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  • Lillian Hellman

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    Yet, she went on to grow up and find a husband, something typical in her day. She married another playwright named Arthur Kober, but this relationship ended in divorce ("Hellman," 1999; James, 1999). Her intimate friendship with the novelist Dashiell Hammett would continue until his death in 1961 (1999). Yet, Hellman would never remarry. Hellman did not begin to write plays until the 1930s, her dramas are well known for focusing on various forms of evil ("Hellman," 1999). Her work has not escaped

  • Walter Mosley Biography

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    Ashleigh N. Ferrara Walter Mosley March 13, 2014 Walter Mosley is an inspiration to not only writers, but also people all over the world, including African Americans. Walter Mosley was born as a child of a mixed race; his father was an African American and his mother was a white Jew. He grew up in Los Angeles, California where his parents often told him to stay inside because L.A. was very crowded with all the people living there and he could get abducted. Because of this, Mosley was drawn

  • Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 'Murder At The Automat'

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    The human mind is one of the most complex structures the gods had created. It is difficult to understand each brain process as every human being possesses his or her own distinguished thought patterns with different levels of complexities. A person’s mind greatly influences his behavior, which eventually transforms into his habit by becoming embedded into his character. Today, the world of psychology tries to understand everything that a mind can create. However, even before the field of Psychology

  • Review and Analysis of Maltese Falcon

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    your partner” (Hammett 20). His speech might be ironic but never comical. He gets involved in much less violence and gunplay which Hammet never ... ... middle of paper ... ...ap for you. I won't walk in Thursby's and Christ knows who else's footsteps.You killed Miles and you're going over for it. I could have helped you by letting the others go and standing off the police the best way I could. It's too late for that now. I can't help you now. And I wouldn't if I could"( Hammett 213). Of course

  • Free Essays - Analysis of the Maltese Falcon

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    Falcon being coated by lacquer to obfuscate that it’s really made of gold and jewels. I think it was implied that nothing is what they really seem to be. This is what I believe Dashiell Hammett was trying to communicate through his novel, ‘The Maltese Falcon.’ In this paper I will write about why I believe what is Hammett trying to convey through his cast of characters. These characters are unlike the image and stereotype cast upon their roles. Sam Spade isn’t exactly the typical (stereotypical

  • Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window

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    diminishes somewhat the loneliness of the short story character. The character in the short story has more in common with Humphrey Bogart’s Sam Spade than with Jimmy Stewart’s Jeff. That Hitchcock took a story written in a style similar to Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler, and chose not to make a film noir detective story speaks much to Hitchcock’s purpose here. Rather than creating a conventional detective story, Hitchcock creates an everyman, whose injury prevents him from action. The impotence

  • Cornell Woolrich Psychology Essay

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    American audience new detectives, who not only wheels a gun but also uses their knowledge of psychoanalysis to catch the perpetrator and solve the crime. Though Woolrich extends his knowledge of the human mind, he, just like MacDonald, Chandler and Hammett gives reference to 18th-century authors which include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Allan Poe. The use of psychology as a tool to solve the crime and catch the criminal in Woolrich’s detective fictions is nothing short of revolutionary. It has

  • Maltese Falcon

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    The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett takes place in the 1930s and has a variety of mysterious charactersincluding: Sam Spade, Brigid O'Shaughhnessy, Joel Cairo, Mr. Gutman, and Wilmer. When O'Shaughnessy comes to Spade and asks him to shadow Thursby, the story takes off ona rampage of events with seemingly no relevance until they are revealed in the end. The conflict that drives the story is the unknown location of the Maltese falcon, a golden falcon of immense value. All the actions and even emotinos

  • Employee of Eternity Nominations

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  • The Girl with The Silver Eyes

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    Hard-boiled detective fiction sets the scene for a cold and harsh reality. Dashiell Hammett’s, “The Girl with The Silver Eyes” is no exception to this rule. In this short story Hammett paints a picture of a brutally realistic urban center filled with characters that not many people would want to call friends. The realistic qualities of Hammett’s story are drawn from his own life’s experience working as a Pinkerton detective. The detective in “The Girl With The Silver Eyes” works for the Continental