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  • Problem in Active Real-Time Database Application

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    Real-Time Database application The active database and real-time databases have increased in recent time. The real-time databases system is an important part of the technologies now a days for supporting the real-time computing (RTC), applications such as automatic tracking and object positioning application. Computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) process to control air-traffic. Multimedia server for real-time streaming-commerce-business and credit card transactions. In real-time database application

  • Enterprise Data Management

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    Enterprise Data Management There are various terms that are associated with Enterprise Data Management. Some of these terms are UML, OLAP, OLTP, Data Warehouse, Data Mart and Multi-Tier Architecture. Subsequently, these terms were covered during the five week course of DMB405 and will be explained in further detail throughout the course of the paper. Although the paper will not be all inclusive to the detail of each term, it will touch upon the definition, their use and their place in Enterprise

  • 4d Database System

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    4D Database System In the company I work in the program we use was developed specifically for our company. In land development, there are a number of factors that need to be taken in consideration to keep track of lots and blocks within different subdivisions. As well as lots being bought and sold to companies and individuals. The database system we use is called Ginger, a custom database designed to achieve the following objectives for our company: 1. Replace our old database. 2. Combine

  • Information on The Company

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    remained under one floor building g. Since the start of the company to date, the company uses operational systems to process the daily transactions of the organization. Additionally, it uses relational databases for management of data in the company. The reasons as to why it considered relational database it is because, they are easier to understand and use. The company however is planning g to transit from using operational systems to data ware housing, which support high volume analytical, processing

  • Distributed Database Analysis

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    the past, most of the databases were centralized, protected, and kept in a one location using a complicated database system known as centralized database. Nowadays, with the new technology of personal computers and cell phones, a new sort of database has appeared, and it seems that majority of people are pleasant with it, even if their private data is split everywhere. Many enterprises had changed their databases from the centralized databases, into the distributed database system, since it meets

  • Feasibility Study In Blanchard's System Engineering And Analysis Textbook

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    approaches [1]. Feasibility studies may include exploration of alternative conceptual designs, operational functions, system components, and technology choices, in case the system’s components and concepts were indistinct; and its immediate consequences may include risk analysis of requirements [2]. The study is vital in the overall process on team communication and initial evaluation should be done during the conceptual design process. Following the exampl...

  • The Age of the Global Interactive Agency

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    It was only a matter of time before the fledgling web design firms and online advertising agencies that were spawned in the late 1990s grew and coalesced into mature national companies. Now, these companies have grown too large for a single country and the age of the global interactive agency is upon us. Led by companies such as 7 Strategy, a combination of design, e-commerce, database management and a host of other marketing and technical skills are combined under one roof to provide companies

  • MySQL vs MongoDB, a NoSQL Database and Coding

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    the 1970’s emerged different types of databases in order to satisfy the need of storing and retrieving data in an organised and consistent manner. The growing needs in industry and he huge amount of data collected by software nowadays is becoming a real problem to business/organizations due that the storage technologies are not advancing and performing as expected. There is a huge amount of data which require be organising, analysing and storing in databases to be accessed by multiple users/applications

  • The Evolution of The Database

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    revolutionized information storage and retrieval. Thus the first databases where born. Flat File Flat file databases where the first of many database models, almost as old as the computer. Flat file databases stored data in text files saved in the file system. There was little to no organization, it was a step backwards in data organization. The only real befit was that data could be retrieved remarkable speed, when the database was used by a very skilled programmer. This created a new problem

  • Zachman Framework Analysis

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    Zachman Framework: Before getting into the purpose of Zachman Framework let us know brief idea about Enterprise Architecture. Enterprise Architecture: Enterprise Architecture is a well planned proccess to achieve few changes in enterprise like planning, design, implementation or that Enterprise reach their goals. Zachman Framework: Zachman Framework is simply defind as framework which shows well defined Enterprise Architechture, which is basically represented by two dimensional table. Table