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  • Dayton Hudson Corporation Case Analysis

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    Analysis of Dayton Hudson Corporation Case In the case of Dayton Hudson Corporation, the company fell into a situation of a hostile takeover attempted by the Dart Group in 1987. At that time, Kenneth Macke was the CEO of the Dayton Hudson Corporation and sternly disagreed with letting the company fall into the hands of the Haft’s. Macke’s decision on what could be done to terminate the takeover turned the circumstances over to the hands of the state of Minnesota where Dayton Hudson’s headquarters

  • The Dayton Woman’s Club

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    Dayton, Ohio has a well known history that stretches back for Centuries. Sometimes, you take for granted the history of where you were born, but if you take a time line and look back, its clear to see how important it was to reflect on the different stages of triumph and victory that certain historical places like the one that will be talked about in this paper, that is The Woman’s Club. (This historical site) The Woman’s Club has been around for decades, and has been a very important tool for the

  • Dayton Country Clubs

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    There are several different historic country clubs in Dayton, Ohio including the Miami Valley Golf Club, the Dayton Country Club, and the Walnut Grove and Moraine Country Clubs. These country clubs and golf clubs provided entertainment and fun for Dayton families. In fact, in a newspaper article from 1971, the president of the Walnut Grove Country Club, William Blankenship, claimed to thrive on the fact that his club was indeed family oriented. They offered swimming instructions for young members

  • Dayton Canoe Club Essay

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    At the dawn of the Twentieth century, cities, like Dayton, had factories being erected almost every day. The Industrialism period brought many people to cities looking for jobs. As cities became crowded and people overworked, a movement began to spend more time outside enjoying nature and all it has to offer. This created an opportunity that Charles W. Shaeffer saw, and jumped on (Dalton 11). He gave way for the idea of a club for those to spend time together, outdoors, to be involved with one

  • The University of Dayton Men’s Basketball Program

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    The University of Dayton Men’s Basketball Program There have been many historical moments with the University of Dayton Flyers Men’s Basketball team, but Mark Weaver recalls of the one that meant most to him. It took place on March 24, 1967, in Louisville’s Freedom Hall for the Final Four of the NCAA (National College Athletic Association) tournament against the highly favored North Carolina Tar Heels (Collett 228). This was the third straight NCAA tournament appearance for the Flyers, but their

  • Religion Versus Science in The Scopes Monkey Trial

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    Religion Versus Science in The Scopes Monkey Trial The stage was set in Dayton, Tennessee.  The leading actor in this show was a twenty five-year-old science teacher named John T. Scopes. Scopes was under the direction of advancing America.  The playbill read The Scopes “Monkey” Trial.  In 1925 John T. Scopes was encouraged to challenge the Butler Law.  This law had been passed by a small town in Dayton, Tennessee to prohibit teaching contra to those in the Bible. Teaching from an evolutionary

  • Wal Mart and Target Case Study

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    Wal-Mart store was built in Rogers, Arkansas. Wal-Mart's were gradually put up around the United States and then moving to other countries such as Japan. Marshall Fields & Company was started in 1881, which moved to starting Dayton Dry Goods Store into the Dayton Co. The Dayton Co. enters into to the world of discount merchandising starting the first Target. Targets grew all over the United States. Company's Products and Services Wal-Mart has two brands of stores, the regular Wal-Mart and the Super

  • Paul Laurence Dunbar

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    School in Dayton, Ohio. He was editor of the High School Times and president of Philomathean Literary Society in his senior year. Despite Dunbar's growing reputation in the then small town of Dayton, writing jobs were closed to black applicants and the money to further his education was scarce. In 1891, Dunbar graduated from Central High School and was unable to find a decent job. Desperate for employment, he settled for a job as an elevator operator in the Callahan Building in Dayton. The major

  • John Scope Monkey Trial

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    the small town of Dayton* - the "drug store conspirators" - decided to accept the ACLU's offer, in the hope that the publicity surrounding the trial would help to reverse the town's declining fortunes. On May 4th the group recruited John Scopes, football coach and occasional stand-in teacher at Rhea County High School as the subject for the test case, on the basis that he had taught from the section on evolution in Hunter's A Civic Biology - the State-approved textbook. (* Dayton is situated in the

  • The Wright Brothers: A Pioneer Of Aviation

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    The Wright brothers were engineers and pioneers of aviation. Wilbur Wright was born April 16, 1867, near Millville, Indiana. He was the middle child in a family of five children. His father, Milton Wright, was a bishop in the Church of the United Brethren in Christ. His mother was Susan Catherine Koerner. When Wilbur was a child, his playmate was his younger brother, Orville Wright, born in 1871. The Wright brothers achieved the first powered, and controlled airplane flight. They surpassed their

