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  • Dance Dance Revolution

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    the depths of Japan comes "Dance Dance Revolution", a highly active dancing video game. Playing this game is what makes it unique in a sense where instead of a normal handheld controller being used, it is played on a floor mat connected to the game console in order to actually provide an in home dancing experience. This game is currently gaining popularity in the states every day for many reasons including: the songs available to dance to, a high energy and high impact dance experience, and even a method

  • The Dance Revolution of the 1970’s

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    The Dance Revolution of the 1970’s Contact improvisation is a modern dance form where two people move while maintaining a connection. It originated from portions of Steve Paxton’s movement studies, which he began in 1972 at Oberlin College. As with every major event that happens in the world, the introduction and investigation of contact improvisation affected everyone in society one way or another. Many people associate the 1970’s as the “hippie era” in American history. Due to this,

  • Benefits of Video Games

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    Most people think that playing video games will lead you to a life of crime, delinquency, and slothfulness. The opposite, however, is the truth. Video games can be used to improve hand eye coordination, vision, reaction times, and much more. Does this mean kids should spend all day, everyday playing? No. This occurs when they are used properly and in moderation. Video games actually help your motor skills and other physical aspects, contrary to popular belief. In a study done in New York,

  • Imaginative Writing- My Friend from Neptune

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    I remember everything like if it was yesterday. It was a feeling I could never explain. It was the weirdest thing that had ever happened to me, or to anyone. That day was also the best, exciting, fun but also sad. I’ve never experience anything like it. I woke up because of the loud, creepy, scratchy noise I heard. A noise you only hear when an ancient truck is passing by. This was weird here, in Beverly Hills. I got up, and put my pink robe on I needed to know what was happening outside. I couldn’t

  • The Disco Dance Revolution

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    smooth, lovable, and sexual, everything women wanted and began to respond to. While their music gave men new freedom, many people criticized thei... ... middle of paper ... ...t about the glitz and the glam of drag queens, sexuality, and throbbing dance floors; it gave those excluded groups the courage to fight for a place in society and caused them to gain that freedom. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed,” disco

  • The Cataster: A Fictional Narrative

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    Percy I It was Friday and the toaster was broken. Well, not broken per se, it was toasting just fine. Stopping the toasting was what was presenting a bit of difficulty. Percy tried again to release the slice of bread from the clutches of the appliance to no avail. The bread (it was the heel of the bread mind you. Not worth the effort it was taking to rescue) was stuck and Percy’s sore fingers had had enough. In a fit of frustration Percy hit the toaster with a closed fist, causing it to fly off

  • Dirty Dance Frances Houseman

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    instructor who sends her life in a spiral of dance and love. The is similar to the drama film in 2012, Step Up Revolution where as young dancer Emily who’s also a sweetheart, daddy’s little girl who lives up to an ambition in the heart and eyes of her parents. She soon falls head over heels for Sean, leader of The Mob dancing group that sends her life in an unforgettable twist beyond imagine. These two movies full of an American heartwarming love, dance, and music

  • Hanya Holm: One Of The Pioneers Of Modern Dance

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    categorized as one of the pioneers of modern dance. From a young age, she took a special interest in modern dance and very soon joined Mary Wigman’s school in Dresden, Germany. There, Holm became a principal instructor of dance and soon became a master of Wigman’s ideology of modern dance. This ideology was highly focused on the emotional aspect so wildly acclaimed in modern dance (Ambrosio 94; Encyclopædia Britannica). Following Holm’s great success in Wigman’s dance school, in 1931 she was sent to the

  • How Dance Affects Health

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    ended up with all normal classes and a dance class. When I saw that dance was on my schedule I immediately didn’t want to go, good thing we didn’t do anything on the first day of school in that class. On the second day of school there was a placement test for the kids who didn’t take one in 8th grade, a.k.a. me, I was hoping that all my regular classes changed and maybe dance too, it was a big inconvenience to me. After the test I went to lunch, then, lucky me, dance. The second day we didn’t do anything

  • Mariachi Dancing

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    traditionally consisting of 5 musicians. They normally wear a "charro" suit. Folk songs are called corridors which will tell a story of the Mexican Revolution, pride, romance, poverty, politics and/or crime. There are also other forms of traditional music known as the Banda, Norteno, and Ranchera styles. Mexico is knowns for their "Mexican Hat Dance." This dance is normally performed by one or many people. It involves tossing their sombrero to the center of the stage and performing around it,

