Dave Barry Essays

  • Case Study on Dave Barry

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    Case Study on Dave Barry Much can be learned about Dave Barry's personal life by reading his books, which are compilations of the articles that he has written. His articles can be seen every Sunday in the Daily Break section of The Virginian-Pilot. He is a comedy writer who often points out annoying aspects of everyday life and makes fun of them. All of the following excerpts have been taken from the book entitled, "Dave Barry is not making this up" (unless otherwise noted). He uses a lot of

  • Dave Barrys Complete Guide To Guys

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    Wait, are you telling me that Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys addresses women's issues? If "women's issues" include understanding why guys spit, scratch themselves, and give each other noogies, well then this book certainly addresses them! As for addressing the whole bit about a patriarchal world history, the subjugation of women, and accused responsibility for the Fall of Man, well, you might as well forget it. Dave Barry might not make you feel better about the stature of women in today's

  • Dave Barry: The Evolution of a Creative Genius

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    Dave Barry: The Evolution of a Creative Genius Humor, as a creative effort, has been respected throughout the world, I’m sure, since the beginning of spoken language. There is nothing in the world like conjuring up a joke or some other anecdote that sends a group of people off into a fit of laughter. In fact, throughout time, people have attempted to make humor at least some part of their professional career. Court jesters made the royalty of the castle laugh at his foolish behavior. Playwrights

  • Dave Barry Lies

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    Dave Barry is a humorist who has a keen taste for stereotypical problems. He has received praises such as: “’the funniest man in America’-The New York Times” (“Dave Barry” n.p.). In his piece “A GPS Helps a Guy Always Know Where His Couch Is” he compares the attitudes of men and women specifically toward technology, or as he would say: “gadgets.” He opens with some form of a backstory by visualizing “some primitive guys” that are watching their wives prepare a carcass, and “Then they noticed some

  • The Difference Between Men and Women

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    psychological and cognitive differences are always divisive. Men are considered to be physically stronger than women. First, the physical duties of a household always seem to be a job for the man of the house. For example, in “Punch and Judy” by Dave Barry he mentions that “From the dawn of human civilization, the task of inflating the inflatable pool toy has always fallen to the male.” Second, for now, men are most of the army fighting force of any country. While in Israel everyone has to go to

  • Pepsi and Heineken Commercials: Promoting American Devotion and Compassion

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    beautiful models to divert viewers from the true meaning of the commercials. The advertisers just want consumers to spend all of their hard-earned money on their brand of products. The “Pepsi” and “Heineken” commercials are perfect examples of what Dave Barry is trying to point out in his essay, “Red, White and Beer.” He emphasizes that commercial advertisements need to make viewers think that by choosing their brands of products, viewers are helping out American society. As Rita Dove’s essay “Loose

  • Pop-Tarts

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    I can remember rare occasions as a child when I would wake up for school and there would be pancakes, eggs and bacon on the table and orange juice or Sunny Delight to drink. These exciting occasions, however, were just that: rare. Most days I would bound down the stairs to the toaster loaded with Pop-Tarts. I would usually be disappointed that I couldn't devour a wholesome breakfast, but I later came to understand the convenience of the Pop-Tart. My parents could put pastries in the toaster and

  • Analysis Of Michael Kimmel And Dave Barry

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    and Dave Barry have written pieces focusing on this subject, particularly about men. In the excerpt “‘Bros Before Hos’: The Guy Code” from Michael Kimmel’s book Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men, he wrote that men’s actions are due to other men’s judgements. In the introduction “Guys vs. Men” from Dave Barry’s humor book Dave Barry’s Complete Guide to Guys, he wrote that guys’ strong internal drives and lack of deep thought cause their actions. Although both Kimmel and Barry have

  • Humor In 'Guys And Men' By Dave Barry

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    clever but humorous essay, “Guys vs Men”, Dave Barry talks about what certain degrees that it takes to be a “man” or what it takes to be a “guy”. Barry explains the importance of what manhood or what being manly means to the male gender. After I read the article I gathered that most “men” tend to be more serious and show more self control to where as a “guy” may have less responsibilities and is more insensitive in comparison. Being a male you typically

  • The Ugly Truth About Beauty By Dave Barry

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    Difference in Perception Between Men and Women Do you ever wonder if men and women have any differences in the way they think about themselves? In the essay, “The Ugly Truth About Beauty” Dave Barry provides a few examples on how men and women think about themselves. Men and women have different perception of themselves. They look at themselves in the mirror and they have different reactions. Men tend to look at themselves in the mirror and say, “I look okay,” and will move on. Women tend to look