  • Cultural Revolution Of The 1920s

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    The 1920's were times of cultural revolution. The times were changing in many different ways. Whenever the times change, there is a clash between the "old" and the "new" generations. The 1920's were no exception. In Dayton, Tennessee, 1925, a high school biology teacher was arrested. He was arrested because he taught the theory of evolution. The teacher, John T. Scopes, was accused of having violated the Butler Act. This was a Tennessee law that forbade the teaching of the theory of evolution in

  • Scopes Trial

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    willing to accept our services in testing this law in the courts. Our lawyers think a friendly test case can be arranged without costing a teacher his or her job... All we need now is a willing client." The article was read by a few townspeople of Dayton, Tennessee and they asked John Thomas Scopes, a high school biology teacher and football coach, if he would be willing to be indicted. He agreed and on May 25, 1925 Scopes was indicted by a grand jury for violating Tennessee's anti-evolution law.

  • Review of Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee

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    KEY LITERARY ELEMENTS SETTING The play takes place in Hillsboro. It is a small fictional town that is meant to resemble Dayton, Tennessee, where the Scopes trial was held in 1925. LIST OF CHARACTERS Major Characters Matthew Harrison Brady - a politician and lawyer. He is the prosecuting attorney for the state against Bertram Cates and a three-time presidential candidate. Henry Drummond - the lawyer for the defense. He is famous for taking the cases of unpopular clients. Rachel Brown - the daughter

  • Cox Enterprises

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    both Cox Communications and Cox Radio since the company takeover by Kennedy has resulted in a respectable market capitalization of $27 billion and $2.4 billion. The establishment of Cox Enterprises began in 1898 when James M. Cox purchased the Dayton Evening News in Ohio . Prior to the success of Cox’s media career, he ran and lost against Warren G. Harding in the 1920 Presidential election. Upon losing the election, Cox decided to return to Ohio and focus on his media business. In 1934, he

  • We Need a Ban on Chloroflourocarbons (CFCs)

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    yearly, the rate of ozone depletion is rising at an alarming rate. If a global effort is not made to end the unnecessary use of CFCs, the inhabitants of this planet face an extremely difficult and frightening future. CFCs were invented in Dayton, Ohio, in 1928. They were the product of an intensive search by engineers with the G. M. Research Corporation to find a safe, non-toxic, non-flammable refrigerant. Frigidaire patented the formula for CFCs in 1928 and the "new wonder gas" was named

  • Parking, a Major Problem on Campus

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    Parking, a Major Problem on Campus Why do students and their parents pay such a large amount of money to attend the University of Dayton if there is not going to be any place for parking? I am a first year student at the university so I understand that I am not permitted to have my car on campus (Handbook). My boyfriend on the other hand, lives at least a half hour away and comes to visit me several times a week. He arrives and has to drive for a very long time trying to find a place to park where

  • Stanley Kramer’s Inherit the Wind

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    between individual vs. society. The same themes from Inherit the Wind can also be seen from the actual “monkey trial” event in Dayton, Tennessee. It is sometimes said that truth is stranger than fiction and according to this film, truth is also stronger than fiction. Inherit the Wind ignored the true dramatic moment, which is essential to the actual trial that happened in Dayton, Tennessee. Kramer even portrayed his own opinion of this trial in this film. The truth was so distorted in the film so now

  • Scars Of War

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    served in Panama and Somalia, and watched the “100 Hour War'; on CNN. Who really witnesses the effect and the price a city pays years after the bombs stop falling? As you walk around the once beautiful city, five years after the signing of the Dayton Peace Accords ended the war, the physical, damage cannot be ignored. On April 5, 1992 Sarajevo, the capital of the Republic of Bosnia- Herzegovina, was attacked. The city lies in the valley of the Miljacka River and is surrounded by mountains. The

  • Inherit the Wind: Religion vs. Science

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    Inherit the Wind: Religion vs. Science Stanley Kramer's film, Inherit the Wind, examines a trial based on the 1925 Scopes trial in Dayton, Tennessee. Often referred to as "The Trial of the Century" (Scopes Trial Web Page), the Scopes trial illuminated the controversy between the Christian theory of creation and the more scientific theory of evolution. John Scopes, a high school biology teacher, was arrested for illegally teaching evolutionism to his class. "The meaning of the trial emerged

  • My Growth as a Writer

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    progressed I was able to get a better understanding of the course and how to look critically at myself as a writer. I know that these are qualities that I will use for many years to come. Now that I have been through a semester at the University of Dayton I feel much more confident about myself in different aspects. I feel that as a writer I am able to give good detail when I feel strongly about a point. This is good because it gives my readers a real chance to envision what I am describing. Another