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  • Data Handling Project

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    Data Handling Project This Data Handling Project is looking at a database based in Excel where there is data from Key Stage 3 and 4 from High School. This data consists of several columns containing both Quantative and Qualitative Information. Examples of this data are: · Year Group · Name; Surname, Forename 1 and Forename 2 · Age in Months and Years · Month of Birthday · Gender · Hair Colour · Eye Colour · Left/Right Handed · Favourite Colour · Average

  • Securing Data and Handling Spillage Events

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    today’s world, Data Spill is such an event that the highly unlikely or impossible happens. Data Security is known as shielding an organized body of related information, also called as database security.  It is known as Data breach, when the secure information is exposed to the environment that is not trusted. It is occurring repeatedly at many places and the count goes on.  The apprehension is this data breach leads to a huge loss to the organization in all aspects. One of the worst data spill is

  • Data Handling

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    Data Handling Introduction My task is to take a tabloid newspaper and a broadsheet newspaper, and compare either the number of letters per word, the number of words per sentence or the number of sentences per paragraph. I have decided to compare the number of words per sentence (not including captions) as I feel this will give better results than the other two. To do this I will take 100 sentences, and count the number of words in them. I have chosen to use 100 sentences as I think that

  • Data Handling

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    Data Handling Introduction In this project I will investigate the correlation between various sets of information from a database of pupils from High School. I will try to spot correlation between two different sets of information. I will pick only sets of information that I predict to show good correlation, and therefor tell me something about the data. Example, I will be able to say that girls are more intelligent that boys or vice versa if the correlation shows that to be.

  • Handling Data

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    Handling Data My Hypothesis is that 'Boys in Year 10 are better at estimating lengths of straight lines than Boys in Year 7'. The factors that influence the accuracy of estimation are children in Year 10 are more mature than children in Year 7. On average Children in Year 10 are more intelligent than children in Year 7. This probably would be because Year 10 students have studied subjects into further depth than children in Year 7. METHOD To verify this I will do a sample of the boys

  • Data Handling

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    Data Handling In this coursework, I shall investigate whether there is a correlation between the height and weight of students at fictional school, Mayfield High. I expect there to be a positive correlation between the height and the weight of the students as it would make sense if the taller someone was, the heavier they would be. I am going to investigate the differences between each year, and between male and female overall. I am doing this for a number of reasons. Firstly, the range

  • Data-Handling Project

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    Data-Handling Project Introduction Mayfield High school is a secondary school for pupils age 11-16. I will be doing a data-handling project and have been asked to investigate the relationship between height and weight of 30 random students of year 10 and 11. This includes boys and girls. Hypothesis ========== My hypothesis is that the taller the students the heavier the person will weight. My reasons for choosing this is because I hear a lot of people saying that this statement

  • Data Handling Project

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    Data Handling Project An advertising company that has a brand new product aimed at 11-16 year old females wants to advertise their product on ITV1 and Channel 4 and has asked me to help them to find the best way of advertising this product. I need to research whether the ratio of male to female viewing time is sufficiently different between the 2 channels to warrant them of having to have different advertising strategies on each channel. I need to make sure that I concentrate on the balance

  • Data Handling Project

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    Data Handling Project Aim I aim to investigate in the following project whether the mileage of a motorbike will affect the percentage depreciation of the motorbike, and eventually using the information I have, find out which model of bike will be the cheapest for a certain amount of miles that the user will expect to travel. E.g. if a cyclist is expecting to use his bike until it had travelled X number of miles which make of motorbike would be he cheapest. The information below is

  • Data Handling Project

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    Data Handling Project In this piece of coursework I am investigating how the weight of a sample of pupils can be affected by various factors e.g. age, gender, height etc. I have chosen to compare the weights with the three factors listed above: age, gender and height and throughout this investigation I am aiming to show that weight of a certain group of people may be affected by certain factors and that other factors may have no affect on the weight at all. Plan: I have been given