prices. While Target has products for the middle class consumers, but with a discount. Walmart and Target are both thought as discount stores which carry standard merchandise that are sold at lower prices but in higher volumes. I would disagree with the proposed change in the marketing strategy. Walmart and Target are not targeting high end consumers and do not have higher-end product

  • Tracking Department Stores

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    Do you really want department stores to be tracking your every step? Tracking customers is becoming more and more popular for stores in the United States. Currently, retailers are using cameras and smartphones to learn about their customers’ shopping experience and tendencies. Critics would say that it would make stores a more enjoyable environment, but stores should not be allowed to spy on customers. They are stalking users and customers’ information can be spread. To start off, they are stalking

  • Department Store Research Paper

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    convenient. In our topic, we have chosen the Departmental Store Industry. Based on our research, the existence of IT and IS was very important for departmental Store Industry. Certain IT and IS can create effective stock control and product availability for Department Store customer. Not only that, a strategic information system can be any information system such as TPS, MIS and DSS by the use of the three or any one, Departmental Store can even gain enterprise objective, and increase competitive

  • Power and Manipulation in The Ladies Paradise

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    of employees and employers in the emerging institution of the Parisian department store, men and women depended on each other for survival in the workplace. Such interdependence is a microcosm of the bourgeois French society during that time, which Emile Zola wrote of in The Ladies’ Paradise, the eleventh book of the Rougon-Macquart series detailing middle-class life. According to Professor Brian Nelson, “The department store in The Ladies’ Paradise is a symbol of capitalism, the experience of the

  • Macy's Case Analysis

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    operates around 900 stores in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico under different names including Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Bloomingdale’s Outlet, Macy 's Backstage and Bluemercury, as well the following websites, and ("About Us - Macy’s, Inc."). As a large well rounded company Macy’s has a long history and is full of innovative ideas for the future. Aside from its financial strength in its large number of stores, and great ideas for

  • Lancer Case Study

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    country’s culture. By buying their artifacts from Lancer they be assured that what they purchases is not an imposter or anything that can be bought by the average Joe. This decision is also the best because it builds the relationship with the department store, which in return boosts Lancer’s market share and revenue. In doing so, Lancer is a bigger player in the industry with more bargaining power and financial capital, which aids their fight against the numerous and impeding threats that they

  • Major Threats And Challenges In The Fashion Industry

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    creativity and consistently in order to maximize sales and stay competitive with their competition. A few companies that experience these threats and challenges on a daily bases include, The Hudson’s Bay (fashion department), Aritzia and H&M that many identify with as their ‘go-to’ stores. These are a just a few examples of the many companies that need to uphold their standard within the fashion industry. They need to do this to ensure

  • Holidays and Our Consumer Culture: The History and Current Trends for Christmas Shopping

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    Holidays have always been known to affect our consumer culture for many years, but how it all began eludes many people and very few studies have been completed on it. Even though some say that the subject is too broad to precisely identify how holidays, especially Christmas, directly affect our market, I have found that people’s values, expectations and rituals related to holidays can cause an excessive amount of spending among our society. Most people are unaware that over the centuries holidays

  • Online Shopping Benefits

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    It is possible to compare prices to other stores when traditional shopping but shoppers would have to walk to several different stores. Instead of walking, online shopping gives you the option to search many store while being in one area. Customers are able to get the best deal from various stores. When buyers are shopping in a department store and find an expensive item that they really desire but cannot afford, they are unable to research

  • The Importance Of Fashion

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    The abundance of native speakers plays a big part because foreigners mainly prefer a native speaker to help them with their purchases. Moreover Harrods is successful in communication with its clients and it explains why clients stay loyal to the store. Long-year relationships between sales associate and client results customer’s total trust and makes him/her choose Harrods every time.

  • Sears Core Competencies

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    Sears as an organization is in its defining stages; given that the current market has saturated what the retail department store once was. Sears is the example of a company that is in need of stronger leadership and a clear direction and strategic intent. However, Sears does have aspects of a company that has formal procedures and specialties; its lack of focus on its

  • Jewish German Immigrants in the United States

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    family who owned Macy's (bought in 1887), Lyman G. Bloomingdales who started Bloomingdales (1872) and the Altmans of B. Altman & Co (1865). (Hendrickson 66, 105 & 159). Many of the enormous department stores which Americans and the world cherish so much, started from theses poor Jewish German immigrants. These stores, such as Bendels, A&S and Gimbels helped established New York City as one of the top four fashion capitals of the world (Ellecanada). They moved to cities with a big population with many

  • David Jones Marketing Analysis

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    This report explores the marketing channel problems that David Jones, a high-end Australian department store chain, is currently experiencing. Since it was founded in 1838, David Jones has expanded to the 35 stores, two warehouse outlets, and the online site that it now operates. It is Australia’s second-largest department store chain and sells a range of the finest national and international brands. After suffering from a substantial decrease in sales and profits, David Jones implemented a Future