Review of Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee

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KEY LITERARY ELEMENTS SETTING The play takes place in Hillsboro. It is a small fictional town that is meant to resemble Dayton, Tennessee, where the Scopes trial was held in 1925. LIST OF CHARACTERS Major Characters Matthew Harrison Brady - a politician and lawyer. He is the prosecuting attorney for the state against Bertram Cates and a three-time presidential candidate. Henry Drummond - the lawyer for the defense. He is famous for taking the cases of unpopular clients. Rachel Brown - the daughter of Hillsboro's minister and the girlfriend of the defendant, Bertram Cates. She is a teacher. Bertram Cates - the defendant, who is a teacher. He taught his students about Charles Darwin's Origins of the Species in spite of the fact that it was against the laws of his state. E. K. Hornbeck - a reporter for the Baltimore Herald. He comes to Hillsboro to cover the Cates trial. He considers the people of Hillsboro thoroughly backward in their thinking and looks on at the trial in amused contempt. Reverend Jeremiah Brown - Hillsboro's minister. He is a hard- hearted man who feels no qualms about convincing the town to condemn Bert Cates and his daughter as incorrigible sinners. Minor Characters Melinda - a girl of the town who thinks evolutionary theory is the devil's work. Howard - a boy of the town who was in Cates' class and half- believes the theory of evolution. Meeker - the clerk of the court. Mr. Goodfellow - a storeowner. He refuses to take a stand, for he says it is bad for business to have an opinion. Mrs. Krebs - a woman of the town who is perfectly in line with the normative beliefs of the Hillsboro. Corkin - a worker who paints the banner. Bollinger - a member of the band that plays for Brady's arrival. Platt - a man who is happy to see the town the object of so much attention. Mr. Bannister - one of the men of the town who admires Brady greatly. He is chosen to be on the jury because he does not know how to read. Mrs. McClain - a woman who tries to sell Hornbeck a fan from the funeral home. Mrs. Blair - Howard's mother. Elijah - a man who comes in from the countryside to be in town for the trial. He condemns evolution and sells Bibles, even though he does not know how to read or write. Timmy - a boy who announces Brady's train. Mayor - a man who follows the normative beliefs of the town and will bend the laws to suit the popu... ... middle of paper ... ...he fact that Brady is being called Colonel Brady by the judge; he claims it gives his opponent an unfair advantage. The mayor is brought in to resolve the issue. He also grants Drummond the title of "Colonel" on a temporary, honorary basis. Now both lawyers are called Colonel. After jury selection, Rachel Brown talks to Drummond and asks him to call off the trial. She tells him that Cates is shocked that people are treating him so cruelly. She also claims that Cates is now very nervous about his trial and fearful of its outcome. Drummond advises Rachel to stand beside Cates; he warns that if the trial is called off, Cates will be branded as a coward. Rachel then reveals that the prosecution wants her to testify against Cates. Brady has taken her aside and questioned her about Cates' belief in science and evolution. She admits that she is fearful of supporting Cates, largely because she fears her father, Reverend Brown. Her mother died when she was a child, and she has always been afraid of the man who raised her. Rachel confesses to Drummond that she is terribly upset and confused. Drummond tells her that a wise person is one who can say she does not know the answer.

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