The Use Of Nosql And Traditional Relational Databases

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Introduction to NoSQL
For storing the data in organized manner we use the traditional relational databases and in these databases the information is stored in the form tables. NoSQL is an abbreviation or a short form for ‘Not only SQL’. Carlo Strozzi in 1998 for the first time used this name to refer their open source relational database, which didn’t exposed its SQL interface. As this was different from the relational databases so on later stage he suggested to name it NoRel (No Relational) instead of NoSQL (Not only SQL). As the name indicates, in NoSQL we use additional methods to store data. NoSQL as compared to the traditional relational databases use different data structures like Key-value, document-oriented, Column oriented or graph oriented. In comparison to traditional databases these data structures offer faster operations in NoSQL. The use of NoSQL is dependent on what problem we aim to solve with it.
The sole purpose of existence of such databases is approach to simplicity in design, better horizontal scaling and greater control over the availability of data. See Figure 3 for scaling. The use of other means of storing data and different access mechanism, provide faster access to data based on the problem which the organization aims and this is also the reason NoSQL databases is famous for use in big-data and real-time web applications.
Previously NoSQL databases lack the ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) which ensures that transactions are made in reliably. Whereas the new era NoSQL databases have made this a part of their system, some of such databases include FairCom’s ctree-ACE, Google’s Spanner and FoundationDB.
Types of NoSQL databases:
There are further classifications of NoSQL databases a...

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...ike smartphones, tablets, etc. It has the ability to synchronize the data when device is back online, making it suitable for those who aim to achieve the goal of synchronization in their problem solution.

CouchDB is an open source database which was written in Erlang, which has the ability to synchronize the data between offline and online devices by using replication. It uses the JavaScript as a query language and makes use of Futon to provide the administrative controls. It has some of the very useful features like ACID semantics that were not available in other NoSQL databases. Has the ease of use in different operations. It keeps the data in form of documents as opposed to the traditional databases which use tables. Each document is identified by its unique id. CouchDB supports eventual consistency, REST API, distributed architecture and MapReduce.
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