  • Music Analysis: Ghost Dances By Christopher Bruce

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    In his ballet “Ghost Dances” Christopher Bruce uses movement to convey the deep rooted resentment and fear that the Chilean citizens have for their government. He does this by controlling the way his audience views the dancers and therefore the message they receive. He establishes the motif of the Chilean government killing their people unnecessarily through the movements the dancers make, in addition to the movement though, the lighting contributes to the idea of needless murder, pain, and suffering

  • Essay On Latin American Dance

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    of Latin American dance. In this informational report, I am going to share with you the origins of the Latin American culture of dance. Latin dance provides various styles of movements from different areas of Latin America. Latin American dance has three influences, which include: the African influence, the native influence, and upper class European influence. Around the 16th century, explorers traveled back to Spain and Portugal explaining to people about the intricate dances that they saw from

  • Maya Deren and Her Successful Integration of Dance and Film

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    Maya Deren and Her Successful Integration of Dance and Film The topic of dance films could not be discussed without mentioning Maya Deren. A dancer, ethnographer, philosopher, and “visual poet”, Maya Deren is said to have given birth to the American avant-garde film movement. Born Eleanora Derenkovskaya on April 29, 1917, in Kiev, Ukraine, (the year of the Russian Revolution), she was a revolutionary innovator from the start. She was born to her beloved mother Marie Fiedler and father Solomon

  • Ball Dance History

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    past, worth talking about to this day. Starting in Italy in the 1400’s, ballet has traveled all throughout the world. Improvements to the dance style and stunning dancers have been brought forth from the countries ballet has traveled through. Throughout ballet’s history, choreographers have put there own twist on this specific genre of dance, leading to new dance types, new ways expression, and ways of performing. What makes the history of ballet so interesting to many people is how much it has changed

  • Biography of Martha Graham

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    Martha mentioned that her first dance lesson was when her father told her always remembers that movement never lies (Aoki et al). Martha Graham trained and inspired a generation of performers and choreographers, including diverse artists as Alvin Ailey, Twyla Tharp, Paul Taylor, and Merce Cunningham (Tenaglia). She had an idea that movement should be "fraught with inner meaning, with excitement and surge." Thus in 1926, as an entrepreneur she established her own dance company in New York City. At the

  • Jean-Georges Noverre

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    Jean-Georges Noverre Ballet is a form of theatrical dance that has existed for approximately 400 years. This form of dance is very difficult to learn and perform because it is based on specific steps that have been passed down from previous generations. These steps have to be performed with precision according to established standards set by the choreographer. Ballet artistically communicates the story of man’s emotions, beauty, and traditions. All forms of communication evolves over time, ballet

  • The Major Themes in Russell Freedman's Martha Graham, a Dancer’s Life

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    and her desperate attempts to secure her fame. To begin with, Martha’s desperate effort was one of her strong strengths. When Martha began dance, many people murmured that Martha would fail because she was “quite a few years above the average age of all the other girls in the school” (28), “dumpy, [and] unprepossessing” (28). However, she astonished her dance teachers and others “with her determination to learn and her quick mastery of difficult exercises, gestures, and steps” (30). Martha usually

  • How Did George Balanchine Influence Ballet

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    theory at the Petrograd Conservatory of Music, enrolling sometime during 1919-1921. It was during this time that Balanchine learned imortant skills that would later help him communicate with composers, as a choreographer, and connect the worlds of dance and music. He began to choreograph in his teens, and created his first work, La Nuit, at age 16. It was during this time, of the

  • Social Media And Anxiety Essay

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    to suggest that social media plays a considerable role in the long term mental health In 2016, 89% of people in the UK had at least one social media profile (Royal Society for Public Health, 2017, p. 6). This increase is troubling for the world of dance, as social media has been shown to lead to negative body images through the sharing of specific images and forms of media. It has been shown that Instagram, for example, has led to a decrease in self-image among women aged 18 to 25 (Fardouly, Willburger

  • The History Of Ballet

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    Ballet is a beautiful artwork which expresses ones dance ability beyond core and strength, it is a very mental and physical sport. It has graced the stages of many and has made people smile and cry whether you are on the one on the stage or the audience cheering after every step. It’s a dream to watch. Ballet was originated in the 15th century italian renaissance courts. Ballet was performed at wedding celebration where music and dance would be watched and praised. Many people praised ballet for