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Road Warrior By Dave Barry

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    “Road Warrior” Rhetorical Analysis Dave Barry’s “Road Warrior” is a humorous essay that discusses different types of “rages” that exists on a daily basis in American life. Barry begins by discussing road rage then goes into parking lot rage, and shopping cart rage. He explains that these rages are unnecessary, and how they just create violence in the world today. While Barry was writing this article he was living in Miami, Florida discussing the problems of road rage in the city. If anyone has ever

  • Dave Barry Guys Vs Men Analysis

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    women and men. For example, women are thought of to cook, clean, and take care of the children in a family. On the contrary, men are supposedly the working, dominant, money-makers within a household. In a reflection titled “Guys vs. Men,” humorist, Dave Barry, strays away from those stereotypes, not completely, but to instead compare the stereotypes of “guys” and the stereotypes of “men.” Barry’s purpose is to prove that people think of men to have more of a serious, mature, and responsible nature. On

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Driven To Distraction By Dave Barry

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    in serious trouble and even send you to prison!? Obviously, yes. One such a man, author Dave Barry, wrote “Driven to distraction,” published on December 30, 2001. Barry’s article is very effective as he explained the difficulty of satisfying children’s demands by using humor and relied on his personal experiences with his daughter along with emotional appeals and strong logos, which support his position. Barry first sets the stage by describing a specific scenario of nice humorous introduction, when

  • Analysis Of I Slalomly Swear By Dave Barry

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    In “I Slalomly Swear” Dave Barry writes a argumentative article on how awful skiing is but, in reality he's only complaining about his experience while disregarding his family's experience unless it somehow involved himself. He argues, throughout the text, the horrors of skiing by bringing up topics that have either simple alternatives to his expensive clothing and difficult location, or something that time can only fix such as skill and pain. In Dave's case they’re three requirements when it

  • A Couple Of Really Neat Guys Dave Barry Analysis

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    Couple Of Really Neat Guys” Dave Barry uses comedy to explain the point of not to litter. He uses hyperbole and one liners to explain his opinion on littering. Littering is something Dave Barry feels very strong for and does not appreciate. So, instead of starting a debate or argument he uses comedy to effectively show his point. Using hyperbole and one liners/puns to show his point that littering is bad and people should throw their trash away. First off, Dave Barry uses hyperbole to describe

  • What Is The Use Of Irony In 'Giant Flying' By Dave Barry

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    “GIANT FLYING CAT TERRIFIES STATES.” This is the beginning of an article done by the Sun, a “newspaper”. This is in “MUTANT FLEAS TERRORIZE MIDWEST”, by Dave Barry. “...every single word in the headline is true except for ‘GIANT’, ‘FLYING’, ‘TERRIFIES’, and ‘STATES’.” This set the general theme for the entire story. The story is a satire, and the author uses many types of humor to make fun of how media portrays things as well as people’s overreactions to them. The purpose of the humor used in this

  • Equality for Women A Critique of 'Why Sports is a Drag' by Dave Barry

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    Equality for Women A Critique of 'Why Sports is a Drag' by Dave Barry There are many women in today's society that fight for equality in just about everything. They want the same job opportunities, the ability to be given a good deal on a car, and the right to choose to stay home . Another area that women have recently begun fighting for equality in, is the sporting world. From professional sports teams such as the Women's National Basketball Association down through college, high school, and

  • Analysis Of The Ugly Truth About Beauty By Dave Barry

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    In Dave Barry’s piece “The Ugly Truth About Beauty,” he claims that most men tend to “think of themselves as average-looking.” One can see Barry’s point because it is not often that a man fusses over the way his hair falls or the highness of his cheekbones. Men are not as caught up in society’s idea of how one should look, something that women are often consumed by. This unattainable standard is one that plagues women from adolescence, all the way into adulthood. Young men, as Barry says, often form

  • Summary Of 'Guys Vs. Men' By Michael Kimmel And Dave Barry

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    have tried to figure out the causation for human behaviors. Michael Kimmel and Dave Barry have written pieces focusing on this subject, particularly about men. In the excerpt “‘Bros Before Hos’: The Guy Code” from Michael Kimmel’s book Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men, he wrote that men act they way they do due to other men’s judgements. In the introduction “Guys vs. Men” from Dave Barry’s humor book Dave Barry’s Complete Guide to Guys, he wrote that guys act they way they do because

  • breaking away

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    they "break away" from childhood and from their underdog self-images. Dave Stoller, the main character, is a young man completely obsessed with cycling and Italy. His fantasies are so well fabricated that he drives his family crazy by behaving and speaking as if he were an Italian cyclist. Dave aspires to be one of the best cyclists yet the best racers are Italian. He feels that in order to be the best, he must be Italian. Dave carries his fantasy one step too far when he pretends to be an Italian