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  • Dance Dance Revolution

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    the depths of Japan comes "Dance Dance Revolution", a highly active dancing video game. Playing this game is what makes it unique in a sense where instead of a normal handheld controller being used, it is played on a floor mat connected to the game console in order to actually provide an in home dancing experience. This game is currently gaining popularity in the states every day for many reasons including: the songs available to dance to, a high energy and high impact dance experience, and even a method

  • The Dance Revolution of the 1970’s

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    The Dance Revolution of the 1970’s Contact improvisation is a modern dance form where two people move while maintaining a connection. It originated from portions of Steve Paxton’s movement studies, which he began in 1972 at Oberlin College. As with every major event that happens in the world, the introduction and investigation of contact improvisation affected everyone in society one way or another. Many people associate the 1970’s as the “hippie era” in American history. Due to this,

  • Play and Creativity

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    “Stop messing around and get to work.” Says a mother to her child who is playing make believe in the living room. The child with a disappointed look on her face walks into the kitchen and begins to work on her homework. This is an event which happens in homes every day. Phrases like, “Stop wasting time,” “Quit horsing around,” and “That’s enough goofing off,” are used by parents all over trying to get their children to quit playing and start working. This is because of the idea that “Play is Frivolous”

  • Research Paper

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    exergaming, interactive fitness and active learning games. Exergaming or exergames are tech-driven games that require a screen and bears resemblances to video game play. Just Dance 2014 (Ubisoft), is an example of one of the more popular current exergames, another game that needs to be mentioned is Dance Dance revolution (DDR). DDR popularized the exergaming genre. Exergaming may be console based and movement may be tracked by moving accessories or trough the use of a camera. As is the case with

  • Benefits of Video Games

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    Most people think that playing video games will lead you to a life of crime, delinquency, and slothfulness. The opposite, however, is the truth. Video games can be used to improve hand eye coordination, vision, reaction times, and much more. Does this mean kids should spend all day, everyday playing? No. This occurs when they are used properly and in moderation. Video games actually help your motor skills and other physical aspects, contrary to popular belief. In a study done in New York,

  • Imaginative Writing- My Friend from Neptune

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    I remember everything like if it was yesterday. It was a feeling I could never explain. It was the weirdest thing that had ever happened to me, or to anyone. That day was also the best, exciting, fun but also sad. I’ve never experience anything like it. I woke up because of the loud, creepy, scratchy noise I heard. A noise you only hear when an ancient truck is passing by. This was weird here, in Beverly Hills. I got up, and put my pink robe on I needed to know what was happening outside. I couldn’t

  • The Disco Dance Revolution

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    smooth, lovable, and sexual, everything women wanted and began to respond to. While their music gave men new freedom, many people criticized thei... ... middle of paper ... ...t about the glitz and the glam of drag queens, sexuality, and throbbing dance floors; it gave those excluded groups the courage to fight for a place in society and caused them to gain that freedom. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed,” disco

  • Hanya Holm: One Of The Pioneers Of Modern Dance

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    categorized as one of the pioneers of modern dance. From a young age, she took a special interest in modern dance and very soon joined Mary Wigman’s school in Dresden, Germany. There, Holm became a principal instructor of dance and soon became a master of Wigman’s ideology of modern dance. This ideology was highly focused on the emotional aspect so wildly acclaimed in modern dance (Ambrosio 94; Encyclopædia Britannica). Following Holm’s great success in Wigman’s dance school, in 1931 she was sent to the

  • final

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    trained in court dances, which could last for hours, and there was a great involvement encouraged by the audience. “Geometrical dance was thus clearly an expression of Renaissance Neo-Platonism.” (Franko 198) Court ballets were documented in manuscripts where we are able to see a geometric outline of the dances. “The last reference to reading in Dorat’s “Chopreantmpharum” suggests bodies forming letters or words: “plures nulla tebella notas” Here, we come upon the unique nature of dance textually” (195)

  • Understanding the Underground Dancer

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    Understanding the Underground Dancer If you have seen him--in clubs, in parties, and even in the street--you will surely remember him. The Underground Dancer is a figure of the modern world that cannot be dismissed. Anthropologists explain dance as the expression of sexual desires, but the Underground Dancer is different, and therefore, often misunderstood. It is hard to pinpoint what he is, and what he looks like, all I can provide is shots in the dark, a desperate attempt to shed light to this